Number 1

Metalurgija 63 (2024) 1, pp. 1-152

Original scientific papers
J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus, M. Tkadlecková, J. Cupek, J. Walek – Modeling research on limitation of transition zone during continuous steel casting (pp. 3-5) PDF 283kb
Y. F. Wang, L. Y. Wang, Y. Q. Cai – Optimization of flow field and numerical simulation of slag entrapment behavior in slab crystallizer (pp. 6-8) PDF 300kb
J. R. Zhou, Y. Q. Cai, X. Liu – Kinematics simulation of temperature measuring robot for steelmaking furnace (pp. 9-12) PDF 396kb
H. Z. Yang, Z. C. Liu – Study on the strength of iron and steel smelting waste blast furnace slag (pp. 13-16) PDF 244kb
R. Wang, D. X. Gao, Y. J. Zhang – Finite time command filtered adaptive fuzzy control for a twin roll inclined casting system (pp. 17-20) PDF 372kb
X. L. Dong, Q. K. Tu, Y. Q. Cai – Flexible constant force grinding of rare earth metal ingot (pp. 21-24) PDF 364kb
J. H. Peng, X. W. Cheng, J. Wang, L. C. Xiao – Analysis of temperature field and thermal stress of molten iron slagging-off robot arm (pp. 25-27) PDF 223kb
Z. H. Wei, Y. J. Zhang, X. J. Wang, J. T. Zhou, F. Q. Dou, Y. H. Xia – A YOLOV8-based approach for steel plate surface defect detection (pp. 28-30) PDF 245kb
J. Lulkiewicz, B. Pachutko, A. Kawałek, T. Bajor, S. Szkudelski, Sz. Kajpust – Ewaluation and analysis of the large-size forged and rolled en AW – 7057 alumminum alloy ring structure (pp. 31-34) PDF 616kb
Y. M. Li, X. D. Shu, Q. Chen, Z. X. Li, H. J. Xu, Y. M. Deng – Feasibility analysis of short process flexible precision forming of aluminum alloy automobile hollow shaft (pp. 35-38) PDF 335kb
M. W. Liu – Study on mechanical properties of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy (pp. 39-42) PDF 262kb
Z. C. Fu, Z. L. Zhao, F. Wang, T. K. Li, Y. Guo, H. C. Ji – Tensile simulation of 6061 aluminum alloy (pp. 43-45) PDF 269kb
J. F. Huang, Y. F. Meng – Preparation and performance study of magnetorheological (MR) foam (pp. 46-48) PDF 321kb
X. B. Lu, X. D. Shu, S. Y. Chen, C. Xu, Z. X. Li, H. J. Xu – Effect of process parameters on forming quality of SiCp/TC11 titanium matrix composites by selective laser melting (SLM) (pp. 49-52) PDF 689kb
K. Piotrowska, M. Madej, J. Kowalczyk, K. Radon-Kobus – The influence of environmental conditions on the tribological properties of the Ti13Nb13Zr alloy (pp. 53-56) PDF 490kb
J. Kowalczyk, M. Madej, K. Piotrowska, K. Radon-Kobus – Influence of surface roughness on selected properties of the TiAlN coating (pp. 57-60) PDF 396kb
X. B. Lu, X. D. Shu, S. Y. Chen, Z. Y. Zheng, Z. X. Li, H. J. Xu – Feasibility study of SiCp reinforced TC11 titanium alloy under selective laser melting (pp. 61-64) PDF 537kb
Z. Y. Xuan, J. L. Miao – Neural network-based intrinsic structure relationship of TC20 titanium alloy for medical applications (pp. 65-68) PDF 372kb
M. Góral, M. Mokrzycka, A. Przybyło, M. Drajewicz, P. Kwasniewski, W. Głuchowski – The influence of plasma nitriding on the microstructure of X153CrMoV12 and X165CrV12 steels (pp. 69-72) PDF 558kb
P. Huo, F. L. Zhang, X. Li – High temperature plastic deformation constitutive model of Mg-Zn-Zr-Y alloy (pp. 73-76) PDF 263kb
C. Xu, H. J. Xu, X. D. Shu, X. B. Lu, L. L. Jiang – Effect of cold rolling process on texture evolution of gradient microstructure in Fe-3,0 % Si non-oriented silicon steel (pp. 77-80) PDF 540kb
