Number 3-4

Metalurgija 58 (2019) 3-4, pp. 177 – 352

Original scientific papers
C. N. Zhang, Y. R. Li – A combustion control strategy of hot blast stove based on kernel fuzzy c-means (FCM) (pp. 179-182) PDF 588 KB
X. H. Wang, Z. M. Yu – Numerical simulation of solidification structure of continuously cast bloom of steel 20CrNiMo (pp. 183-186) PDF 2 MB
Y. Xu, S. Li, J. Zhou, L. Yan, X. Ai – The effect of ruhrstahl and hereaeus (RH) operation on the mixing of molten steel (pp. 187-190) PDF 573 KB
Z. M. Cai, H. C. Ji, W. C. Pei, X. M. Huang, W. D. Li, Y. M. Li – Constitutive model of 3Cr23Ni8Mn3N heat-resistant steel based on back propagation (BP) neural network (NN) (pp. 191-195) PDF 1007 KB
A. Di Schino – Pipe diameter and pipe thickness effect on the plastic deformation behaviour of austenitic stainless steels (pp. 196-198) PDF 1009 KB
W. S. Wang, H. Y. Zhu, J. Sun, J. L. Lei, Y. Q. Duan, Q. Wang – Thermodynamic analysis of BN, AlN AND TiN Precipitation in boron-bearing steel (pp. 199-202) PDF 779 KB
M. X. Gao, H. Song, J. Yang, L. J. Fu – Study on residual stress and strain during rail rolling contact of straight U75V rail (pp. 203-206) PDF 823 KB
H. Liu, S. Yao – End point prediction of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking based on improved bat-neural network (pp. 207-210) PDF 426 KB
M. Beer, R. Rybar, D. Kudelas – Method of determining the essential geometric characteristics of the metal foam structure (pp. 211-214) PDF 2 MB
T. Z. Chen, X. D. Shu – Effect of process parameters on volume loss of one-sided head of 42CrMo billet cross wedge rolling (pp. 215-218) PDF 1 MB
W. C. Pei, J. W. Dong, H. C. Ji, H. Y. Long, S. F. Yang – Study on crack propagation of 42CrMo (pp. 219-222) PDF 2 MB
X. M. Wang, X. L. Wu, W. Q. Zhou – Analysis of oxygen enriched combustion characteristic of 350 MW utility boiler based on computational fluid dynamics (pp. 223-227) PDF 997 KB
B. Xu, S. Li, H. Fu, L. Yan, X. Ai – The influential factor studies on the cooling rate of roller quenching for ultra-heavy plate (pp. 228-230) PDF 568 KB
Z. Y. Xu, B. W. Li, Z. W. Zhao – Oxidations behavior of C, Si, Mn, P, Nb in Nb-bearing hot metal by bottom blowing oxygen (pp. 231-234) PDF 401 KB
J. Kozak, L. Krejči, I. Hlavaty, I. Samardžić, R. Čep – An analysis of structures occurring in weld deposit of steel S235JR+N with tungsten carbide particles and martensitic matrix (pp. 235-238) PDF 2 MB
Y. R. Li, C. N. Zhang – Intelligent optimization strategy analysis of secondary cooling water distribution for billet (pp. 239-242) PDF 595 KB
M. Ogorek, T. Frączek – Ion nitriding using active screen method (pp. 243-246) PDF 734 KB
G. Heffer, I. Samardžić, I. Vidaković, I. Opačak – Comparison of abrasion resistance of boron- and vanadium-based coatings (pp. 247-250) PDF 2 MB
S. Thangavel, M. Murugan, N. Zeelanbasha – Investigation of cutting force in end milling of Al/n-Tic/MoS2 sintered nano composite (pp. 251-254) PDF 1 MB
J. Barta, M. Maronek, B. Šimekova, D. Marić – Analysis of weld joints made of titanium alloy GRADE 2 produced by electron beam welding (pp. 255-258) PDF 3 MB
K. Chinnarasu, K. Kumaresan – Influence of end milling process parameters on micro-hardness of LM25 aluminium alloy (pp. 259-262) PDF 2 MB
S. Venkatachalapathy, P. Karuppuswamy, P. Raghunayagan – Optimization of process parameters for minimum cutting temperature and surface roughness in turning of AISI 410 stainless steel impeller (pp. 263-266) PDF 1 MB
B. Z. Wang, X. M. Huang, C. Wang, Z. Y. Wang, C. Xing, H. C. Ji – Constitutive equations of AA6111 aluminum alloy (pp. 267-271) PDF 905 KB
Preliminary notes
