Number 1

Metalurgija 59 (2020) 1, pp. 1 – 144

Original scientific papers
J. H. Liu, Q. Wang, Z. J. He, C. Y. Sun, Z. Zhuang Reaction mechanism analysis of the Al2O3 in blast furnace (BF) slag (pp. 3-6) PDF 609 KB
J. H. Liu, Q. Wang, Z. G. Guan, Z. J. He, Z. Zhuang – Reaction mechanism analysis of the TiO2 in vanadium – titanium blast furnace (BF) slag (pp. 7-9) PDF 773 KB
Y. Cui, D. L. Qu, G. H. Li, L. Tian – Wetting and spreading mechanism of MgO substrate by impurity phase (pp. 10-12) PDF 679 KB
R. W. Wang, H. Y. Long, L. N. Qi, Y. M. Li, H. C. Ji, Z. M. Cai – Study on Arrhenius model of TC6 titanium alloy (pp. 13-17) PDF 1 MB
R. Wang, Y. Wang, H. Wang, J. Y. Chen, X. D. Shu – Study on roll-cutting forming method of conical end blank for cross wedge rolling (CWR) without stub bar (pp. 18-22) PDF 486 KB
D. Grigorova, R. Paunova – Thermodynamic activities of V2O3, MnO, and FeO In quaternary system V2O3 – FeO – SiO2 – MnO (pp. 23-26) PDF 861 KB
I. A. Wahyudie, R. Soenoko, W. Suprapto, Y. S. Irawan – Enhancing hardness and wear resistance of ZrSiO4-SnO2/Cu10Sn composite produced by warm compaction and sintering (pp. 27-30) PDF 313 KB
P. Sathish Kumar, A. Ramesh, R. Soundararajan – Investigation on physical and mechanical behaviour of A356 – x wt. % SiC/Gr hybrid composites (pp. 31-34) PDF 1 MB
S. Y. Guan, W. Y. Zhang, X. Xia, Y. F. Jiang – Study on neural network proportional-integration-differential (PID) control strategy of the molten metal pool level in the twin roll casting process (pp. 35-38) PDF 735 KB
H. Dyja, A. Kawałek, K. V. Ozhmegov, S. Sawicki – The thermomechanical conditions of open die forging of zirconium alloy ingots determined by rheological tests (pp. 39-42) PDF 1 MB
A. Kawałek, T. Bajor, S. Sawicki, M. Krakowiak, H. Jurczak – The effect of deformation conditions on the rheological properties of the Al 5754 alloy (pp. 43-46) PDF 390 KB
J. T. Wang, X. D. Shu, S. Zhang – Effect of process parameters on average grain size and microscopic uniformity of the three-roll skew rolling forming of the railway hollow shaft (pp. 47-50) PDF 473 KB
S. Zhu, W. F. Peng, X. D. Shu – Effects of annealing on interface microstructure and tensile fracture morphology of 42CrMo/Q235 cross wedge rolling (CWR) laminated shafts (pp. 51-54) PDF 525 KB
A. Kozhevnikov, I. Kozhevnikova, N. Bolobanova, A. Smirnov – Chatter prevention in stands of continuous cold rolling mills (pp. 55-58) PDF 604 KB
S. Rešković, I. Jandrlić, T. Brlić, F. Vodopivec – Effects of preferred grain orientation on the on lüders bands appearance (pp. 59-62) PDF 1 MB
H. L. Duan, X. M. Huang, H. C. Ji, Y. G. Li – The Arrhenius constitutive model of steel 42CrMo for gear (pp. 63-66) PDF 2 MB
G. Balamurugan, R. Sivasubramanian – Prediction and analysis of electric discharge machining (EDM) die sinking machining of PH 15-5 stainless steel by using taguchi approach (pp. 67-70) PDF 664 KB
Y. Y. Shao – Study on production of conventional grain oriented (CGO) silicon steel without normalizing process (pp. 71-73) PDF 1 MB
Preliminary notes
A. Kozhevnikov, N. Bolobanova, I. Kozhevnikova, D. Shalaevskii – The study of infl uence of work rolls vibration during cold rolling on the quality of steel strip surface (pp. 74-76) PDF 734 KB
