Number 1-2

Metalurgija 58 (2019) 1-2, pp. 1 – 176

Original scientific papers
C. N. Zhang, Y. R. Li – Optimization analysis based on intelligent control of the process of the blast furnace (pp.7-10) PDF 163 KB
M. Lara, J. Camporredondo, A. Garcia, L. Castruita, F. Equihua, H. Moreno, M. Corona – Thermodynamic simulation of reduction of mixtures of iron ore, siderurgical wastes and coal (pp.11-14) PDF 185 KB
R. R. Yin, Z. J. He, S. Qiu, J. H. Liu, C. Tian, Y. Q. Yuan, J. H. Zhang – The study on the interface reaction characteristics of different binary slag, CaO – MgO, Al2O3 – CaO, Al2O3 – MgO, SiO2 – CaO, SiO2 – MgO (pp.15-18) PDF 143 KB
A. Akberdin, A. Kim, R. Sultangaziyev – Mathematical model of charts melt viscosity of the СаО – SiO2 – Al2O3 – MgО (pp.19-21) PDF 137 KB
G. W. Ao, M. G. Shen, Z. S. Zang, C. Y. Wen – Numerical simulation research on the influence of steel ingot of 76 tons and 8 corners with hollow riser (pp.22-24) PDF 336 KB
S. Qiu, J. H. Liu, Z. J. He, H. Di, C. Tian, R. R. Yin, J. H. Zhang – Study on interface reaction characteristics between different acidity and alkalinity slag (pp.25-28) PDF 335 KB
C. Gao, M. G. Shen – End-point prediction of basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking based on improved twin support vector regression (pp.29-32) PDF 206 KB
K. F. Ji, M. G. Shen, R. T. Li, X. L. Zhu, Z. S. Zhang – Simulation study on influence of exothermic riser on ingot solidification (pp.33-35) PDF 209 KB
F. Vode, F. Tehovnik, B. Arh, S. Malej, B. Podgornik – Calculation of heat transfer coefficients (pp.36-38) PDF 175 KB
L. Cheng, K. Liu, R. Z. Han, N. Luo – Study on the behavior of magnesium in molten salt electrolysis in-situ desulfurization during hot metal pretreatment (pp.39-42) PDF 115 KB
X. Huang, L. H. Feng, W. D. Diao – Simulation research on molten steel flowing behavior in wide slab continuous casting mold (pp.43-46) PDF 419 KB
M. G. Shen, Y. J. Liu, X. L. Zhu, Z. Y. Xiao, Y. C. Liu – Study on the influence of new riser structure on the quality of steel ingot (pp.47-50) PDF 236 KB
P. T. Iswanto, Akhyar, E. U. K. Maliwemu – Fatigue crack growth rate of motorcycle wheel fabricated by centrifugal casting (pp.51-54) PDF 259 KB
A. Murugarajan, P. Raghunayagan – The impact of pressure die casting process parameters on mechanical properties and its defects of A413 aluminium alloy (pp.55-58) PDF 283 KB
Y. R. Li, C. N. Zhang – Analysis of the secondary cooling water distribution system based on differential evolution algorithm (pp.59-62) PDF 178 KB
J. D. Li, H. Ren, Z. Gong, K. Wang, Y. Y. Wang, J. L. Lu, J. Li – Study on the process of preparing Al-Ce alloy by electrodeposition (pp.63-66) PDF 142 KB
Y. X. Wang, H. Yin, Y. H. Yang, Y. S. Jiang, Y. Y. Guo, Y. W. Zhou, F. Y. Wu – Tuning resistivity and transmittance of AZO films through the electro-chemical treatment (pp.67-70) PDF 197 KB
J. Li, C. F. Zhang, R. M. Yin, W. H. Zhang – Preparation and properties of SiAlON ceramics by gel casting and pressureless sintering (pp.71-74) PDF 226 KB
B. K. Kenzhaliyev, T. Yu. Surkova, A. N. Berkinbayeva – To the question of the intensification of the processes of uranium extraction from refractory raw materials (pp.75-78) PDF 131 KB
X. Z. Li, C. C. Zheng, C. Lou – Study on chloride migration in concrete under pressure (pp.79-82) PDF 120 KB
H. C. Ji, Y. M. Li, C. J. Ma, H. Y. Long, J. P. Liu, B. Y. Wang – Modeling of austenitic grain growth of 21-4N steel (pp.83-86) PDF 342 KB
F. Smaili, T. Vuherer, I. Samardžić – Resistivity during cycle loading of fine grain heat affected zone (HAZ) of 17CrNiMo7 steel prepared into laboratory furnace (pp.87-90) PDF 352 KB
S. Om Prakash, P. Karuppuswamy, N. Nirmal – Optimal corrosive behaviour on the weldment of AA6063 aluminum alloy by tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding process with backing plates (pp.91-94) PDF 146 KB
