Number 2

Metalurgija 42 (2) 77 – 144 (2003)

Original scientific papers
V. V. Bukhanovsky, I. Mamuzić – The Effect of Temperature on Mechanical Characteristics of Niobium Alloys of the System Nb-W-Mo-Zr (pp.85-90) PDF 332 KB
V. Sinka, L. Pešek – Growth and Damage of the a-Stabilized Layer in the Titanium Alloy VT3-1 During Thermal Cycling (pp.91-93) PDF 202 KB
M. Kupková, M. Kupka, S. Strobl, G. Khatibi, M. Kabátová, E. Dudrová – Effective Flexural Modulus of Bars Containing Cellular-Material Layer, and the Use of this Modulus for Determining the Effective Elastic Modulus of a Cellular Material (pp.95-98) PDF 166 KB
L. Cristea, R. R. Piticescu, B. Popescu, M. Teleanu – Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zirconia Nano-Powders and Films (pp.99-102) PDF 293 KB
J. Hidvéghy, J. Micheľ, M. Buršák – Residual Stress in Microalloyed Steel Sheet (pp.103-106) PDF 129 KB
Review paper
J. Bilík, V. Roubíček, Š. Vilamová, P. Pustějovská – Actual Possibilities of Coal Utilization in Iron Metallurgy (pp.107-111) PDF 179 KB
Professional papers
C. Kolmasiak, R. Budzik – Investigations of Gas Permeability of the Charge in the Reduction Process of Iron Ores by Hard Coal (pp.113-116) PDF 342 KB
A. Kisiołek, C. Kolmasiak, R. Budzik – Public Relations on the Internet on the Examples of the Metallurgical Industry in Poland and in the World (pp.117-121) PDF 67 KB
E. Konstanciak, R. Budzik, W. Waszkielewicz – The Analysis and Control of the Non-Conformances of Products Manufactured in a Plate Rolling Mill in the Aspect of Quality Management (pp.123-127) PDF 135 KB
E. Staniewska, W. Waszkielewicz – The Estimations Element of Logistic in Administration of Reserves on the Example of Steelwork (pp.129-133) PDF 104 KB
K. Gawdzińska, J. Grabian, L. Wojnar – Analysis of Defects Formation in as-Cast Metal Saturated Composites (pp.135-140) PDF 265 KB
G. Bauhoff – Das Eisen in der Bibel (pp.141-144) PDF 279 KB