Number 1

Metalurgija 61 (2022) 1, pp. 1 – 288

Review papers  
Ilija Mamuzić – Anniversaries of Croatian Metallurgy (pp. 3-10) PDF 301 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Seventy years of the foundation of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS), 1952 – 2022 (pp. 11-42) PDF 9 MB
Ilija Mamuzić – 6000 years of the metallurgy on the territory of Croatia (pp. 43-86) PDF 4 MB
Ilija Mamuzić – Sixty years of university studies of metallurgy in Croatia, 1960-2020 (pp. 87-118) PDF 2 MB
Ilija Mamuzić – Sixty years of the publishing of the Metalurgija journal (1962–2022) (pp. 119-136) PDF 491 KB
B. Gajdzik – Polish crude steel production in pandemic year of 2020 compared to previous five years (pp. 137-140) PDF 438 KB
B. Oleksiak, R. Poloczek – Possibilities of using the flexsim program in a manufacturing company (pp. 141-143) PDF 233 KB
Original scientific papers
J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder – Modified froude criterion in modeling two-phase flows in a steel ladle (pp. 145-148) PDF 489 KB
S. H. Wang, S. Tong, C. X. Li, Y. K. Xue, K. X. Zhang, H. K. Sun – Phosphorus(p) migration behavior in the process of converter slag gasification dephosphorization (pp. 149-152) PDF 377 KB
R. T. Li, H. Yi, D. Xu – Simulation study on influence of adjoint flow to core flow (pp. 153-155) PDF 360 KB
J. S. Wu, Y. J. Zhang – Effect of inclination angle on flow field and temperature field in molten pool during twin-roll inclined strip casting (pp. 156-158) PDF 516 KB
A. A. Аkberdin, A. Z. Issagulov, S. S. Kvon, Ye. P. Chsherbakova, D. R. Аubakirov, G. H. Adamova – Modifier effect on mechanical properties of low-chromium cast iron (pp. 159-162) PDF 697 KB
J. Y. Hu, X. W. Liao, L. H. Feng, W. Kang, Y. Liu – Composition design and physical properties prediction of mold flux for continuous casting of high Mn–HIGH Al steel (pp. 163-166) PDF 479 KB
C. Q. Ye, X. D. Shu, Y. X. Xia, J. T. Wang, S. Zhang – Mechanism of integrated forming of shape and inner hole of hollow axle (pp. 167-170) PDF 432 KB
X. Y. Zhang, Y. Wang, P. K. Hu – Study on rolling forming mechanism and influencing factors of blanks with arc-shaped (pp. 171-174) PDF 392 KB
Q. J. Lian, X. D. Shu, T. Z. Chen – Research on temperature field and microstructure distribution of cross wedge rolling based on square billet (pp. 175-178) PDF 869 KB
X. L. Xi, B. Wang – Self learning research on rolling force model of hot strip rolling based on improved adaptive difference (pp. 179-181) PDF 437 KB
A. A. Akberdin, A. S. Kim, A. S. Orlov, R. B. Sultangaziyev –
Mathematical model of the diagram of the Fe-Si-B composition system (pp. 182-184)
PDF 309 KB
M. Krbaťa, J. Majerik, I. Barenyi, M. Eckert, R. Čep, J. Sedlak, I. Samardžić – Experimental determination of continuous cooling transformation diagram for high strength steel X155CrMoV12 (pp. 185-188) PDF 1 MB
D. Grigorova, R. Paunova – Thermodynamic and kinetic investigation of carbothermic reduction of electric arc furnace dust (pp. 189-192) PDF 384 KB
M. Krbaťa, J. Majerik, I. Barenyi, M. Eckert, R. Čep, J. Sedlak, I. Samardžić – Dilatometric analysis of cooling curves for high strength steel X155CrMoV12 (pp. 193-196) PDF 577 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, M. K. Ibatov, S. K. Arinova –
Chromium-nickel cast iron composition effect on properties and graphitization process (pp. 197-199)
PDF 375 KB
Ye. P. Chsherbakova, Sv. S. Kvon, A. M. Dostaeva, D. R. Aubakirov – Studying the graphite phase in antifriction AChS-2 cast iron (pp. 200-202) PDF 580 KB
R. K. Zhaslan, B. A. Zhautikov, V. I. Romanov, A. A. Aikeyeva, A. S. Yerzhanov – Improvement of methods for semi-finished carbon product tapping from the basic oxygen furnace (BOF) (pp. 203-205) PDF 317 KB
A. K. Narembekova, B. B. Kаtrenov, K. Zh. Zhumashev –
Coverter sludge dezincification by hydrometallurgical method (pp. 206-208)
PDF 227 KB
B. K. Kenzhaliyev, T. Yu. Surkova, B. E. Abdikerim, A. N. Berkinbayeva, Ye. B. Abikak, D. M. Yessimova – Research on sorption properties of phosphoric production slag-waste (pp. 209-212) PDF 370 KB
