Number 3

Metalurgija 42 (3) 145 – 212 (2003)

Original scientific papers
B. Kosec, L. Kosec, S. Petrović, V. Gontarev, G. Kosec, M. Gojić, P. Škraba – Analysis of Low-Carbon Steel/Tantalum Interface After Explosive Welding (pp.147-151) PDF 282 KB
Y. Sidor, F. Kovac – Quantification of Microstructure and Evaluation of Mechanical Properties in Non-Oriented Electrical Steels (pp.153-158) PDF 191 KB
A. Bukhanovsky, I. Mamuzić, V. Borisenko – Interrelation Between the Structural State of Material and Mechanical Properties of Low-Alloyed Molybdenum Alloys (pp.159-166) PDF 232 KB
J. Grabian – An Analysis of Geometric Conditions in the Process of Infiltrating the Reinforcement of Cast Metal Matrix Composites (pp.167-171) PDF 357 KB
Preliminary notes
J. Dańko, R. Dańko, M. Holtzer – Reclamation of Used Sands in Foundry Production (pp.173-177) PDF 371 KB
M. Dzubinsky, F. Kovac, A. Petercakova – New Form of Equation for Deformation Resistance Prediction Under Hot Rolling Industrial Conditions (pp.179-183) PDF 143 KB
H. Dyja, S. Mroz, Z. Stradomski – Properties of Joint in the Bimetallic Rods Cu-Al and Cu-Steel After Explosive Cladding and the Process of Rolling (pp.185-191) PDF 529 KB
V. Goryany, I. Mamuzić, T. Hlyntseva, V. Radsinsky – Thermal Strengthening of the Low-Carbon Steel Strip (pp.193-196) PDF 170 KB
N. Majdandžić, I. Budić, D. Novoselović – Integrated Informational System for an Aluminum Smelter Company – ISAL (pp.197-201) PDF 202 KB
R. Budzik, R. Prusak, Z. Skuza – Change in the Organizational Structure of a Restructured Metallurgical Enterprise on the Example of one of the Largest Polish Steelworks (pp.203-206) PDF 114 KB
A. Kawałek, H. Dyja, J. Markowski – Effect of Asymmetrical Rolling on Broadening of the Product Line of Rolled Sheets (pp.207-211) PDF 137 KB