Number 2

Metalurgija 49 (2) 73 – 144 (2010)

Original scientific papers
L’. Dorčák, J. Terpák, I. Podlubný, L. Pivka – Methods for monitoring heat flow intensity in the blast furnace wall (pp.75-78) PDF 277 KB
J. Terpák, L’. Dorčák, I. Koštial, L. Pivka – Reduction of costs of iron production by changing parameters of the mixed blast-furnace wind (pp.79-82) PDF 424 KB
R. Basan, M. Franulović, S. Smokvina Hanza – Estimation of cyclic stress-strain curves for low-alloy steel from hardness (pp.83-86) PDF 323 KB
I. Peruš, M. Fazarinc, G. Kugler, P. Fajfar – On the influence of human factor on mechanical properties in aluminium hot extrusion process (pp.87-90) PDF 2 MB
F. Trebuňa, F. Šimčák, A. Gmiterko – Numerical and experimental modelling of carrying elements of heavy metallurgical equipments (pp.91-94) PDF 3 MB
J. Klimeš – Formal concept analysis applied to the prediction of additives for galvanizing process (pp.95-98) PDF 86 KB
L. Jurišica, A. Vitko – Imbedding intellegence into mechatronic systems (pp.99-102) PDF 446 KB
C. Kratochvíl, L. Houfek, R. Grepl, V. Fuis – Analysis and modelling of dynamic properties of interactive drive system (pp.103-106) PDF 229 KB
J. Ondrouch, P. Ferfecki, Z. Poruba – Active vibration reduction of rigid rotor by kinematic excitation of bushes of journal bearings (pp.107-110) PDF 281 KB
Preliminary notes
S. Aračić, D. Krumes, I. Vitez – Tribocorrosion of low carbon steel C15E IN 5% NaCl and 5% NaCl + SiO2 (pp.111-114) PDF 1 MB
E. Krstić Vukelja, I. Duplančić, B. Lela – Continuous roll casting of aluminium alloys – casting parameters analysis (pp.115-118) PDF 471 KB
I. Samardžić, Z. Kožuh, B. Mateša – Structural analysis of three-metal explosion joint: zirconium-titanium-steel (pp.119-122) PDF 1 MB
D. Bajić, S. Jozić, S. Podrug – Design of experiment’s application in the optimization of milling process (pp.123-126) PDF 286 KB
Review paper
M. Valasek – Highly efficient models and simulations – the basis of design of mechatronic systems (pp.127-131) PDF 270 KB
J. Črnko – Mijo Kundak (1939. – 2009.) (pp.132-132) PDF 318 KB
3rd International Conference “Modelling of the mechanics and mechatronics systems” (pp.133-134) PDF 314 KB
Summaries of Abstracts (pp.135-144) PDF 143 KB