Number 2

Metalurgija 62 (2023) 2, pp. 177-328

Original scientific papers  
J. Cupek, J. Pieprzyca, J. Walek, M. Saternus, M. Tkadlečkova, T. Merder – Optimization of the steel flow in the two-strand tundish using different geometry of impact pad (pp. 179-182) PDF 485kb
Z. X. Wang, Z. H. Lin, G. Q. Liu – Numerical simulation study on the impact area of six-hole oxygen lance in a 260 t converter (pp. 183-186) PDF 341kb
B. Buľko, L. Fogaraš, S. Hubatka, P. Demeter, K. Ondrejkovič, P. Buček – Verification of non-standard f-curves during steel intermixing in a tundish (pp. 187-190) PDF 350kb
M. S. Zhou, E. J. Hou, G. Yang, J. N. Zhang, L. W. Zhai, X. Jin, X. C. Li – Study of the optimal particle size of sintering solid fuels (pp. 191-193) PDF 270kb
A. S. Kim, A. A. Akberdin, R. B. Sultangaziyev, A. S. Orlov, G. H. Adamova – Features of the slag regime of smelting boron containing silicochrome (pp. 194-196) PDF 179kb
C. Y. Shi, S. Y. Guo, B. S. Wang, X. X. Yin, P. Sun, Y. K. Wang, L. Zhang, R. Chen, Z. C. Ma – The forcast of slag addition during the ladle furnace (LF) refining process based on LWOA-TSVR (pp. 197-200) PDF 284kb
J. Schwietz, B. Panic – Improvement of the process of feeding the slag-foaming material to the electric arc furnace (EAF), using of the sound (pp. 201-203) PDF 147kb
D. Tang, Q. Q. Zhang, F. D. Wang, G. L. Tan, C. J. Xu – Analysis of transformation kinetics of 1035 steel at different cooling rates (pp. 204-206) PDF 166kb
Zh. Shoshay, M. A. Sadenova, M. M. Suyundikov, R. V. Sapinov, P. S. Varbanov, D. R. Absolyamova – Investigation of ultrasonic influence on the kinetics of extracting gold from electronic waste (pp. 207-210) PDF 288kb
W. Deng, Z. Tian, D. Cang – Experimental study on solidification/stabilization of Cr in stainless steel pickling sludge by high temperature roasting process (pp. 211-214) PDF 171kb
J. W. Liu, C. Y. Song, Y. L. Gui, S. Wang – Cooling rate calculation and microstructure evolution of Sm-Fe alloy powder prepared by high pressure gas atomization (pp. 215-218) PDF 391kb
N. N. K. Astuti, E. Surojo, T. Triyono, S. I. Cahyono, N. Muhayat, Triyono – Microstructure analysis of dissmilar metals weld between S690Q and S355J2+N steel under flame straightening treatment (pp. 219-222) PDF 306kb
H. A. Fadly, E. Surojo, N. Muhayat, Triyono – Effect of flame straightening treatment on the microstructure of fillet weld S355J2+N steel (pp. 223-226) PDF 277kb
S. Y. Cui, L. Miao, Z. Zhang, N. Jiang, H. Xu, Y. H. Li – Effect of CeO2 addition on wear, corrosion and resistance to thermal fatigue of induction heating Ni-WC coatings (pp. 227-229) PDF 215kb
M. M. Li, H. C. Ji, Q. S. Lin, C. D. Wu, S. Cai – Simulation analysis of X80 pipeline steel welding (pp. 230-232) PDF 320kb
W. P. Zhao, X. P. Guo, L. Sun, J. Y. Li, H. C. Ji, T. Li – Analysis of corrosion behavior of low carbon alloy steel (pp. 233-236) PDF 220kb
Z. Zhang, L. Miao, S. Y. Cui, N. Jiang, H. Xu – Effect of CeO2 addition on hardness of induction heated Ni-WC composite coatings (pp. 237-239) PDF 251kb
Y. X. Sun, Y. J. Zhang, Z. H. Wei, J. T. Zhou – A classification and location of surface defects method in hot rolled steel strips based on YOLOV7 (pp. 240-242) PDF 288kb
G. C. Yu, G. Song, C. Han, Y. Z. Zhong, H. C. Ji, J. Yuan – Study of hot processing map of AISI 1035 steel under high temperature (pp. 243-246) PDF 312kb
