Number 3-4

Metalurgija 60 (2021) 3-4, pp. 177 – 464

Original scientific papers
E. Kardas, R. Prusak – The quality of coke and its consumption blast furnace process (pp. 181-184) PDF 373 KB
W. Deng, L. Zhang, D. Cang – Study on distribution of sulfur element in blast furnace (BF) process with different pellet proportions (pp. 185-187) PDF 370 KB
K. Janiszewski – The influence of ferrous scrap’s grade on the yield of steel smelted in an electric-arc furnace (EAF) (pp. 188-190) PDF 1 MB
J. H. Zhang, Y. X. Chen, D. Z. Yang – Process design and life anylysis of tundish lining (pp. 191-194) PDF 161 KB
S. M. Jia, L. Miao, C. J. Wu, D. Xu – Simulation study on the effect of riser heating mode on solidification of flat ingot head (pp. 195-197) PDF 556 KB
H. H. Yu, X. Li, S. M. Wang, Q. Z. Liu, H. Liu – Effect of Cr2O3 on crystallization of CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2(CMAS) slag glass-ceramics (pp. 198-200) PDF 1 MB
J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder – The process of dissolving solid lump carbonaceous fuel (SLCF) in the oxygen converter – physical modeling (pp. 201-204) PDF 345 KB
Y. J. Zhang, L. B. Wu – Adaptive neural event-triggered design for the molten steel level in a strip casting process (pp. 205-208) PDF 865 KB
A. Bobrowski, D. Drożyński, K. Kaczmarska, B. Grabowska, S. Cukrowicz – Kinetics of gas emission from aluminosilicates used as a relaxing additive for moulding and core sands (pp. 209-212) PDF 472 KB
Y. Gao, L. Y. Huang, C. Chen – Analysis on temperature field after angle steel’s controlled cooling (pp. 213-215) PDF 790 KB
C. J. Wang, Q. Guo, Y. Y. Shao – Effect of hot rolling temperature on microstructures and textures of grain oriented silicon steel (pp. 216-218) PDF 316 KB
L. Bernat – The influence of cooling rate and heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Si-Cu alloy castings made in gypsum molds (pp. 219-222) PDF 291 KB
Iqbal, N. Ali, H. Husin, Akhyar, Khairil, A. Farhan – Effect of pouring temperature on impact toughness on brass (Cu-Zn) through metal casting (pp. 223-226) PDF 255 KB
Y. J. Lu, X. D. Shu – Effect of aluminum alloy wheel forging and spinning process parameters on forming force (pp. 227-229) PDF 237 KB
M. Radoń, Z. A. Opiekun, A. Dec – Structural analysis of sheet nickel welded joints (pp. 230-232) hrvatskipdf 293 KB
Y. Gao, L. Y. Huang, C. Chen – Analysis on stress and strain after angle steel’s controlled cooling (pp. 233-236) PDF 162 KB
W. Liu, X. D. Shu, G. X. Zhou, X. Z. Du, Y. J. Lang, Y. X. Xia – Effect of solid solution treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of extruded MgY12Zn2,5 magnesium alloys (pp. 237-240) PDF 462 KB
J. N. Shi, X. D. Shu, S. Zhang, J. T. Wang, Y. X. Xia, C. Q. Ye – Effect of process parameters on the surface forming accuracy of step of hollow step shaft formed by three-roll skew rolling (pp. 241-244) hrvatskipdf 302 KB
Sh. Xu, S. H. Zheng, Sh. Z. Yang, Q. H. Yang –
Optimization of deep drawing process parameters of 304 stainless steel (pp. 245-248)
PDF 304 KB
R. I. Yakin, P. T. Iswanto, E. U. K. Maliwemu –

Shot peening effect on surface properties and pitting corrosion resistance of biomedical structural steel AISI 316L (pp. 249-252)

PDF 183 KB
S. Y. Chen, Y. X. Chen, S. F. Jiao, L. Zhong, L. Gao, L. Miao – Study on laser surface quenching structure and hardness of C45 steel (pp. 253-256) PDF 417 KB
J. F. Jin, G. Song, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei – Constitutive model of AISI 1035 at high temperature (pp. 257-260) PDF 246 KB
