Number 3-4

Metalurgija 61 (2022) 3-4, pp. 577 – 896

Original scientific papers
K. Yang, C. Hu – A prediction method of silicon content in hot metal of blast furnace (pp. 581-584) PDF
T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca, M. Saternus, M. Tkadlecková – The interaction of the argon curtain at the interface: metal-slag in a tundish (pp. 585-588) PDF
Z. G. Guan, Z. J. He – Experimental study on sinter pot test with added light burnt dolomite in sintering production (pp. 589-591) PDF
Y. F. Yao, Z. S. Zhang – Numerical simulation study on the influence of current stabilizer on tundish flow field (pp. 592-594) PDF
S. H. Wang, H. K. Sun, S. Tong, C. X. Li, Y. K. Xue, Y. Zhang – Effect of iron oxide content on dephosphorization behavior of slag gasification (pp. 595-598) PDF
K. Janiszewski – Filtration of liquid uphill casted steel (pp. 599-602) PDF
S. Kordaszewski, P. Kwasniewski, P. Strzepek, G. Kiesiewicz, W. Sciezor, M. Sadzikowski, K. Franczak – Graphite crystallizer and its surface quality as a factor affecting the copper continuous casting process (pp. 603-605) PDF
P. Strzepek, M. Zasadzinska, S. Kordaszewski, W. Sciezor – Geometry and surface quality of the crystallization system and their influence on the temperatures throughout the continuous casting processes of copper-magnesium alloys (pp. 606-608) PDF
M. Lisinska, B. Gajda, M. Saternus, S. Brozová, T. Wojtal, M. Rzelewska-Piekut – The effect of organic acids as leaching agents for hydrometallurgical recovery of metals from PCBs (pp. 609-612) PDF
X. K. Yang, D. Xu, B. Zheng, X. Yin – Effect of process factors on solidification process of 10B21 steel bloom (pp. 613-615) PDF
Akhyar, P. T. Iswanto, R. Syaputra, A. Farhan – Experimental investigation on hardness, tensile strength, and microstructure of Al-3,1Cu cast-alloy after T6-tempered (pp. 616-618) PDF
S. Kordaszewski, P. Kwasniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, K. Franczak, W. Sciezor, R. Kowal, P. Strzepek – Optimalization of the metallurgical synthesis parameters of CuZn37 brass with nickel and silicon alloy additives (pp. 619-621) PDF
G. Kiesiewicz, A. Mamala, W. Sciezor, P. Kwasniewski, A. Kawecki, M. Sadzikowski, K. Franczak – Metallurgical synthesis of modified EN-AW 6082 alloy with different Mg and Si content ratio and research on basic mechanical and electrical properties of obtained materials (pp. 622-624) PDF
R. Kowal, A. Mamala, W. Sciezor, P. Kwasniewski, A. Nowak, S. Kordaszewski, K. Franczak – Correlation between macrosegregation and mechanical properties in EN AW-6060 aluminium alloy billets obtained by continuous casting (pp. 625-627) PDF
W. Sciezor, R. Kowal, K. Franczak, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, S. Kordaszewski, M. Sadzikowski – Determination of the properties of AlCu4,5Mg3 alloy obtained in the continuous casting line (pp. 628-630) PDF
K. Franczak, P. Kwasniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, M. Sadzikowski, W. Sciezor, S. Kordaszewski, D. Kuca – Research on the continuous casting process of CuCrZr alloys with the addition of scandium dedicated for resistance welding electrodes (pp. 631-633) PDF
P. Strzepek, A. Mamala, M. Zasadzinska, A. Nowak – Extensive analysis of the ETP grade copper wire drawing force parameters in correlation with the length of the elastic deformation region (pp. 634-636) PDF
B. Kalandyk, R. Zapała, I. Sulima, J. Kasinska – Effect of freezing on abrasion resistance of cast steel containing 1,1 % C, 16 % Cr, and 0,9 % Mo (pp. 637-640) PDF