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, A. Krabes, M. Bober – Research on electrochemical silvering process of brass elements (pp. 272-274) PDF 2 MB
S. E. Shipilov, M. K. Ibatov, Zh. D. Zholdubayeva, A. D. Alkina, S. S. Shipilova, E. V. Yurchenko, A. D. Mekhtiyev – The method to obtain of the aggloburden sintering material using the conversion of natural gas (pp. 275-278) PDF 922 KB
G. Musina, G. Zhaksybaeva, M. Baikenov, M. Ibatov – On the kinetics of the primary coal tar hydrogenation process (pp. 279-282) PDF 769 KB
V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, A. Z. Issagulov, S. K. Arinova – Studying refractory bricks structure impact on their performance properties (pp. 283-286) PDF 1 MB
E. Kardas, R. Prusak – The analysis of selected parameters of blast furnace operation (pp. 287-290) PDF 628 KB
D. Yessengaliyev, S. Baisanov, A. Issagulov, A. Baisanov, O. Zayakin, A. Abdirashit – Thermodynamic diagram analysis (TDA) of MnO–CaO-Аl2O3-SiO2 and phase composition of slag in refined ferromanganese production (pp. 291-294) PDF 420 KB
V. Yu. Kulikov, A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, Ye. P. Shcherbakova, T. V. Kovaleva – Shell forming mode effect on casting quality (pp. 295-298) PDF 3 MB
G. Shlomchak, G. Shvachych, B. Мoroz, E. Fedorov, D. Kozenkov – Automated control of temperature regimes of alloyed steel products based on multiprocessors computing systems (pp. 299-302) PDF 1 MB
S. E. Shipilov, E. B. Ten, Zh. D. Zholdubayeva, D. K. Isin, A. D. Mekhtiyev, S. S. Shipilova, E. V. Yurchenko – Refining of metal melts by filtration method (pp. 303-306) PDF 1 MB
T. Šolić, D. Marić, I. Putnik, I. Samardžić – Corrosion resistance of the X6CrNiTi18-10 material exposed to a salt spray test (pp. 307-310) PDF 2 MB
L’. Kovanič, P. Blišťan, V. Zelizňakova, J. Palkova, J. Baulovič – Deformation investigation of the shell of rotary kiln using terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) measurement (pp. 311-314) PDF 2 MB
Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, Ye. P. Shcherbakova, S. K. Arinova – Effect of inoculant introducing on improving ingot structure (pp. 315-318) PDF 1 MB
M. Ridzon, M. Mojzis, P. Bella, L. Parilak, M. Kan, I. Buransky – Validation of results of two different reductions for precision seamless cold drawn tubes (pp. 319-322) PDF 1 MB
P. Bella, P. Bucek, M. Ridzon, M. Mojzis, L. Parilak – Comparison of die geometry for cold drawing of multi-rifled steel tubes (pp. 323-325) PDF 912 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, Sv. S. Kvon, S. K. Arinova – Studying of properties and microstructure of 30 CrMnV9 steel on wear resistance (pp. 326-328) PDF 2 MB
A. Pacana, K. Czerwińska, L. Bednarova – Comprehensive improvement of the surface quality of the diesel engine piston (pp. 329-332) PDF 1 MB
Z. Skuza, C. Kolmasiak – Selected elements of quality management system in metallurgical enterprise (pp. 333-336) PDF 520 KB
A. Pacana, D. Siwiec, L. Bednarova – Analysis of the incompatibility of the product with fluorescent method (pp. 337-340) PDF 2 MB
B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, A. Wańkowicz-Lis – Nickel coatings applied with galvanic method (pp. 341-343) PDF 1 MB
A. V. Yurchenko, Z. D. Zholdubayeva, D. K. Issin, A. D. Mekhtiyev, A. D. Alkina, V. I. Syryamkin – Reduction of the content of harmful impurities during technical silicon melting using the filtering method (pp. 344-346) PDF 746 KB
Review paper
D. Kumar Sharma, M. Filipponi, A. Di Schino, F. Rossi, J. Castaldi – Corrosion behaviour of high temperature fuel cells: Issues for materials selection (pp. 347-351) PDF 916 KB
I. Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers (pp. 352-352) PDF 242 KB