Number 3

Metalurgija 49 (3) 145 – 288 (2010)

Original scientific papers
F. Vodopivec, B. Šuštaršič, J. Vojvodič-Tuma, G. Kosec – Charpy notch toughness and hardness of reheated martensite and lower bainite (pp.149-154) PDF 665 KB
M. Tonkovič Prijanovič, L. Kosec – Heat affected zone in surfacing chromium ledeburitic steel (pp.155-160) PDF 505 KB
Preliminary note
M. Mihaliková – Research of strain distribution and strain rate change in the fracture surroundings by the videoextensometric methode (pp.161-164) PDF 346 KB
Review papers
F. Chowaniec, J. Mannheim, J. Raab, R. Talarek – Steel industry in new EU member states in comparison with the global trends (pp.165-168) PDF 177 KB
J. Kliber, Ilija Mamuzić – Selected new technologies and research themes in materials forming (pp.169-174) PDF 347 KB
R. Kawalla, M. Graf, K. Tokmakov – Simulation system of multistage hot rolling process of flat products (pp.175-179) PDF 256 KB
D. Vojtĕch – Challenges for research and development of new aluminum alloys (pp.181-185) PDF 219 KB
YU. G. Gulyayev, YE. I. Shyfrin, Ilija Mamuzić, D. YU. Garmashev, N. A. Maximova – The modern trends of development of the pipe and tube industry (pp.187-190) PDF 109 KB
Franc Vodopivec – 70th Annyversary of Life Academician Ilija Mamuzić (pp.241-287) PDF 551 KB