Croatian Metallurgical Society

Goals of the Society are to encourage professional and scientific activity in the metallurgic professions, develop metallurgy, organize activities for spreading metallurgic knowledge, popularize metallurgy …


New issue: Metalurgija 63 (2024) 1, pp. 153-320

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Each article has 3-5 reviews (1-2 metrological; 2-3 scientific with categorization). Papers will also be presented at the SHMD Symposium and their abstracts will be published in the Book of abstracts which is published in the journal Metalurgija. See: 16th SHMD.

16th International Symposium – PERMANENTLY CANCELLED!

“Materials and Metallurgy” – SHMD ‘2023
Croatia, Zagreb, April 20-21, 2023

The symposium is categorized as international at meetings of the world metallurgical societies.