Number 2

Metalurgija 61 (2022) 2, pp. 289 – 576

Original scientific papers
T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca – Influence of casting rate on the mixing process of steel in non-symmetric tundish (pp. 291-294) PDF 483 KB
H. Zhang, B. Wang, J. Zhang – Parametric of dimensional analysis on iron bath gasifier (pp. 295-297) PDF 444 KB
W. Zhang, Z. X. Yin – Seismic performance analysis of blast furnace shell structure (pp. 298-300) PDF 334 KB
D. Xu, B. Zheng, L. X. Guo, L. Zheng – A mathematical model of cavity depth in converter steelmaking (pp. 301-304) PDF 393 KB
A. S. Kim, A. A. Akberdin, N. Yu. Lu, R. B. Sultangaziyev, A. S. Orlov – Diagram of the equilibrium phase composition of the Fe – Cr – Si – B system (pp. 305-308) PDF 267 KB
Akhyar, I. Hasanuddin, M. Ibrahim, A. Farhan, Z. Jalil – Evaluation of cast defects in ship propeller of recycled aluminum alloy (pp. 309-312) PDF 527 KB
J. G. He, W. J. Tao, Y. Li, G. Z. Dong, X. X. Cui – Impact of cathode slot on current distribution in cathode carbon of an aluminum electrolyticl cell (pp. 313-316) PDF 305 KB
S. Y. Chen, X. D. Shu, Y. J. Lu – Effect of 6061 aluminum alloy wheel forging and spinning process parameters on forming quality (pp. 317-320) PDF 358 KB
S. Temirova, G. Abdykirova, E. Kuldeyev, E. Tastanov, I. Bondarenko, I. Motovilov – On the possibility to obtain manganese concentrate from manganese-containing tailings (pp. 321-324) PDF 420 KB
Ch. Hu, K. Yang – Prediction of silicon content in hot metal based on golden sine particle swarm optimization and random forest (pp. 325-328) PDF 564 KB
L. Zheng, D. Xu, Y. C. Ren, B. Zheng – Cause analysis and improvement measures of steel-heaping in wire rods production (pp. 329-331) PDF 322 KB
J. Y. Yuan, B. S. Sun, X. Chen, H. L. Ma, X. S. Gao, X. D. Shu –
Effect of process parameters on the force parameters in warm skew rolling of copper ball (pp. 332-334)
PDF 323 KB
D. Xu, B. Zheng, L. X. Guo, H. X. Pang – A mathematical model of critical jet heights causing droplets splashing in BOF steelmaking (pp. 335-337) PDF 358 KB
Preliminary notes
W. Bialik, S. Gil, S. Kozłowski – Ecological effect of modernization of a metallurgical furnace (pp. 338-340) PDF 315 KB
S. K. Аrinova, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, M. M. Abdildina, A. E. Omarova – Thermodynamic modeling and analysis of the structure of a heat-resistant alloy of the Fe-Cr-Ni system (pp. 341-343) PDF 420 KB
G. Shvachych, I. Mamuzić, V. Tsvykh, M. Khуlko, H. Sashchuk, O. Timchenko, O. Ivaschenko, D. Мoroz – Some complex intensification features of spheroidizing annealing of low carbon steel (pp. 344-346) PDF 281 KB
D. Yergaliyev, A. Tulegulov, A. Zhumabayeva, A. Bukayeva, M. Suimenova, G. Yesbolay, A. Yussupov, A. Zhauyt – Study of stress-strain state of the roller conveyor (pp. 347-350) PDF 345 KB
V. V. Yugay, A. D. Mekhtiyev, G. S. Ozhigin, R. Zh. Aimagambetova, Y. G. Neshina, Y. Zh. Sarsikeyev – Using optical fibers (OF) to control the stress-strain state of steel structures subject to fatigue failure (pp. 351-354) PDF 244 KB
I. Vidaković, G. Heffer, K. Grilec, I. Samardžić – Resistance of modified material surfaces for agricultural tillage tools to wear by soil particles (pp. 355-358) PDF 491 KB
I. Bondarenko, E. Kuldeyev, S. Temirova, A. Tastanova, N. Sadykov – Obtaining of strong chromium pellets with the use of a ferrosilicon-calcium binder (pp. 359-362) PDF 256 KB
D. Turysbekov, N. Tussupbayev, L. Semushkina, S. Narbekova, Zh. Kaldybaeva, A. Mukhamedilova – Study of the properties of water-air microdispersion of a floatation agent solution (pp. 363-366) PDF 351 KB
Ye. Kuatbay, A. Nurumgaliyev, Ye. Shabanov, O. Zayakin, S. Gabdullin, T. Zhuniskaliyev – Melting of high-carbon ferrochrome using coal of the saryadyr deposit (pp. 367-370) PDF 268 KB
D. Yessengaliyev, T. Kainenova, A. Angsapov, G. Zhexenbaeva, G. Zhaumitova, Z. Sultamuratova – Feasibility study of using with high basicity manganese ore for smelting refined ferromanganese (pp. 371-373) PDF 202 KB
G. Siwiec – Research of zinc concentrate oxidative roasting process (pp. 374-376) PDF 283 KB
A. A. Ultarakova, Z. B. Karshigina, N. G. Lokhova, A. M. Yessengaziyev, K. K. Kassymzhanov, S. S. Tolegenova – Extraction of amorphous silica from waste dust of electrowinning of ilmenite concentrate (pp. 377-380) PDF 332 KB
I. Bondarenko, Ye. Kuldeyev, N. Serzhanova, N. Sadykov, A. Tastanova – The process of beneficiation of fine chrome sludges on concentration tables (pp. 381-384) PDF 236 KB
S. Tolendiuly, K. A. Alipbayev, S. M. Fomenko, A. Sovet, A. Zhauyt – Effect graphite on magnesium diboride superconductivity synthesized by combustion method under argon pressure: Part II (pp. 385-388) PDF 684 KB
A. Marek – Hot dip Zn-5Al coatings with improved corrosion resistance of reinforcement steel (pp. 389-391) PDF 257 KB
L. V. Semushkina, N. K. Tussupbayev, D. K. Turysbekov, S. M. Narbekova, M. M. Musina – Processing of mature copper tailings from concentration plant using a composite reagent (pp. 392-394) PDF 305 KB
Reviews / bibliographies
I. Mamuzić – Metalurgija Journal 1962 -2022 y – List of Boards and Co-workers (pp. 395-400) PDF 411 KB
I. Mamuzić – Metalurgija Journal 1962-2022 y – List of Published Papers (pp. 401-546) PDF 1 MB
Book of abstracts  
Ilija Mamuzić (ed.) – Book of abstracts of the 15th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society – SHMD ‘2022, Materials and metallurgy (pp. 547-576) PDF 1 MB