Number 1

Metalurgija 62 (2023) 1, pp. 1 – 176

Original scientific papers
B. Dai, M. Yuan, N. Zhang, Y. Ma – Research on relationship between charging principle and hearth activity of blast furnace (BF) (pp. 11-14) PDF
D. Grigorova – Ferrosilicon production method using sintered iron silicate – fayalite (pp. 15-18) PDF
S. P. Wang, L. Cao, J. Li – Experimental study on influencing factors of NOx emission in iron ore sintering process (pp. 19-21) PDF
C. Z. Zhao, Z. H. Yan – Study on sintering flue gas desulfurization process selection (pp. 22-24) PDF
J. N. Zhang, Y. H. Yang – Viscosity and phase translated analysis of converter molten slag (pp. 25-28) PDF
B. S. Saurbayeva, Y. N. Ivashchenko, R. A. Ramazanova, B. S. Tantybayeva, S. K. Kabdrakhmanova – Research of component composition and catalitic reactivity of metallurgical industry slag (pp. 29-32) PDF
Z. Y. Wang, H. Q. Xie, M. Zhou, R. Guo – Thermodynamic analysis on the reduction of iron and chromium in vanadium-extracted waste slag by biomass (pp. 33-35) PDF
R. Guo, H. Q. Xie, M. Zhou, Z. Y. Wang – Energy analysis on the reduction of iron from vanadium-extracted waste slag: comparison of biomass and different coals (pp. 36-38) PDF
F. Yang, Zh. Tong, Sh. W. Zou, Zh. Y. Li, Z. J. Shen – Pelletizing analysis of cylinder pelletizer on MgO-fluxed pellets by discrete element method (DEM) (pp. 39-41) PDF
J. Wang, J. Li, Y. W. Wang – Prepare method of the new structure PbTiO3 nanowires (pp. 42-44) PDF
X. L. Zhang, Y. J. Zhang, L. B. Wu – Adaptive fault estimation (FE) and fault-toletant control (FTC) for the molten steel level in a strip casting process (pp. 45-48) PDF
A. Akberdin, A. S. Kim, A. S. Orlov, R. B. Sultangaziyev, A. M. Makasheva – Mathematical models of viscosity diagrams and crystallization temperatures of melts of the CaO – SiO2 – Al2 O3 – B2 O3 system (pp. 49-52) PDF
B. Dai, Y. Ma, F. Yu, M. Yuan, J. Chu, Y. Xu – Research on promoting the formation and clusters of TiN phase in high purity cast iron (pp. 53-56) PDF
L. Ding, X. S. Gao, X. X. Lu, B. S. Sun, X. D. Shu – Influence of pass spacing on the spinning process of nickel-based alloy conical casing (pp. 57-60) PDF
G. Z. Ouyang, W. Y. Zhang – A surface defect detection method of steel plate based on YOLOV3 (pp. 61-64) PDF
Y. X. Chen, L. Gao – Quality study on laser welding 304 stainless sheet (pp. 65-67) PDF
Y. Y. Zhang, Y. X. Chen – Rapid optimization of laser quenching process based on bp neural network (pp. 68-70) PDF
B. Zheng, D. Xu, Y. Q. Wang, L. X. Guo, H. Y. Zhao, D. Y. Ju – Study on constitutive models of hot deformation for 34CrNi3MoV steel (pp. 71-73) PDF
T. Q. He, Y. Gao, L. Y. Huang, Z. J. Xue – Strength analysis of shearer body based on ansys (pp. 74-76) PDF
Q. Y. Lu, X. D. Shu, C. Xie, H. Q. Huang, W. J. Pan – Simulation and forming mechanism analysis of multi-pass spinning process of deep cylinder parts (pp. 77-80) PDF
F. Lin, X. D. Shu, C. Q. Ye, Y. M. Li, S. Zhang – Numerical analysis of integrated forming process of diagonal rolling and piercing of flange nuts (pp. 81-84) PDF
T. Šolić, M. Samardžić, D. Marić, I. Samardžić – Analysis of interconnection between physical and protective properties of two-component epoxy primer (pp. 85-88) PDF
S. K. Shi, J. H. Qiao, L. N. Cao, J. Cong, S. Guo, H. C. Ji – Research on hot extrusion forming of 7075 aluminum alloy wheel profile (pp. 89-92) PDF
C. Han, J. Yuan, Y. Z. Zhong, X. M. Fang, G. C. Yu, H. C. Ji – Q345C steel welding process simulation analysis (pp. 93-95) PDF
Y. Z. Zhong, J. Yuan, C. Han, X. M. Fang, G. C. Yu, H. C. Ji – Q345C weld deformation analysis of butt joints (pp. 96-98) PDF
T. Šolić, D. Marić, A. Bašić, I. Samardžić – Influence of surface roughness on the rate of corrosion penetration into the steel (pp. 99-102) PDF
Preliminary notes
Zh. Romazanov, O. Silayeva, M. Tatieva, M. Latypova, A. Petrovskaya – The feasibility study for the creation of production based on technology of lost-foam casting (pp. 103-106) PDF
