Number 3-4

Metalurgija 62 (2023) 3-4, pp. 329-500

Original scientific papers
J. Cupek, M. Tkadlecková, T. Merder, J. Walek, M. Saternus, J. Pieprzyca – Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of medium flow and removal of inclusions in a two-strand tundish (pp. 335-338) PDF 288kb
K. Janiszewski – The influence of slenderness of ceramic filters on the efficiency of steel refining (pp. 339-342) PDF 289kb
G. L. Tan, D. Tang, L. L. Guo, Q. Q. Zhang, F. D. Wang – Kinetics analysis of solidification process of 1035 steel at different cooling rates (pp. 343-345) PDF 203kb
D. Y. Yang, Q. C. Peng, H. J. Liu, P. H. Wu, D. J. Tan, C. Xie – Design and optimization of oxygen lance for 210 T converter (pp. 346-348) PDF 379kb
C. Y. Cai, X. Deng, M. G. Shen, X. Y. Qiao – Study on structural optimization of submerged nozzle of continuous casting mold by water model experiment (pp. 349-351) PDF 246kb
G. X. Liu, Z. S. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. W. Bai, Y. W. Zhang – Simulation study of cold steel feeding in steel die casting (pp. 352-354) PDF 251kb
D. X. Gao, Y. J. Zhang, L. B. Wu, S. H. Liu – Adaptive neural command filtered fault-tolerant control for a twin roll inclined casting system (pp. 355-358) PDF 401kb
C. Y. Shi, B. S. Wang, S. Y. Guo, X. X. Yin, Y. K Wang, L. Zhang, R. Chen, Z. C. Ma – Prediction of alloy addition in ladle furnace (LF) based on LWOA-SCN (pp. 359-362) PDF 331kb
A. Dziubinska – Studies on the conditions of homogenization and properties in hot forming of ZK60 cast magnesium alloy (pp. 363-366) PDF 434kb
A. Kawecki, E. Sieja-Smaga, A. Mamala, P. Kwasniewski, B. Smyrak, W. Sciezor – Manufacturing and properties of cast Cu-Ag alloys designed for electrotechnical applications (pp. 367-370) PDF 351kb
M. F. A. Sabana, N. Muhayat, Triyono – Effect of the repair welding process on the microstructure and hardness of the T-JOINT S355J2+N steel (pp. 371-374) PDF 319kb
J. Kessler, K. Semrád, K. Draganová, P. Kašper – Application and mechanical properties of thermoplastic polymers for the additive manufacturing of transportation systems (pp. 375-378) PDF 287kb
J. Lulkiewicz, A. Kawałek, B. Pachutko, T. Bajor, S. Szkudelski – Microstructure and mechanical properties of forged and rolled rings made from X20Cr13 steel (pp. 379-382) PDF 349kb
L. B. Li, J. B. Zheng, X. D. Shu, J. Zhang, W. W. Shen – Study on cold spinning deformation behavior and load mechanism of conical thin-walled aluminum alloy parts (pp. 383-386) PDF 285kb
M. Maleta, W. Głuchowski, Z. Rdzawski, M. Łagoda, J. Domagała-Dubiel – Influence of the speed of downward semi-continuous casting on the crystal size and mechanical properties of recycled copper (pp. 387-390) PDF 352kb
J. Cumin, D. Novoselovic, M. Samardžić, Iva Samardžić – Statistical analysis of different mathematical models for stress-strain curves of AISI 321 stainless steel (pp. 391-393) PDF 315kb
M. T. Wang, Y. X. Chen, L. Gao – Study on laser surface micro-treatment of stainless steel (pp. 394-396) PDF 273kb
D. Kołacz, W. Głuchowski, Z. Rdzawski, M. Łagoda, M. Maleta, K. Krukowski, M. Drajewicz – The effect of the rolling process on selected properties of magnesium copper with microadditives (pp. 397-400) PDF 408kb
L. Zhang, S. Cai, C. Han, S. P. Ji, B. Wu, H. C. Ji – Study on atmospheric corrosion behaviour and mechanism of Q235 steel after passivation (pp. 401-404) PDF 348kb
G. Pačarek, T. Šolić, I. Vidaković, M. Samardžić – Protective effects of vapour phase corrosion inhibitors tested in laboratory conditions (pp. 405-408) PDF 278kb
Suwarto, Merpatih, S. Petrus, Wajilan, A. Wahyudianto, A. Fernandes – Keruing (dipterocarpus grandiflorus) oleoresin as aluminum 1100 corrosion inhibitor in 3,5 % NaCl solution (pp. 409-411) PDF 176kb
J. Kessler, K. Draganová, K. Semrád, M. Filko – Modification of the 3D printer for the processing of the high-performance thermoplastic polymers in the production process of transport system components (pp. 412-414) PDF 216kb
K. Korzen, P. Kwasniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, Sz. Kordaszewski, B. Jurkiewicz, B. Babiarz, E. Bozek – Research on the threaded connection system from AlMgSi alloy for electrical power cables under various clamping loads (pp. 415-418) PDF 345kb