Akhyar, A. Farhan, Azwinur, Syukran, T. A. Fadhilah – Impact toughness of ASTM A36 low carbon steel by metal active gas (MAG) welding process using different cooling media (pp. 641-644) PDF
G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, T. Knych, E. Sieja-Smaga, K. Franczak, M. Zasadzinska, P. Strzepek – Characterisation of Cu-CNTs composite electrical properties in elevated temperatures (pp. 645-648) PDF
M. Maleta, J. Kulasa – Influence of the variable content of Al, Ni and Fe on the mechanical properties and susceptibility to cold working of aluminium bronze (pp. 649-652) PDF
T. Wojtal – The influence of temperature on the speed of reduction of TIN oxide with argon- hydrogen mixture (pp. 653-656) PDF
K. Radon-Kobus, M. Madej – Properties of TiO2 coatings applied by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on 100Cr6 steel (pp. 657-660) PDF
J. Kowalczyk, M. Madej – Influence of coating application parameters on selected properties (pp. 661-664) PDF
K. Piotrowska, M. Madej – Influence of TiO2 coating deposited with the atomic layer deposition ALD technique on the properties of Ti13Nb13Zr titanium alloy (pp. 665-668) PDF
M. Madej – The properties of diamond – like carbon (DLC) coatings on titanium alloys for biomedical applications (pp. 669-672) PDF
M. Poreba, M. Pytel, M. Drajewicz, W. Ziaja, M. Góral – Modification of the Cu-ETP copper surface layer with chromium by physical vapor deposition (PvD) and diffusion annealing (pp. 673-676) PDF
M. Góral, M. Poreba, T. Kubaszek, K. Ochał, M. Drajewicz – Structure and thickness of Y2O3 coatings deposited by plasma spray physical vapour deposition (PS-PvD) method on graphite (pp. 677-680) PDF
W. C. Pei, W. Q. Wu, Y. Hu, H. C. Ji – High temperature constitutive model of q345B steel (pp. 681-684) PDF
Sh. Xu, D. Shu, Zh. L. Shen, L. J. Zhu, J. Zhao – Plastic properties and microstructure evolution of 20CrMoA steel during warm deformation (pp. 685-688) PDF
Y. P. Li, J. M. Zhao, H. C. Ji, J. T. Wu, W. C. Pei – Constitutive model of low carbon alloy steel (LCAS) expandable tubular (pp. 689-692) PDF
X. S. Gao, X. D. Shu, X. Chen, L. Ding, B. S. Sun – Effect of process parameters on microstructure of 42CrMo steel ball hot skew rolling (pp. 693-696) PDF
Y. Y. Shao, Z. W. Jia, Q. Guo – Effect of hot rolling reduction on microstructures and textures of grain oriented silicon steel (pp. 697-699) PDF
M. Abishkenov, Z. Ashkeyev, A. Naizabekov, K. Nogaev, L. Uktayeva, S. Kydyrbayeva, G. Issabekova – Micromechanical properties of cryo-rolled (CR) aluminum alloy Al0,6Mg0,35Si (pp. 700-702) PDF
J. T. Wang, X. D. Shu, C. Q. Ye, Y. X. Xia, S. Zhang, S. X. Li – Research on metal reflow law of three roll skew rolling (TRSR) hollow axle (pp. 703-705) PDF
X. G. Chen, X. D. Shu, J. N. Shi – Study on the variation law of temperature field in three-roll skew rolling of variable diameter specimen (pp. 706-708) PDF
F. B. Lian, S. W. Wang, H. Song, M. X. Gao, J. Yang, Y. Zhang, L. H. Fu – Research on logarithmic spiral roll profile in hot rolling (pp. 709-712) PDF
X. G. Chen, X. D. Shu, Q. J. Lian – Effect of feed rate on forming quality of cross wedge rolling of gear shaft teeth (pp. 713-716) PDF
S. Cai, F. Y. Zhu, H. C. Ji, Z. L. Zhao, W. C. Pei, J. Y. Zhang – Pipeline offline trough cleaning technology (pp. 717-720) PDF
Z. L. Zhao, H. C. Ji, J. M. Zhao, B. X. Liu, W. C. Pei – Johnson-Cook model for TC4 titanium alloy based on compression experiment (pp. 721-724) PDF
J. B. Zheng, X. D. Shu, S. Zhang, Q. Y. Lu – Effect of process parameters on forming quality of Mg alloy(MZ21)-Al alloy(7075) composite pipe (pp. 725-728) PDF