K. Akishev, P. Bykov, Zh. Shoshay, A. Tulegulov, D. Yergaliyev – Mathematical formulation and the problem solution of clustering recipes of concrete mixtures using technogenic waste and slags of metallurgical enterprises (pp. 213-216) PDF 564 KB
B. Kelamanov, O. Sariev, A. Akuov, Ye. Samuratov, Z. Sultamuratova, R. Orynbassar – Study of nickel briquettes by thermographic method (pp. 217-220) PDF 292 KB
A. Mukhanova, N. Tussupbayev, D. Turysbekov, A. Yessengaziyev – Improvement of the selection technology of copper-molybdenum concentrate with the use of modified flotoragents (pp. 221-224) PDF 395 KB
L. Semushkina, G. Abdykirova, D. Turysbekov, S. Narbekova, Zh. Kaldybaeva, A. Mukhamedilova – Flotation processing of copper-molybdenum ore using a combined flotation reagent (pp. 225-228) PDF 387 KB
D. Strycharska, Z. Skuza – Improving the efficiency of the rolling process of 16 mm ribbed bars in the three-strand technology (pp. 229-232) PDF 250 KB
G. Song, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei, J. S. Li, S. Cai, B. X. Liu – Hot forging for producing railway wagon bogie adapter (pp. 233-236) PDF 393 KB
A. Volokitin, I. Volokitina, E. Panin, A. Naizabekov, S. Aksenov, D. Kuis – Finite element method (FEM) simulation of processing of AISI-316 austenitic stainless steel by high-pressure torsion (HPT) process at the cryogenic cooling (pp. 237-240) PDF 587 KB
A. Kanaev, A. Gulyarenko, A. Bogomolov, T. Sarsembaeva –
Analysis of mechanisms for hardening constructional steels by structure parameters (pp. 241-243)
PDF 252 KB
M. Niesler, J. Stecko, J. Łabaj, A. Smagor, L. Blacha, A. Smalcerz – Application of anthracite dust in the processing of steel dusts (pp. 244-246) PDF 388 KB
M. M. Mussayev, K. T. Sherov, T. M. Buzauova, A. K. Rakishev, N. Z. Karsakova, N. B. Abisheva, S. S. Ainabekova – Studying the stress-strain state of a more loaded node of a special device for turn-milling (pp. 247-249) PDF 418 KB
S. A. Mashekov, E. A. Tussupkaliyeva, B. B. Bazarbay, M. L. Rakhmatulin, N. Sembayev – The stress-strain state (SSS) calculation of heavy loaded elements of a new-designed pressing device (PD) (pp. 250-252) PDF 221 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, R. Zh. Aimagambetova, P. A. Kropachev, A. A. Kalinin, S. Zh. Aizhambayeva, Y. Zh. Sarsikeyev – Use of computer simulation to establish parameters of steel structure strengthening elements (pp. 253-256) PDF 445 KB
A. A. Akberdin, A. S. Kim, N. Yu. Lu, R. B. Sultangaziyev, A. S. Orlov – Mathematical model of the diagram of the phase composition of the system Fe – Si – Cr (pp. 257-260) PDF 837 KB
B. Kelamanov, Ye. Samuratov, A. Akuov, O. Sariev, L. Tastanova, A. Abdirashit – Thermodynamic-diagram analysis of Fe-Ni-C-O system (pp. 261-264) PDF 274 KB
G. Abdykirova, S. Temirova, E. Kuldeyev, A. Tastanova, I. Bondarenko, L. Semushkina – A study on the beneficiation ability of manganese-containing technogenic raw materials (pp. 265-268) PDF 444 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, P. A. Kropachev, Y. G. Klyuyeva, S. Zh. Aizhambayeva, A. V. Yurchenko, A. D. Alkina – Strengthening elements to increase fatigue strength of mine hoisting machine steel structures (pp. 269-272) PDF 740 KB
M. Niesler, J. Stecko, J. Łabaj, A. Smagor, L. Blacha – Application of waste anthracite dust in the process of copper matte smelting (pp. 273-276) PDF 595 KB
L. V. Semushkina, N. K. Tussupbayev, D. K. Turysbekov, S. M. Narbekova, A. A. Mukhanova – Recycling technology for gold-containing tailings with the use of a composite reagent microemulsion (pp. 277-280) PDF 612 KB
Sh. Zh. Sagimbaeva, K. Sh. Shunkeyev, V. V. Tarkovsky, L. K. Tastanova, L. N. Myasnikova, G. K. Beketova – Electroplasma enrichment of natural diatomite (pp. 281-284) PDF 374 KB
S. Tolendiuly, K. A. Alipbayev, S. M. Fomenko, A. Sovet, A. Zhauyt – Effect graphite on magnesium diboride superconductivity synthesized by combustion method under argon pressure: Part I (pp. 285-288) PDF 561 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Annual assembly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp. 144-144) PDF 145 KB