F. Iob, T. Coppola, A. Di Schino – Analysis of anisotropic hardening in high strength steel (HSS) in line pipes for strain-based applications (pp.95-98) PDF 271 KB
T. T. Chen, S. M. Kang, Y. L. Li – Corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel in fuel cell electrolyte (pp.99-102) PDF 173 KB
F. Vodopivec, I. Mamuzić, S. Rešković – Creep resisting steels, nanoparticles, interparticles matrix stresses, mobile dislocations motion and creep rate (pp.103-105) PDF 335 KB
M. L. Xu, S. M. Kang, T. T. Chen – Coating properties of electroless Ni-P plating on magnesium alloy with cerium chloride (pp.106-108) PDF 616 KB
M. Senthil Kumar – Investigation of hardness and surface roughness in end milling glass fibre reinforced polymer composite (pp.109-112) PDF 226 KB
F. Tehovnik, J. Burja, S. Malej, F. Vode, B. Podgornik, B. Arh, B. Šetina Batič – Evolution of microstructure during hot deformation of INCONEL 625 alloy with different strain rates (pp.113-116) PDF 264 KB
D. Malindžak, E. Mihalikova, B. Pandula – Heuristic model for production scheduling wide-strip rolling mill (pp.117-119) PDF 106 KB
I. Leššo, B. Pandula, P. Flegner, J. Baulovič, K. Feriančikova – Analysis of geophysical signals by using hilbert space geometry (pp.120-122) PDF 186 KB
D. B. Zhu, X. D. Shu – Effects of mold parameters on microscopic properties of cross wedge rolling (CWR) GH4169 alloy shaft parts (pp.123-126) PDF 286 KB
B. S. Sun, Z. L. Zhao, C. W. Wang – Effect of process parameters on the end-face quality of cross-wedge rolling (CWR) shaft from titanium alloy Ti6Al4V (pp.127-130) PDF 318 KB
J. Y. Xu, B. S. Sun, N. Li – Research on forging forming force in the composite technology of cross wedge rolling (CWR) and forging for universal joint fork (pp.131-134) PDF 170 KB
Y. Zhu, X. D. Shu, D. Y. Tian, Y. C. Li – The quality analysis of multi-step forming the higher D/t cylinder (pp.135-138) PDF 283 KB
B. Arh, F. Tehovnik, F. Vode, S. Malej, B. Podgornik – Analysis of the initial deformabiliti of austenitic stainless stells with a bend test (pp.139-142) PDF 301 KB
Preliminary notes  
J. Barglik, S. Golak, A. Smalcerz, T. Wieczorek – Numerical modeling of induction hardening of gear wheels made of steel AMS 6419 (pp.143-146) PDF 233 KB
T. Karkoszka – Conditions of the supervised risk in the zinc coating processes (pp.147-150) PDF 104 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, A. M. Dostayeva, S. A. Кuripko – Developing anticorrosive coating composition with halloysite nanotubes with effect of self-regeneration (pp.151-154) PDF 235 KB
Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, A. M. Dostayeva – Vibration impact on properties and parameters of steel ingot porous structure (pp.155-157) PDF 204 KB
Review papers  
M. Kramarz, W. Kramarz – Managing the flow components in supply chains (pp.158-160) PDF 92 KB
R. Mežibricky, M. Frohlichova, J. Legemza – HIGH-SiO2 iron ore sintering: Central & Eastern Europe scenario (pp.161-164) PDF 292 KB
V. D. Sekerin, M. N. Dudin, V. I. Gayduk, S. V. Bank, A. E. Gorokhova – Managing iron and steel enterprises: study of innovative methods of industrial engineering (logistics approach) (pp.165-168) PDF 100 KB
I. Mamuzić – 14th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society – First circular – call for paper (pp.3-6) PDF 102 KB
I. Mamuzić – Minutes of the meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal Metalurgija 25, June, 2018 (pp.169-170) PDF 137 KB
I. Mamuzić – Survey of 13th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS), June 24-29 2018 (pp.171-173) PDF 256 KB
I. Mamuzić – Dopis Ministarstvu znanosti i obrazovanja, ministrici prof. dr. sc. Blaženki Divjak (pp.174-176) PDF 6 MB