W. C. Pei, J. H. Qiao, B. X. Liu, H. C. Ji – Constitutive model of 7075 aluminum at high temperature (pp. 729-732) PDF
Y. X. Xia, X. D. Shu, S. Zhang, J. T. Wang, C. Q. Ye – Research on integrated forming process of three-roll reducing and thickening of necking section for thin-walled tube of aluminum alloy 2A12 (pp. 733-736) PDF
T. Knych, A. Mamala, A. Kawecki, B. Smyrak, K. Korzen, E. Sieja-Smaga – Influence of plastic deformation on the change of electrical and mechanical properties oxygen-free (OF) copper and copper alloy wires (pp. 737-740) PDF
A. Kawecki, E. Sieja-Smaga, A. Brudny, A. Morawski, T. Cetner, R. Kowal – Research on properties of multi-core superconducting wires made from materials based on magnesium and boron (MgB2) (pp. 741-744) PDF
A. Kawecki, E. Sieja-Smaga, P. Kwasniewski, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kretowicz – The influence of heat treatment and plastic deformation on the electrical and mechanical properties of CuAg alloys for the construction of high-field bitter type electromagnets (pp. 745-748) PDF
B. Smyrak, M. Zasadzinska, T. Knych, A. Mamala, A. Kawecki, M. Walkowicz, P. Strzepek – Susceptibility to deep processing in the wire drawing process of ETP and OF grade copper (pp. 749-752) PDF
J. Schwietz, B. Panic – Utilisation of noise level emitted by the electric arc furnace (EAF) for optimisation of the feeding process of slag foaming materials (pp. 753-756) PDF
K. Korzen, S. Kordaszewski, B. Jurkiewicz, A. Kawecki, P. Strzepek, E. Bozek, B. Babiarz – New generation of cable screw connectors for electrical power engineering systems (pp. 757-760) PDF
M. Sadzikowski, G. Kiesiewicz, P. Kwasniewski, K. Franczak, S. Kordaszewski, W. Sciezor, R. Pestrak – Impurities of the surface layer of the exploited etp grade copper railway traction scrap and its influence on the chemical composition after metallurgical synthesis (pp. 761-763) PDF
Preliminary notes
Ye. Kuatbay, A. Nurumgaliyev, T. Zhuniskaliyev, S. Smailov, A. Yerzhanov, G. Bulekova – Development of carbon ferrochrome smelting technology using high-ash coal (pp. 764-766) PDF
I. Bondarenko, N. Serzhanova, Y. Kuldeev, N. Sadykov, A. Tastanova –
Beneficiation of chrome slurry tailings at Donskoy mining and beneficiation plant (DMBP) JSC to produce hard pellets (pp. 767-770)
B. Kelamanov, S. Smailov, A. Yerzhanov, A. Apendina, R. Adilhanov, S. Kabylkhanov – The possibility of involvement in ferroalloy conversion of nickel ores of Kazakhstan (pp. 771-773) PDF
M. Zasadzinska, B. Smyrak, T. Knych, P. Strzepek – Defects analysis of copper wires manufactured in industrial conditions (pp. 774-776) PDF
A. A. Mukhanova, A. M. Yessengaziyev, M. B. Barmenshinova, N. O. Samenova, G. A. Toilanbay, K. N. Toktagulova – Improvement of the technology related gold-containing raw materials with the use of ultramicroheterogeneous flotoreagent (pp. 777-780) PDF
Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev – Research of electrical resistance and temperature of the beginning of softening of charge mixtures for smelting a complex alloy (pp. 781-784) PDF
A. Brudny, J. Kulasa, B. Cwolek, W. Malec, B. Juszczyk – Influence of the continuous casting process of TIN-ZINC-LEAD bronze on the wear of the graphite crystallizer (pp. 785-788) PDF
A. K. Koizhanova, D. R. Magomedov, E. A. Tastanov, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, G. V. Sedelnikova, A. N. Berkinbayeva – Intensification of copper leaching from heaps using biological oxidation (pp. 789-792) PDF
