16. Međunarodni simpozij HMD-a

16. Međunarodni simpozij Hrvatskog metalurškog društva
Materijali i metalurgija, SHMD ‘2023, Hrvatska, Zagreb, 20.-21.04.2023.



On the website of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) – 16th Symposium, and in Metalurgija Journal 62 (2023) 1,10 was written:

„The workshop of Symposium will be held in 4 Sections :

  • Materials – Section “A“
  • Process Metallurgy – Section “B“
  • Plastic Processing – Section “C“
  • Metallurgy and Related Topics – Section “D“

There will be oral presentation 5-10 min long, but in each section there must be at least 25 presenters, or the Symposium will be cancelled (lack of participants)“.

On the basis of this notice since the number of presenters/lecturers per section is to low (only until 5 presenters per Section), the Organizing Committee of CMS decided to

Permanently cancel the 16th Symposium, April 20th – 21st 2023

All sent abstracts are already published in Book of abstracts and all accepted papers will be published in journal Metalurgija.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this cancellation of 16th Symposium.


Organizing Committee



16the International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society

“Materials and Metallurgy”

SHMD 2023

Croatia, Zagreb, April, 20-21 2023


The participation fee includes Symposium attendance and Symposium materials:

a) delivery of the journal Metalurgija 62 (2023) 2, including the Book of abstracts with author’s abstract and presentation in poster section: 200 EUR + 5% VAT

b) delivery of the journal Metalurgija with the publication of the full-text article, including item mentioned under a) – 650 EUR + 5% VAT

c) other participants and coauthors – 100 EUR + 5% VAT



Registration and abstracts: December 31st, 2022

Full-text papers: at the latest September 30th, 2023

All correspondence, abstracts (max 110 words), and papers send to e-mail: ilija.mamuzic[et]public.carnet.hr