16. Međunarodni simpozij HMD-a

16. Međunarodni simpozij Hrvatskog metalurškog društva
Materijali i metalurgija, SHMD ‘2023, Hrvatska, Zagreb, 20.-21.04.2023.



16the International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society

“Materials and Metallurgy”

SHMD 2023

Croatia, Zagreb, April, 20-21 2023


The participation fee includes Symposium attendance and Symposium materials:

a) delivery of the journal Metalurgija 62 (2023) 2, including the Book of abstracts with author’s abstract and presentation in poster section: 200 EUR + 5% VAT

b) delivery of the journal Metalurgija with the publication of the full-text article, including item mentioned under a) – 650 EUR + 5% VAT

c) other participants and coauthors – 100 EUR + 5% VAT



Registration and abstracts: December 31st, 2022

Full-text papers: at the latest September 30th, 2023

All correspondence, abstracts (max 110 words), and papers send to e-mail: ilija.mamuzic[et]public.carnet.hr