Number 3

Metalurgija 47 (3) 145 – 284 (2008) 

Original scientific papers
F. Vodopivec, B. Arzenšek, J. Vojvodič Tuma, R. Celin – The Charpy fracturing process in ductile range (pp.173-179) PDF 2 MB
S. Dobatkin, J. Zrnik, Ilija Mamuzić – Ultrafine-grained low carbon steels by severe plastic deformation (pp.181-186) PDF 1 MB
T. Kvačkaj, M. Molnárová, I. Mamuzić, J. Bacsó, R. Mišičko, M. Fujda, P. Škodronová, T. Kuskulič, I. Pokorný – Influence of reheating and cooling conditions on structure and mechanical properties of C-Mn-Si steel (pp.187-190) PDF 1 MB
Preliminary notes
F. Chowaniec – Quality improvement of continuously cast round billets (pp.191-193) PDF 951 KB
R. Kawalla, M. Oswald, C. Schmidt, M. Ullmann, H.-P. Vogt, N. D. Cuong – New technology for the production of magnesium strips and sheets (pp.195-198) PDF 1 MB
K. Gawdziñska, J. Grabian, W. Przetakiewicz – Use of X-ray radiography in finding defects in metal-matrix composite casts (pp.199-201) PDF 924 KB
M. Mihalikova, Š. Gazdag – Application of the video-extensometry for the comparison of the plastic deformation welded sheets (pp.203-205) PDF 774 KB
E. Tillová, M. Panušková – Effect of solution treatment on intermetallic phases morphology in AlSi9Cu3 cast alloy (pp.207-210) PDF 1000 KB
Review papers
Ilija Mamuzić – The Fiftyfifth Anniversary of the Foundation of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) 1952 – 2007 (pp.147-171) PDF 620 KB
J. Zrnik, S. V. Dobatkin, I. Mamuzić – Processing of metals by severe plastic deformation (SPD) – structure and mechanical properties respond (pp.211-216) PDF 989 KB
R. Raab, J. Mannheim – Position and the development of the global steel industry (pp.217-221) PDF 506 KB