Broj 2

Metalurgija 52 (2) 1 – 144 (2013)

Recenzija, Prikaz
Buršak Marian – Monografija “Metalurgija, uvijek prosperitet za čovječanstvo”, Hrvatsko metalurško društvo, Zagreb 2012. (str.148-148) PDF
Izvorni znanstveni radovi  
E. Kardas – The analysis of quality of ferrous burden materials and its effect on the parameters of blast furnace process (str.149-152) PDF
M. Warzecha, T. Merder – Numerical analysis of the non-metallic inclusions distribution and separation in a two-strand tundish (str.153-156) PDF
J. Pieprzyca – Cast strand’s structure quality research in respect to method of the liquid steel flow through cc device’s tundish (str.157-160) PDF
T. Merder – Effect of casting flow rate on steel flow phenomena in tundish (str.161-164) PDF
R. Zagórski, S. Golak – Modeling of solidification of MMC composites during gravity casting process (str.165-168) PDF
M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, D. Nowak – Dielectric hardening method of sandmixes containing hydrated sodium silicate (str.169-172) PDF
K. Nowacki, P. Musiał, T. Lis – Mechanism of an acoustic wave impact on steel during solidification (str.173-176) PDF
B. Panic – Model investigations 3D of gas-powder two phase flow in descending bed with consideration radial distribution of flow (str.177-180) PDF
Z. Burzić, Dž. Gačo, F. Islamović, M. Burzić, E. Bajramović – The effect of variable loading onintegrity of a welded joint of high alloy-steel X20 (str.181-184) PDF
S. Legutko, A. Meller, M. Gajek – Investigation of the influence of hybrid layers on the life time of hot forging dies (str.185-188) PDF
J. Willner – Influence of physical and chemical factors on biological leaching process of copper from printed circuit boards (str.189-192) PDF
Prethodna priopćenja
A. Konstanciak – The effect of blast furnace coke quality on the possibility of its use (str.193-196) PDF
P. Besta, K. Janovská, A. Samolejová, A. Beránková, I. Vozňáková, M. Hendrych – The cycle and effect of zinc in the blast-furnace process (str.197-200) PDF
T. Wyleciał, H. Radomiak, D. Urbaniak – Modeling of the process of coal grinding (str.201-203) PDF
H. Kania, K. Nowacki, T. Lis – Impact of the density of the mould powder on thickness of the layer of liquid slag in the continuous caster mould (str.204-206) PDF
D. Nowak, M. Stachowicz, K. Granat – Determination of the binder in sand molds with the use of microwaves (str.207-210) PDF
D. Nowak, M. Stachowicz, K. Granat, M. Pigiel – Possibilities of using microwave heating in disposal process of thermo and selfsetting sandmixes (str.211-214) PDF
S. Golak, R. Zagorski – Model and optimization of electromagnetic filtration of metals (str.215-218) PDF
A. Fornalczyk, M. Saternus – Platinum recovery from used auto catalytic converters in electrorefining process (str.219-222) PDF
A. Smalcerz, R. Przyłucki – Electromagnetic field analysis of inductor-robot-work-piece system (str.223-226) PDF
D. Aguirre-Guerrero, A. Juárez-Hernández, M. A. L. Hernández-Rodríguez, R. Morales, I. Ruiz – The effect of pre-strain on fatigue for a high strength low alloy (HSLA) steel (str.227-230) PDF
A. Nioaţă – Researches regarding the optimization of thermal treatment depending on hardness for maraging 300 steel (str.231-234) PDF
R. Przyłucki, A. Smalcerz – Induction heating of gears – pulsing dual-frequency concept (str.235-238) PDF
M. Knapinski, H. Dyja, A. Kawalek, T. Fraczek, K. Laber – Analysis of the microstructure evolution during thermo-mechanical treatment of the steel plates in grade X80-X100 (str.239-242) PDF
J. Przondziono, W. Walke, E. Hadasik, J. Szala, J. Wieczorek – Corrosion resistance tests of magnesium alloy WE43 after extrusion (str.243-246) PDF
D. Dobrotă, C. Iancu – Researches regarding structural modifications that appears in the material of tools used for rubber waste attrition (str.247-250) PDF
B. Davidović, D. Letić, V. Petrović, I. Berković, B. Radulović, D. Z. Živković – The designing of the four – component composition of the blend of the polymer fibres on the basis of the numerical simulation (str.251-254) PDF
A. Stoić, M. Duspara, B. Kosec, M. Stoić, I. Samardžić – Application of water jetfor cutting polymer materials (str.255-258) PDF
G. Krolczyk, S. Legutko, M. Gajek – Predicting the surface roughness in the dry machining of duplex stainless steel (DSS) (str.259-262) PDF
Pregledni radovi
T. Lis, P. Musiał, K. Nowacki – Methods of preparing deposits containing iron oxides for recycling (str.263-266) PDF
M. Saternus, A. Fornalczyk – Possible ways of refining precious group metals (PGM) obtained from recycling of the used auto catalytic converters (str.267-270) PDF
P. Ranitović, I. Tot, B. Đorović, G. Tepić, V. V. Todić – Logistic model of the security system in the military industry repair sector (str.271-274) PDF
K. Grzybowska, B. Gajdzik – SECI model and facilitation in change management in metallurgical enterprise (str.275-278) PDF
E. Iancu, I. Cibotariu – Theoretical and experimental research on the use of expert systems (ES) in assessing risks of failure in metallurgical companies (str.279-281) PDF
I. Bostan – Economic opportunities for the exploitation of copper ore in the Romanian Carpathians (str.282-284) PDF
Stručni rad  
B. Gajdzik, K. Grzybowska – Internal sources of risk in building employees’ attitudes of safe work in metallurgical enterprise (str.285-288) PDF