K. Milewski, K. Piotrowska, M. Madej – Assessment of the properties of diamond-like carbon coatings (DLC) used in the lime industry (pp. 81-84) PDF 537kb
M. Madej, K. Radon-Kobus, K. Milewski, S. Drabik, K. Piotrowska, J. Kowalczyk – Tribological properties of diamond-like-carbon coating doped with tungsten (pp. 85-88) PDF 486kb
H. Y. Dong, X. W. Cheng, J. Wang, L. C. Xiao, M. P. Liu – Johnson-Cook (JC) constitutive equation for ZGMn18 high manganese steel (pp. 89-92) PDF 271kb
J. Deng, L. W. Chen, B. Y. Cui, Y. P. Li, H. C. Ji – Arrhenius constitutive model of FV520B steel (pp. 93-96) PDF 469kb
S. Y. Sui, Y. Wang, J. F. Chen – Effect of tempering temperature on microstructure and properties of 65Mn steel for metallurgical saw blade (pp. 97-100) PDF 309kb
D. J. Wang, C. Y. Song, Y. L. Gui, G. L. Ni, J. W. Liu, S. H. Wang – Theoretical calculation and simulation analysis of the enhanced crushing process of high nitrogen steel molten droplet (pp. 101-104) PDF 303kb
X. Y. Fu, J. H. Zhao, Z. J. Chen – Mechanical bearing fault detection based on two-stage neural network (pp. 105-108) PDF 448kb
Y. Q. Cai, S. Y. Chen, S. Cai – Thermal analysis of rare earth electrolytic robots under high temperature environment (pp. 109-112) PDF 220kb
P. Huo, J. S. Liu – Equilibrium moisture model of ceramic green body during drying (pp. 113-116) PDF 355kb
Y. F. Wang, Q. Q. Yin, Y. Q. Cai – Research on force control system of lead cathode leveler (pp. 117-120) PDF 329kb
L. L. Meng, L. Zheng, X. Cui, R. Liu – Research on surface defect detection method of metallurgical saw blade based on YOLOV5 (pp. 121-124) PDF 309kb
X. Y. Liu, Y. Y. Wang, H. Jin – Study on the mechanism of cobalt recovery from waste lithium cobaltate batteries in citric acid system (pp. 125-127) PDF 271kb
Preliminary notes
S. Kordaszewski, M. Sadzikowski, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, P. Noga, W. Sciezor, K. Franczak, A. Kawecki – The influence of continuous casting and extrusion processes on the properties and structure of CuNi2Si alloy and the morphology of the Ni-Si phase precipitates (pp. 128-131) PDF 393kb
X. Zhen, Y. Q. Cai, X. L. Dong, Q. K. Tu – Research on automatic grinding platform for rare earth ingot casting (pp. 133-136) PDF 412kb
E. Tastanov, A. Ultarakova, E. Kuldeyev, N. Sadykov, Zh. Yerzhanova, A. Tastanova – Chemical sulfatization of chrome-containing sludges from DUBERSAY tailing dump (pp. 137-139) PDF 229kb
X. X. Lu, X. D. Shu, C. Q. Dong, B. S. Sun, G. H. Li – Numerical simulation and optimization of die casting for automotive shift tower cover (pp. 140-142) PDF 345kb
D. A. Issagulova, Sv. S. Kvon, A. E. Omarova, T. V. Kovaleva, V. Yu. Kulikov, A. A. Alina – Studying the binder effect on the properties of briquettes of ferroalloy production waste (pp. 143-145) PDF 231kb
E. Y. Sun, X. Z. Meng – Study on the effect of metallurgical waste on the cracking resistance of magnesium oxysulfate cement coatings (pp. 146-148) PDF 326kb
W. C. Pei, Y. Hu, G. F. Cui, H. C. Ji – Numerical simulation of welding of intersecting line joints of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy bicycle frame (pp. 149-152) PDF 355kb
In memoriam
Ilija Mamuzić – In memory Josip Črnko (1943 – 2023) (pp. 132) PDF 99kb