A. A. Kamenov, A. V. Bogomolov, B. O. Bykov, A. K. Zhunusov, M. M. Suyundikov – Determination properties of cast iron used in the installation of anodes (pp. 107-110) PDF
O. K. Abdirashev, S. Zh. Oralbayev, Y. D. Shambulov, G. A. Smailova, A. Bukayeva, D. Yergaliyev, A. Tulegulov, A. Zhauyt – Theoretical background of the restoring of the crankshaft necks by ferromagnetic materials welding (pp. 111-114) PDF
M. S. Zharlikov, R. A. Aubakirova, G. K. Daumova, E. N. Ivashchenko, B. S. Saurbayeva, Sh. K. Sanyazova – Improving the assay-gravimetric method for determining the content of noble metals (pp. 115-118) PDF
Sz. Pawlak – Stability of the rolling process of ribbed bars based on the analysis of strength parameters (pp. 119-121) PDF
A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, D. R. Aubakirov, Ye. P. Chsherbakova – Studying the chrome-nickel cast iron structure and properties after modification on industrial samples (pp. 122-124) PDF
A. Nitsenko, V. Volodin, X. Linnik, N. Burabaeva, F. Tuleutay – Behavior of copper chalcogenides during vacuum-thermal processing (pp. 125-128) PDF
M. Mukhametkhan, Ye. Mukhametkhan, G. Zhabalova, L. Kamkina – Investigation of physico-chemical characteristics of iron-containing technogenic raw materials in the conditions of JSC “AMT” (pp. 129-131) PDF
I. Aimbetova, O. Baigenzhenov, E. Aimbetova, G. Issayev, D. Berdi – Investigation of the technology for obtaining thin coatings of vanadium pentoxide for the production of smart windows (pp. 132-134) PDF
A. Biryukova, E. Kuldeyev, T. Dzhienaliyev, G. Abdykirova, S. Temirova – Preparation of pellets from manganese concentrate for the production of ferromanganese (pp. 135-138) PDF
A. Abdirashit, Ye. Makhambetov, A. Yerzhanov, Zh. Sarkulova, N. Aitkenov, N. Aitbayev – Large-scale laboratory tests for smelting medium-carbon ferromanganese using JEZDA manganese ore and SiMn17 silicomanganese fines (pp. 139-141) PDF
Zh. D. Zholdubayeva, L. A. Mazhitova, D. K. Issin, G. E. Sirgetaeva, Zh. B. Smagulova – Studies of changes in the activity of dissolved oxygen in the simulation of ferromanganese filtration (pp. 142-144) PDF
Z. B. Karshyga, A. A. Ultarakova, N. G. Lokhova, A. M. Yessengaziyev, E. I. Kuldeyev, K. K. Kassymzhanov – Study of fluoroammonium processing of reduction smelting dusts from ilmenite concentrate (pp. 145-148) PDF
C. Kolmasiak, M. Łagiewka – Foundry properties of composites on AlMg10 alloy matrix with SiC and Cgr particles (pp. 149-151) PDF
N. Akhmadiyeva, S. Gladyshev, L. Imangaliyeva, A. Kassymzhanova – Development of a method of electrodeposition of non-ferrous metals on a rotating cathode covered with gallium (pp. 152-154) PDF
M. Łagiewka, C. Kolmasiak – The porosity of TiN bronze castings (pp. 155-157) PDF
G. Abdykirova, R. Abdulvaliyev, N. Akhmadiyeva, L. Imangaliyeva – Study on the kaolin clay beneficiation ability (pp. 158-160) PDF
Zh. Romazanov, O. Silayeva, M. Tatieva, M. Latypova, A. Petrovskaya – Feasibility study of the creation of a special coke production in Kazakhstan (pp. 161-163) PDF
M. Chałada – Sustainable supply chain on the example of the steel sector in Poland (pp. 164-166) PDF
Sz. Pawlak, T. Małysa – Factory production control (FPC) and its requirements for the metallurgical industry (pp. 167-169) PDF
T. Karkoszka – Industrial safety in metallurgical company (pp. 170-172) PDF
I. Mamuzić –  Anniversaries of Croatian metallurgy (pp. 3-7) PDF
I. Mamuzić –  16th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society „Materials and Metallurgy“ (pp. 8-10) PDF
I. Mamuzić –  Minutes of Editorial board of the journal Metalurgija (pp. 173-174) PDF
I. Mamuzić –  Election Assambly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp. 175-175) PDF
I. Mamuzić –  Program djelatnosti Hrvatskog metalurškog društva (HMD) – 2023. god. (pp. 176-176) PDF