K. Nowacki –Environmentally responsible policy of wastes in steel industry (pp. 77-80) PDF 432 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, A. F. Chekimbayev, T. S. Makayev, A. A. Babenko – Studying the Fe-Al-Si system in relation to ferrosilicon-aluminum alloy crystallization (pp. 81-84) PDF 536 KB
Ye. Samuratov, B. Kelamanov, A. Akuov, Ye. Zhumagaliyev, M. Akhmetova – Smelting standard grades of manganese ferroalloys from agglomerated thermo-magnetic manganese concentrates (pp. 85-88) PDF 758 KB
I. M. Oskembekov, G. L. Katkeyeva, K. S. Turebekova, Ye. M. Zhunussov – Application of modified sulfidizing reagent (MSR) in processing fl owsheet of oxidized copper ore (pp. 89-92) PDF 613 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, Ye. P. Chsherbakova – Studying furnace refractory lining properties with copper matte smelting (pp. 93-96) PDF 1 MB
S. Baisanov, V. Tolokonnikova, G. Narikbayeva, I. Korsukova, Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev – Mathematical method of phase equilibrium of binary system Cr-Si based on Bjerrum Guggenheim concept (pp. 97-100) PDF 535 KB
B. Kelamanov, Ye. Samuratov, Ye. Zhumagaliyev, A. Akuov, O. Sariev – Titanium and chrome oxides system thermodynamic diagram analysis (pp. 101-104) PDF 398 KB
G. Shlomchak, I. Mamuzić, G. Shvachych, B. Мoroz, I. Udovyk, E. Fedorov, M. Spilnyk – Metallurgical thermophysics processes identification based on extreme algorithms of high order of accuracy (pp. 105-108) PDF 549 KB
Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev, S. Baisanov, A. Zharmenov, Yu. Khayn, V. Tolokonnikova – Industrial smelting tests and organization of production of ferrosilicon aluminum (FSA) in Kazakhstan (pp. 109-112) PDF 1010 KB
A. Y. Jiao, F. L. Chen, B. H. Liu, J. W. Deng – Failure analysis of a diesel engine crankshaft (pp. 113-116) PDF 419 KB
B. K. Kenzhaliyev, T. Yu. Surkova, A. N. Berkinbayeva, Z. D. Dosymbayeva, B. E. Abdikerim – Revisiting the Kazakhstan natural sorbents modification (pp. 117-120) PDF 713 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, F. N. Bulatbayev, A. V. Taranov, A. V. Bashirov, Ye. G. Neshina, A. D. Alkina – Use of reinforcing elements to improve fatigue strength of steel structures of mine hoisting machines (MHM) (pp. 121-124) PDF 369 KB
Review papers
W. X. Dou, C. B. Zhang, Q. Yue, H. Xiao – State of the art in tundish with induction heating (IH) for clean steel casting (pp. 125-128) PDF 1 MB
B. Gajdzik, J. Piątkowski, P. Kliś – Prognostic methodology of forecasts steel production for Poland until 2022 (pp. 129-132) PDF 910 KB
B. K. Kassenov, Sh. B. Kassenova, Zh. I. Sagintayeva, E. E. Kuanyshbekov – Thermodynamic research of new nanodimensional lanthanum-cobalt(nickelite)-cuprate-manganites LaNa2CoCuMnO6, LaNa2NiCuMnO6 (pp. 133-136) PDF 574 KB
RETRACTED: C. Di Schino, C. Zitelli, G. Napoli, G. Stornelli, P. Folgarait, A. Di Schino – About some issues concerning shape memory alloys applications in neuro-rehabilitation (pp. 137-140) – see RETRACTION NOTICE PDF 418 KB
A. Akberdin, M. Karbayev, A. Kim, R. Sultangaziyev – Production of borbarium ferroalloy (pp. 141-143) PDF 422 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Annual Assambly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp. 144-144) PDF 283 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Retraction notice PDF 357 KB