W. Sciezor, R. Kowal, J. Grzebinoga, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, A. Mamala – Research on the influence of the proportion of nickel and silicon on the mechanical and electrical properties of CuNiSi alloys (pp. 419-422) PDF 534kb
C. D: Wu, D. L. Guo, C. J. Wang, Y. L. Wang, M. W. He, J. L. Zhang, H. C. Ji – Deformation analysis of running electric hoist (pp. 423-426) PDF 293kb
J. Xue, Y. Gao, L. Y. Huang, T. Q. He – Study on drum load of shearer (pp. 427-429) PDF 277kb
Preliminary notes
J. Boryca, C. Kolmasiak, T. Wyleciał, D. Urbaniak – Effect of heating technology on scale adhesion in the steel charge heating process (pp. 430-432) PDF 251kb
A. A. Ultarakova, A. M. Yessengaziyev, N. G. Lokhova, Z. B. Karshyga, K. K. Kassymzhanov – Study of acid leaching of niobium from titanium production sludge (pp. 433-436) PDF 349kb
I. Stepankin, D. Kuis, E. Pozdnyakov, A. Naizabekov, S. Lezhnev, E. Panin – Wear of 16MnCrS5 steel surface layers in the pulsing contact loads (pp. 437-439) PDF 164kb
D. Gatner, K. Pietrucha, B. Dziergas, A. Nowak, D. Kowalcze, W. Łonski, M. Spilka, M. Kciuk – Comparison of the functional properties of selected multilayer systems (pp. 440-442) PDF 279kb
A. Sh. Syzdykova, V. M. Yurov, A. D. Mekhtiyev, A. D. Alkina – Formation of the structure and properties of multi-element ion-plasma coatings (pp. 443-446) PDF 286kb
V. M. Shevko, A. D. Badikova, R. A. Uteeva – Interaction of tricalcium phosphate with products of carbothermic reduction of silicon oxide (pp. 447-450) PDF 429kb
D. R. Gizatullina, M. A. Akubaeva, A. M. Zhunussov, A. M. Makasheva – About the use of R-66 reagent in the technology of flotation enrichment of mixed copper (pp. 451-454) PDF 187kb
Ye. P. Chsherbakova, A. M. Dostaeva, V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, A. A. Alina – Studying properties and structure of antifriction cast iron additionally alloyed with titanium (pp. 455-457) PDF 290kb
K. Franczak, P. Kwasniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, M, Sadzikowski, W. Sciezor, S. Kordaszewski – Studies on magnesium addition to copper produced in the continuous casting process and analysis of mechanical, electrical and structural properties of obtained casts (pp. 458-460) PDF 348kb
G. Kiesiewicz, T. Knych, A. Mamala, P. Kwasniewski, K. Korzen, M. Zasadzinska, A. Kawecki, P. Kowalewski – Power cycling analysis of enameled aluminium winding wires connections pprepared with the use of SHARK-Al® type connectors (pp. 461-463) PDF 327kb
G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, W. Sciezor, K. Franczak, M. Sadzikowski, S. Kordaszewski – Research on Cu-Mg castings cold drawing process and analysis of mechanical and electrical properties of obtained wires (pp. 464-466) PDF 343kb
A. Dziubinska – Numerical analysis of forging a connector for light vehicles from cast magnesium alloy preforms (pp. 467-470) PDF 372kb
S. K. Arinova, Sv. S. Kvon, D. R. Aubakirov, T. V. Kovaleva, D. A. Issagulova – Investigation of heat-resistant properties and microstructure of experimental steel based on the Cr-Ni-Ti-Nb system obtained under industrial conditions (pp. 471-473) PDF 313kb
S. Kordaszewski, G. Kiesiewicz, T. Knych, A. Mamala, P. Kwasniewski, W. Sciezor, K. Franczak, M. Sadzikowski, P. Kowalewski – Research on mechanical and electrical properties of enamel winding wires connections made with the use of SHARK-Al® technology (pp. 474-476) PDF 268kb
J. Furman – Training within industry (TWI-JS ) program as a tool to improve work safety in the steel industry in Poland (pp. 477-479) PDF 192kb
Review papers
J. Matusiak, J. Wycislik- Sosnierz – Fume emission during the arc and laser welding of cast stainless austenitic steel (pp. 480-483) PDF 291kb
R. Poloczek, B. Oleksiak – Modeling and simulating production processes with the use of the FLEXSIM method (pp. 484-487) PDF 278kb
Ilija Mamuzić – 17th Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp. 331-333) PDF 246kb
Ilija Mamuzić – Survey of 16th Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” (p. 334) PDF 76kb
Ilija Mamuzić – Annually Assembly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS), 2023 y (p. 488) PDF 146kb
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers, Metalurgija 62 (2023) 1-4, 3-500 (pp. 499-500) PDF 147kb
Book of abstracts
Ilija Mamuzić (ed.) – 16th Symposium “Materials and Metallurgy” – supplement “Book of abstracts” (pp. 489-498) PDF 254kb