Number 1-2

Metalurgija 60 (2021) 1-2, pp. 1 – 176

Original scientific papers  
B. Dai, Y. Ma, H. Long, Y. Ji, J. Rao – Properties of MnO on high Al2O3 slag and its mechanism used for flushing blast furnace (BF) (pp. 7-10) PDF 1 MB
D. Han, X. Zhu, S. Li, X. Liao, X. Ai – Study on cleanliness of interstitial-free (IF) steel continuous casting slab (pp. 11-14) PDF 1 MB
Y. R. Li, W. L. Zang – Prediction and analysis of slab quality based on neural network combined with particle swarm optimization (PSO) (pp. 15-18) PDF 235 KB
T. Merder, J. Pieprzyca – Emergency condition of the operation of a non-symmetric tundish (pp. 19-22) PDF 565 KB
R. Shi, Y. Cui, J. Zhao, X. Li, C. Zou, Y. Yu – Direct reduction and extraction of iron from nickel smelting slag coupling of preparation of cementing materials using gangue composition (pp. 23-26) PDF 516 KB
Z. G. Li, X. S. Zhang, Y. Y. Guo, D. M. Zhang, L. L. Jiang, J. Zhu – Effect of modifier and superfine steel slag powder on properties of magnesium oxysulfate (MOS) cement (pp. 27-29) PDF 242 KB
L. F. Zhang, E. Y. Sun, H. Xu, S. R. Jin, Z. Lv, G. D. Li – Application of metallurgical steel slag in foamed concrete (pp. 30-32) PDF 619 KB
D. Han, X. Zhu, S. Li, X. Liao, X. Ai – Study on flow and temperature drop behavior of six-stream tundish with less-flow casting (pp. 33-35) PDF 659 KB
P. Szota, S. Mroz, A. Stefanik, K. Laber, R. Mola – Theoretical and experimental analysis of the backward extrusion process with a rotational die of AZ31 alloy (pp. 36-38) PDF 1 MB
M. Spilka, W. Łoński, R. Babilas – Corrosion properties of electrodeposited Cu/Co multilayers (pp. 39-42) PDF 2 MB
E. U. K. Maliwemu, V. Malau, P. T. Iswanto, I. Kambali, T. Sujitno, Suprapto – Corrosion fatigue crack propagation of AISI 316L by nitrogen ion implantation in simulated body fluid (pp. 43-46) PDF 1009 KB
Yurianto, S. H. Suryo, Syaiful, Y. Umardani, P. Yanuar – The role of residual stress to hardening and cracking on quenched and tempered ARMOR steel welded joints (pp. 47-50) PDF 765 KB
S. Zhang, X. D. Shu, Y. X. Xia, J. T. Wang – Formation mechanism and control of the spiral marks of three-roll skew-rolled hollow axles (pp. 51-54) PDF 734 KB
Yu. Li, S. Barannikova – In situ digital image speckle correlation (DISC) observation of plastic strain increment in low-carbon steel (pp. 55-58) PDF 766 KB
S. Barannikova, Yu. Li – Kinetics of deformation bands in a low-carbon steel – stainless steel bimetal (pp. 59-62) PDF 969 KB
Y. F. Jiang, X. Zhou, W. Y. Zhang – A surface defect detection method for rolling magnesium alloy sheet based on computer vision (pp. 63-66) PDF 413 KB
E. Spišak, J. Majernikova, Ľ. Kaščak, J. Slota – Influence of plastic deformation inhomogeneity on corrosion resistance of TIN plates (pp. 67-70) PDF 2 MB
P. Skubisz – Results of thermomechanical treatment implementation in hammer drop forging industrial process (pp. 71-74) PDF 2 MB
D. Malindžak, P. Kačmary, A. Gazda, E. Mihalikova – Order logistics for discrete and continual production processes in industry 4.0 conditions (pp. 75-78) PDF 292 KB
F. Vodopivec – Copper wire, model and equation of electrical resistance (pp. 79-81) PDF 450 KB
Preliminary notes  
S. Gabdullin, S. Baisanov, S. Kim, A. Mukhtar – Melting of ferrosilicon manganese with the use of high ash rock coal as a reducing agent (pp. 82-84) PDF 173 KB
P. K. Fedotov, A. E. Senchenko, K. V. Fedotov, A. E. Burdonov – Hydrometallurgical processing of gold-containing ore and its washed products (pp. 85-88) PDF 317 KB
A. Baisanov, Zh. Maishina, A. Isagulov, N. Smagulova, V. Yudakova – Experimental melting of high-silicon ferromanganese with the use of ferromanganesian ore and manganese slag (pp. 89-92) PDF 812 KB
J. Dobransky, M. Pollak, M. Kočiško – Proposal of a new solution for mold temperature monitoring (pp. 93-96) PDF 2 MB
A. Z. Issagulov, T. V. Kovaleva, Ye. P. Chsherbakova – Lost pattern complex composition effect on steel casting structure and properties (pp. 97-100) PDF 2 MB