H. Q. Zhang, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei, Y. G. Li – Research on model of 6005A aluminum alloy (pp. 261-264) PDF 265 KB
R. Yao, H. C. Ji, J. F. Jin, X. Y. Shao, H. Y. Long –
High temperature constitutive model of 6005A aluminum alloy (pp. 265-268)
PDF 245 KB
Z. Ma, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei, S. F. Wang, Y. G. Li – Constitutive relationship of 7075 aluminum alloy based on modified Zerilli-Armstrong (M – ZA) model (pp. 269-272) PDF 240 KB
Z. Zimniak – Electroplastic effect in magnesium alloy AZ31 using supercapacitors (pp. 273-276) PDF 274 KB
Z. S. Peng, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei, B. Y. Liu, G. Song – Constitutive relationship of TC4 titanium alloy based on back propagating (BP) neural network (NN) (pp. 277-280) PDF 269 KB
J. S. Wu, Y. J. Zhang –
Research on calculation model of rolling force in twin roll inclined strip casting process (pp. 281-283)
PDF 228 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Z. Issagulov, V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, M. K. Ibatov, S. K. Arinova, A. M. Dostayeva – Comparative analysis of graphite inclusions in chrome cast iron structure (pp. 285-288) PDF 396 KB
M. Mukhametkhan, Y. Mukhametkhan, S. Tleugabulov, G. Zhabalova, V. Shevko – Thermodynamic interaction of concentrate, sludge and mill scale from carbon (pp. 289-291) PDF 191 KB
V. Tolokonnikova, S. Baisanov, G. Narikbayeva, I. Korsukova, Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev – Modeling method of phase equilibrium in metal-slag system (pp. 292-294) PDF 324 KB
W. Bialik, S. Gil, S. Kozłowski – Technical and technologicAl solutions in development of FeSiAl alloys production from industrial wastes in submerged ARC furnace (SAF) (pp. 295-298) PDF 192 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, M. K. Ibatov, Ye. P. Shcherbakova – Studying properties of chrome cast irons modified with titanium carbide (pp. 299-302) PDF 3 MB
V. Tolokonnikova, S. Baisanov, G. Narikbayeva, I. Narikbayeva – Assessment of dissociation rate of FeCr2O4 using the Bjerrum-Guggenheim coefficient (pp. 303-305) PDF 322 KB
Ye. Mukhametkhan, M. Mukhametkhan, S. Tleugabulov, G. Zhabalova, V. Shevko – Complete thermodynamic analysis of the interaction of iron phosphate (FePO4) with hydrogen (H2) and carbon monoxide (CO) (pp. 306-308) PDF 250 KB
M. A. Dyussebekova, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, S. A. Kvyatkovskiy, E. A. Sit’ko, D. Nurkhadianto – The main reasons for increased copper losses with slags from vanyukov furnace (pp. 309-312) PDF 290 KB
B. Kelamanov, Ye. Samuratov, A. Akuov, A. Abdirashit, A. Burumbayev, R. Orynbassar – Research possibility of involvement Kazakhstani nickel ore in the metallurgical treatment (pp. 313-316) PDF 527 KB
S. Mashekov, N. Sembayev, A. Mashekova, B. Bazarbay, Zh. Turgunov –
Modeling of stress-deformed conditions of heavy loaded elements of new equipment of metal injection molding technologies (pp. 317-320)
PDF 131 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, Ye. Zh. Sarsikeyev, A. V. Аtyaksheva, A. D. Аtyaksheva, T. S. Gerassimenko, A. D. Alkina – Method of preventing deposits on the inner surface of circulating water pipelines of ferroalloy electric furnace cooling systems (pp. 321-324) PDF 228 KB
A. Volokitin, I. Volokitina, E. Panin, A. Naizabekov, S. Lezhnev – Strain state and microstructure evolution of AISI-316 austenitic stainless steel during high-pressure torsion (HPT) process in the new stamp design (pp. 325-328) PDF 331 KB