A. Khabiyev, O. Baigenzhenov, Zh. Korganbayeva, A. Toishybek, T. Chepushtanova, B.. Orynbayev – Niobium(v) recovery from leaching solution of titanium wastes: kinetic studies (pp. 793-796) PDF
M. Spilka, W. Łonski, A. Radon, R. Babilas – Preparation and selected properties of Al88Y8-xFe4+x (x = 0, 1, 2 at. %) Alloys in bulk form (pp. 797-800) PDF
A. Nowak, R. Kowal, E. Sieja-Smaga, P. Strzepek – Influence of heat treatment on fatigue properties of 6101 series aluminium alloy wires (pp. 801-803) PDF
Ye. Makhambetov, A. Abdirashit, Ye Kuatbay, A. Yerzhanov, G. Issengaliyeva, A. Angsapov – Research of microstructure and phase composition of a new complex alloy – alumosilicomanganese (Al-Si-Mn) (pp. 804-806) PDF
Ye. Makhambetov, A. Abdirashit, Ye. Kuatbay, A. Yerzhanov, A. Mukhambetkaliyev, M. Abishkenov – Thermodynamic diagrammatic analysis (TDA) of the system Al-Si-Mn-Fe (pp. 807-809) PDF
D. Yessengaliyev, N. Ubaidulayeva, R. Orynbassar, Zh. Yussupova, M. Abishkenov, S. Kydyrbaeva – Analytical expressions of the Fe -Zr – Si – Al system and phase composition of the complex alloy of ferrum-silicon-zirconium (pp. 810-812) PDF
R. Zapała, B. Kalandyk, P. Pałka – Effect of temperature on the mechanical properties of X5CrNi18-9 steel (pp. 813-815) PDF
J. Lachowski, J. Borowiecka-Jamrozek – Analysis of fracture mechanism of cast steel under hydrostatic pressure (pp. 816-818) PDF
A. Abdirashit, Ye. Makhambetov, T. Tushiyev, A. Nurumgaliyev, S. Smailov – Thermodynamics of integrated deoxidation of steel with a new alloy of aluminum-silicum-manganese (Al – Si – Mn) (pp. 819-821) PDF
B. Oleksiak – Determination of optimal parameters for the cementation process of cadmium and copper from zinc sulphate solution (pp. 822-824) PDF
Ye. Zhumagaliev, G. Yerekeyeva, A. Nurumgaliyev, O. Mongolkhan, A. Davletova, G. Sagynbekova – Thermodynamic-diagram analysis of the Fe-Si-Al-Cr system with the construction of diagrams of phase relations (pp. 825-827) PDF
S. Baisanov, V. Tolokonnikova, G. Yerekeyeva, G. Narikbayeva, I. Korsukova – Thermodynamic-diagram analysis of the Fe-Si-Al-Mn system with the construction of diagrams of phase relations (pp. 828-830) PDF
M. Łagoda, W. Głuchowski, M. Maleta, J. Domagała-Dubiel, M. Sadzikowski – Characteristics of CuCrTiAl alloy after plastic deformation (pp. 831-834) PDF
K. Milewski, M. Madej – Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings on roller bearing elements of belt conveyors (pp. 835-837) PDF
K. Łakomy, T. Lis – Copper production and trade in Poland during the COVID-19 epidemic (pp. 838-840) PDF
T. Šolić, D. Marić, S. Suhi, I. Samardžić – Analysis of the vehicle exhaust system corrosion and its effect on the ECO-test result (pp. 841-844) PDF
J. Kasinska, P. Matusiewicz, P. Malinowski, L. Barwicki – Matrix replica-based assessment of the microstructure of primary steam piping elbows after long-term operation (pp. 845-847) PDF
J. Furman, T. Małysa – Autonomous maitenance (AM) in the aspect of improvement work safety in the steel sector in Poland (pp. 848-850) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – Metalurgija journal 1962 – 2022 y – List of Authors and Co-authors (pp. 851-887) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers Metalurgija 61 (2022) 1-4, 1–896 (pp. 888-888) PDF
Ilija Mamuzić – Survey of 15th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp. 895-896) PDF
Book of abstracts – supplement
Ilija Mamuzić (ed.) – 15th Symposium „ Materials And Metallurgy “ – supplement „Book of Abstracts“ (pp. 889-894) PDF