Number 1

Metalurgija 42 (1) 1 – 76 (2003)

Original scientific papers
E. Dudrová, M. Kabátová, R. Bidulský – Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Failure of Fe-3Mn-0.7C Sintered Steel (pp.3-8) PDF 64 KB
V. V. Bukhanovsky, I. Mamuzić, V. A. Borisenko – The Effect of Thermal Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Low-Alloyed Molybdenum Alloys over the Wide Range of Temperatures (pp.9-14) PDF 327 KB
F. Kovac, M. Dzubinsky – Prediction of Deformation Resistance of Low Carbon Steels During Hot Rolling (pp.15-20) PDF 425 KB
J. Tušek – Bridging of Welding Gaps in Welding with a Multiple-Wire Electrode (pp.21-25) PDF 347 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Radziszewska – Elemente von Umweltmanagement im Integrierten Managementsystem (pp.27-31) PDF 209 KB
S. Borkowski – The Temperature Decrease of the Treated Cast Iron Using an Injection (pp.33-36) PDF 257 KB
A. Mockovčiaková, B. Pandula – Study of the Relation Between the Static and Dynamic Moduli of Rocks (pp.37-39) PDF 233 KB
R. Budzik – Titanium in the Process of Smelting Pig Iron with an Increased Silicon Content (pp.41-45) PDF 253 KB
Review paper
N. Devčić, I. Mamuzić – 50 years of seamless tubes manufacturing in Croatia – Steel Works Sisak (pp.47-55) PDF 301 KB
Professional papers
K. Siekański, S. Borkowski – Analysis of Foundry Defects and Preventive Activities for Quality Improvement of Castings (pp.57-59) PDF 216 KB
R. Ulewicz – Quality Control System in Production of the Castings from Spheroid Cast Iron (pp.61-63) PDF 205 KB
J. Selejdak – Influencing Factors onto Quality of Welded Pipes (pp.65-67) PDF 210 KB
M. Malina – Transition in Steel Works Sisak (pp.69-73) PDF 91 KB