Z. J. Chen, J. Zhao, M. A. Liu – Metallurgical productions fault detection method based on RESLSTM-CNN model (pp. 247-250) PDF 299kb
T. Šolić, D. Marić, Iva Samardžić, T. Vukušić, I. Samardžić – Comparison of adhesion properties of the primers for wide consumption (pp. 251-254) PDF 336kb
Preliminary notes  
E. Kardas, R. Prusak – The assessment of quality of sinter and its effect on the efficiency of blast furnace process (pp. 255-258) PDF 261kb
M. Niesler, J. Stecko, D. Gierad, M. Nowak, S. Stelmach – Comparison of the chemical composition of char from waste car tires to the coke breeze used in the iron ore sintering process (pp. 259-261) PDF 195kb
D. R. Magomedov, A. K. Koizhanova, G. Toktar, N. A. Abdyldayev, A. N. Bakrayeva – Determination of optimal pressure parameters for the system of pulp microaeration dispersants in column flotation (pp. 262-264) PDF 288kb
Sv. S. Kvon, Zh. N. Atambayev, K. Yu. Okishev, N. B. Aitbayev – Studying titanium carbide effect on cast iron AChS-3 properties (pp. 265-267) PDF 142kb
A. Nurumgaliev, Ye. Makhambetov, Ye. Kuatbay, G. Yerekeyeva, A. Abdirashit, Ye. Mynzhassar – Study of softening temperatures of manganese ores in central Kazakhstan (pp. 268-270) PDF 181kb
A. A. Alina, V. Yu. Кulikov, A. E. Omarova, P. V. Коvalev – X-RAY phase analysis (XPA) of a cold-hardening mixture (CHM) and the effect of the mixture properties on the casting (pp. 271-274) PDF 165kb
R. A. Ramazanova, B. S. Saurbayeva, Y. N. Ivashchenko, B. S. Tantybayeva, M. K. Zhamanbayeva – Research on zinc concentrate dressing at the zhezkent processing plant to obtain conditioned concentrate (pp. 275-278) PDF 168kb
T. Matuła, G. Siwiec – Thermogravimetric (TG) studies of the reaction of lead oxide with lead sulphide (pp. 279-281) PDF 152kb
A. Marek – The impact of galvanizing on the mechanical properties of rebars (pp. 282-284) PDF 232kb
I. Vidaković, G. Heffer, V. Špada, Iva Samardžić – Comparison of wear resistance of induction-hardened and gas-nitrided samples in the abrasive mass motion (pp. 285-288) PDF 617kb
A. T. Kanaev, A. V. Bogomolov, T. E. Sarsembaeva, I. M. Kossanova – Plasma hardening of heavily loaded parts of soil-cutting machines (pp. 289-292) PDF 535kb
P. O. Bykov, A. B. Kuandykov, A. K. Zhunusov, L. B. Tolymbekova, M. M. Suyundikov – Complex processing of primary aluminum to remove impurities of non-ferrous metals (pp. 293-295) PDF 214kb
Z. J. Xue, M. B. Han – Crack analysis of crankshaft for diesel engine (pp. 296-298) PDF 290kb
G. Shvachych, I. Mamuzić, B. Moroz, M. Aleksieiev, I. Hulina, M. Myronenko – Mathematical modeling of pipes production forecast based on polynomial regression analysis (PRA) (pp. 299-302) PDF 199kb
A. B. Zhantlessova, S. K. Zhumazhanov, T. B. Akimzhanov, Y. Zh. Sarsikeyev, B. B. Issabekova, Zh. B. Issabekov, A. D. Mekhtiyev, A. D. Alkina – Improving the method of controlling the stress-strain state of steel structures of electromechanical systems (pp. 303-305) PDF 163kb
I. Mamuzić – Rule book of the Journal Metalurgija (pp. 306-306) PDF 96kb
I. Mamuzić – Certificate to Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) for successful busines (pp. 307-308) PDF 170kb
Book of abstracts  
Ilija Mamuzić (ed.) – Book of abstracts of the 16th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society – SHMD ‘2023, Materials and metallurgy (pp. 309-328) PDF 1097kb