Number 1

Metalurgija 47 (1) 1 – 72 (2008) 

Original scientific papers
M. Godec, B. Šuštaršič, M. Jenko – A high-magnification EBSD mapping analysis of Fe–Si–B powder particles (pp.9-12) PDF 1 MB
J. Slota, E. Spišák – Determination of flow stress by the hydraulic bulge test (pp.13-17) PDF 855 KB
M. Buršák, I. Mamuzić, J. Michel’ – Contribution to evaluation of mechanical properties during impact loading (pp.19-23) PDF 781 KB
S. Bockus, J. Vilys, V. Ciuplys, A. Ciuplys – Distribution of residual stresses in near-surface layer of carbon steel at monotonic tension loading (pp.25-28) PDF 579 KB
D. Hršak, G. Sučik, L. Lazić – The thermophysical properties of serpentinite (pp.29-31) PDF 992 KB
J. Dvořáček, R. Sousedíková, L. Domaracká – Industrial enterprises bankruptcy forecasting (pp.33-36) PDF 484 KB
V. Stoyka, F. Kovac, Y. Sidor – Effect of second phase particles topology on the onset temperature of abnormal grain growth in Fe – 3%Si steels (pp.37-41) PDF 1 MB
Preliminary notes
M. Łucarz – The effect of mechanical reclamation on the wear of silica sand grains (pp.43-45) PDF 693 KB
D. Blažević, M. Ikonić, T. Mikac – Algorithm for prevention of molten steel sticking onto mold in continous casting process (pp.47-50) PDF 995 KB
B. Kosec – Failures of dies for die-casting of aluminium alloys (pp.51-55) PDF 1 MB
N. P. Rudnitsky, I. Mamuzić – Strength of anisotropic nickel-mesh composite materials (pp.57-59) PDF 463 KB
Review papers
B. Gajdzik – Social and ethical challenges for metallurgical companies (pp.61-63) PDF 804 KB
Š. Molokáč, L. Grega, P. Rybár – MRI device – alternative for electrical energy storage (pp.65-68) PDF 2 MB
Professional paper
R. Celin, D. Kmetič – Cracks in a roller-bearing (pp.69-72) PDF 1 MB
I. Mamuzić – Materials and metallurgy, 8th International Symposium, 2008 (pp.3-8) PDF 468 KB
I. Mamuzić – List of Reviewers of the Articles Published in Journal Metallurgy in 2007 (pp.64-64) PDF 412 KB