A. Zhakupov, A. Bogomolov, A. Zhakupova, S. Abdulina, V. Salina – Determination of technological parameters for continiuous casting of a hollow pipe billet (pp. 329-331) PDF 260 KB
Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev, T. Zhuniskaliyev, S. Baisanov –
Research of electrical resistance and beginning softening temperature of high-ash coals for melting of complex alloy (pp. 332-334)
PDF 184 KB
Zh. A. Ashkeyev, M. Zh. Abishkenov, S. A. Mashekov, A. Kawałek, K. A. Nogaev – Study of the deformation state during the pulling of the workpiece in a special die (pp. 335-338) PDF 369 KB
S. Lezhnev, A. Naizabekov, E. Panin, I. Volokitina, D. Kuis –
Recycling of stainless steel bar scrap by radial-shear rolling to obtain a gradient ultrafine-grained structure (pp. 339-342)
PDF 236 KB
P. A. Kropachev, A. D. Mekhtiyev, F. N. Bulatbayev, Y. Zh. Sarsikeyev, A. V. Yurchenko – Method of restoring pivot connections cast iron bushings of heat engine with external heat supply (pp. 343-346) PDF 263 KB
P. A. Kropachev, A. D. Mekhtiyev, Y. Zh. Sarsikeyev – Strengthening elements of steel structures for controlling fatigue fracture (pp. 347-350) PDF 233 KB
G. A. Akimbek, B. K. Aliyarov, Sh. A. Akimbekova, A. Zhauyt – Determination of the intensity of abrasive chafe by different chafeing materials (pp. 351-354) PDF 214 KB
S. Mashekov, B. Bazarbay, A. Zhankeldi, A. Mashekova – Development of technological basis of 3D printing with highly filled metal-poly-dimensional compositions for manufacture of metal products of complex shape (pp. 355-358) PDF 239 KB
L. Y. Huang, Y. Gao, C. Chen – Study on the best method of controlled cooling for rolled angle steel (pp. 359-361) PDF 231 KB
M. M. Azilkiyasheva, S. B. Shayakhmetov, G. B. Bakyt, B. T. Kopenov, G. A. Smailova, Y. Y. Baubekov, A. Zhauyt – Development of a method for calculating the degree of use of the plasticity resource (DUPR) when rolling on a new continuous mill (pp. 362-364) PDF 336 KB
F. B. Chang, Y. Gao, L. Gao, L. Y. Huang –
Study on laser welding of dual phase steel (pp. 365-367)
PDF 222 KB
J. Boryca, C. Kolmasiak, T. Wyleciał, D. Urbaniak, H. Otwinowski – Experimental measurements of scale adhesion for a pre-oxidized steel charge (pp. 368-370) PDF 300 KB
O. Sariev, N. Nurgali, G. Beketova, M. Zhanabayev, T. Kainenova, A. Zhakan – Electrical characteristics of charge mixtures for melting rich titanium slag (RTS) (pp. 371-373) PDF 143 KB
N. Nurgali, O. Sariev, A. Mukhambetkaliyev, B. Momenov, A. Kuandykova, R. Abdrashev – Phase composition of titanium-containing raw materials depending on its titanium oxide content (pp. 374-376) PDF 179 KB
G. K. Daumova, Yu. I. Lopukhov, E. M. Azbanbayev, N. V. Seraya, A. V. Russakova – Research of ultra-dispersed opal-quartz-carbonate bentonite clay for coating welding electrodes UONI-13/55 (pp. 377-380) PDF 277 KB
A. Płachta, B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, G. Junak – Mechanical properties of brass sheets (pp. 381-383) PDF 326 KB
B. Oleksiak, M. Kuczyńska-Chałada, R. Poloczek – Application methods and selected properties of zinc flake coatings (pp. 384-386) PDF 222 KB
A. Zhauyt, A. Bukayeva, Z. Tursymbekova, G. Bulekbayeva, Zh. Begendikova, G. Mambetaliyeva, M. Chazhabayeva – Development of hot rolling technology using the method of physical modeling (pp. 387-390) PDF 412 KB
L. Semushkina, G. Abdykirova, D. Turysbekov, S. Narbekova, Zh. Kaldybaeva, A. Mukhamedilova – About the possibility of copper-bearing ore flotation processing of with the use of a combined flotation reagent (pp. 391-394) PDF 219 KB
