Number 2

Metalurgija 47 (2) 73 – 144 (2008) 

Original scientific papers
F. Tehovnik, B. Arzenšek, B. Arh – Tensile tests on stainless steels in temperature range 800 to 1200°C (pp.75-79) PDF 1 MB
M. Čudina, J. Prezelj, I. Polajnar – Use of audible sound for on-line monitoring of gas metal arc welding process (pp.81-85) PDF 873 KB
M. Duđner, S. Aračić, I. Samarždić – Impact energy analysis of HSLA specimens after simulated welding thermal cycle (pp.87-91) PDF 2 MB
K. Šimunović, M. Franz, G. Marić – Investigation and estimation of residual stress in flame sprayed and fused NiCrBSi coatings (pp.93-97) PDF 612 KB
N. I. Grechaniuk, I. Mamuzić, R. V. Minakova – Peculiarities of the structure, its deformation and destruction of condensed Cu-Mo-Zr-Y composite material of commercial purity (pp.99-102) PDF 2 MB
R. Lujić, T. Šarić, G. Šimunović – Application of genetic algorithm to the technological operations scheduling problem (pp.103-107) PDF 993 KB
M. Sokić, I. Ilić, D. Živković, N. Vučković – Investigation of mechanism and kinetics of chalcopyrite concentrate oxidation process (pp.109-113) PDF 830 KB
I. Naglič, A. Smolej, M. Dobešrek – Remelting of aluminium with the addition of AlTi5B1 and AlTi3C0,15 grain refiners (pp.115-118) PDF 742 KB
Preliminary notes
DJ. Mandrino, M. Godec, A. Kocijan, M Lamut, M. Torkar, M. Jenko – Oxide and nitride protective layers formed on stainless steel by thermal treatment: SEM, AES, WDS and corrosion measurements (pp.119-123) PDF 1 MB
V. Bačová, D. Jankura, D. Draganovská – Influence of cyclic heat stress on the properties of plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings (pp.125-128) PDF 1 MB
E. Kormaníková, I. Mamuzić – Buckling analysis of a laminate plate (pp.129-132) PDF 650 KB
F. Trebuňa, F. Šimčák, J. Bocko, P. Šarga, P. Trebuňa, M. Pástor, J. Mihok – Quantification of residual stresses in the weld by the hole-drilling method (pp.133-137) PDF 1 MB
Professional papers
J. Črnko, P. Jelić, M. Kundak, L. Lazić – Technological indicators of operation of the rotating-hearth furnace in conditions of discontinued production (pp.139-141) PDF 458 KB
B. Gajdzik – Concentration on knowledge and change management at metallurgical company (pp.142-144) PDF 642 KB