A. Zhunusov, L. Tolymbekova, Ye. Abdulabekov, Zh. Zholdubayeva, P. Bykov – Agglomeration of manganese ores and manganese containing wastes of Kazakhstan (pp. 101-103) PDF 233 KB
S. Yeşiltepe, M. K. Şeşen – Hot shortness in steels and a novel aprroach (pp. 104-106) PDF 950 KB
S. A. Mashekov, G. A. Smailova, Zh. S. Abdimuratov, B. A. Nurlybayev, S. A. Orynbayev, A. Zhauyt – Phase and structural transformations in foil billet during rolling of helical rollers and longitudinal wedge mill (LWM) (pp. 107-109) PDF 172 KB
K. S. Turebekova, G. Burkitseterkyzy, G. L. Katkeyeva, Ye. M. Zhunussov – Determination of optimal conditions for autoclave desiliconization of a ZINC product (pp. 110-112) PDF 286 KB
R. A. Ramazanova, V. I. Samoilov, N. V. Seraya, G. K. Daumova, E. M. Azbanbaev, R. A. Aubakirova – Investigation of the kinetics of sulphuric acid leaching of zinc from calamine (pp. 113-116) PDF 286 KB
Ye. Makhambetov, N. Timirbayeva, S. Baisanov, A. Baisanov, E. Shabanov – Thermodynamic modeling of phase composition for Fe-Ca-Si-Al system (pp. 117-120) PDF 209 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, A. A. Kovtun, V. V. Yugay, E. G. Neshina, R. Zh. Aimagambetova, A. D. Alkina – Research of mechanical stress at tension of quartz optical fiber (QOF) (pp. 121-124) PDF 1 MB
S. A. Mashekov, E. A. Tussupkaliyeva, S. A. Akparova, L. R. Kiyanbekova, K. K. Nurakhmetova, B. N. Absadykov – Influence of rolling modes on the anisotropy of sheet metals from carbon steel rolled on the longitudinal wedge mill (LWM) of a new design (pp. 125-128) PDF 170 KB
M. Spilka – Shaping workplace safety in the metallurgical industry (pp. 129-132) PDF 230 KB
T. Karkoszka – Risk management system in metallurgical production (pp. 133-136) PDF 2 MB
S. Tolendiuly, K. Alipbayev, S. Fomenko, A. Sovet, A. Zhauyt – Properties of high-temperature superconductors (HTS) and synthesis technology (pp. 137-140) PDF 1 MB
S. A. Mashekov, E. A. Tussupkaliyeva, A. S. Mashekova, N. T. Smailova – Simulation modeling of the combined pressing technology of high-quality rods (pp. 141-144) PDF 195 KB
A. A. Genbach, V. O. Baibekova, K. S. Olzhabayeva, A. Mergalimova, A. S. Rasmukhametova, A. A. Begimbetova, A. Zhauyt – Research and modeling of the cooling system in steam turbine bearings (pp. 145-148) PDF 316 KB
S. A. Mashekov, E. A. Tussupkaliyeva, Zh. K. Aimurzaeva, B. N. Absadykov, A. Alimbetov – Development of rational technology of rods production on a radial-shift mill (RSM) (pp. 149-152) PDF 218 KB
D. F. Liu – Crack analysis of crankshaft for diesel engine (pp. 153-155) PDF 2 MB
S. M. Liu, G. J. Liu – Cause analysis of cracks in diesel engine crankshaft blank (pp. 156-158) PDF 692 KB
Y. B. Kaliyev, K. D. Baizhumanov, Z. Zh. Tursymbekova, M. A. Zhumanov, G. A. Smailova, M. M. Azilkiyasheva, A. Zhauyt – Study of stress-strain state billets when rolling in a continuous mill of hot-rolled thin stripes using MSC super forge (pp. 159-161) PDF 1 MB
Review papers  
B. Oleksiak, K. Kołtało, R. Poloczek – Application methods and selected properties of zinc flake coatings (pp. 162-164) PDF 339 KB
B. Gajdzik – Steel industry in Poland – trends in production, employment and productivity in the period from 2004 to 2019 (pp. 165-168) PDF 767 KB
B. Gajdzik – Steel production in Poland with pessimistic forecasts in COVID-19 crisis (pp. 169-172) PDF 1 MB
B. Gajdzik – Steel production, consumption and foreign trade in Poland in crises: The financial crisis 2008-2009 and the COVID-19 crisis – first half of 2020 (pp. 173-176) PDF 502 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – First circular – call for papers: 15th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society »Materials and Metallurgy« SHMD `2022 (pp. 3-5) PDF 173 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers, Metalurgija 59(2020)1-4, 1-529 (pp. 6-6) PDF 121 KB