D. Turysbekov, N. Tussupbayev, L. Semushkina, S. Narbekova, Zh. Kaldybaeva, A. Mambetaliyeva – Effect of the water-air emulsion size of the foaming agent solution on the non-ferrous metal minerals flotation ability (pp. 395-398) PDF 434 KB
C. Kolmasiak, M. Łągiewka – Solidification of the Al alloy composite reinforced with graphite particles (pp. 399-402) PDF 347 KB
A. M. Dostayeva, I. I. Erahtina, N. R. Zholmagambetov, N. A. Medeubayev, S. R. Zholmagambetov – Investigation of aluminum-titanium alloys production and labor safety in metal smelting process (pp. 403-406) PDF 444 KB
R. A. Ramazanova, S. V. Mamyachenkov, N. V. Seraya, G. K. Daumova, R. A. Aubakirova, Zh. T. Bagasharova – Research of kinetics of zinc leaching with sulfuric acid from smithsonite (pp. 407-410) PDF 182 KB
A. A. Ultarakova, A. M. Yessengaziyev, E. I. Kuldeyev, K. K. Kassymzhanov, O. Kh. Uldakhanov – Processing of titanium production sludge with the extraction of titanium dioxide (pp. 411-414) PDF 179 KB
A. E. Burdonov, P. K. Fedotov, Y. V. Novikov, A. A. Garashchenko, M. P. Kuzmin, A. V. Rasskazova – Influence of temperature on the strength of alumina-containing raw materials (pp. 415-418) PDF 408 KB
G. Dairbekova, B. Zhautikov, N. Zobnin, D. Bekmagambetov, D. Tolubayeva – Use of Si-composite aspiration dusts production in the creation of thin-film anodes (pp. 419-422) PDF 395 KB
A. K. Koizhanova, A. N. Berkinbayeva, G. V. Sedelnikova, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, M. N. Azlan, D. R. Magomedov, Y. M. Efremova (Dyo) – Research of biochemical gold recovery method using high-arsenic raw materials (pp. 423-426) PDF 194 KB
S. Mashekov, E. Nurtazaev, A. Mashekova, M. Abishkenov –
Extruding aluminum bars on a new structure radial shear mill (pp. 427-430)
PDF 437 KB
J. Furman, T. Małysa – The use of lean manufacturing (LM) tools in the field of production organization in the metallurgical industry (pp. 431-433) PDF 129 KB
T. Małysa, J. Furman – Application of selected lean manufacturing (LM) tools for the improvement of work safety in the steel industry (pp. 434-436) PDF 152 KB
T. Karkoszka – Risk – threats and opportunities in metallurgical production (pp. 437-440) PDF 260 KB
M. Łągiewka, C. Kolmasiak – Composite centrifugal castings after remelting (pp. 441-443) PDF 268 KB
Review papers
Bm Thethwayo – The recovery of metals from electronic waste: A review (pp. 444-446) PDF 136 KB
B. K. Kasenov, Sh. B. Kasenova, Zh. I. Sagintaeva, E. E. Kuanyshbekov, A. A. Mukhtar, B. T. Ermagambet, A. Nukhuly, Zh. S. Bekturganov, A. K. Zeinidenov – Thermodynamic and electrophysical investigation of nanostructured copper-zinc manganite of lanthanum and lithium LaLi2CuZnMnO6 (pp. 447-450) PDF 178 KB
P. Malinowski – Casting production management system (pp. 451-453) PDF 237 KB
B. K. Kassenov, Sh. B. Kassenova, Zh. I. Sagintaeva, B. T. Ermagambet, E. E. Kuanyshbekov, A. A. Mukhtar – Calculation of thermodynamic properties of earth metals − copper-zinc (Cu-Zn) (pp. 454-456) PDF 379 KB
T. Karkoszka – Metallurgical processes safety in the context of machinery and other legal requirements (pp. 457-460) PDF 393 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers, Metalurgija 60 (2021) 1-4, 1-464 (pp. 284-284) PDF 96 KB
In memoriam
Ilija Mamuzić – In memoriam: Prof., dr. sc. Franc Vodopivec, 1931 – 2021 (pp. 461-462) PDF 192 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – In memoriam: Prof., dr. sc. Josip Krajcar, 1927 – 2020 (pp. 463-464) PDF 180 KB