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Metalurgija 56 (2017) 1-2, str. 1 – 288

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E. Kardas, Z. Skuza – Evaluation of effectiveness of raw materials and materials use in a blast furnace department of a steelworks (str. 5-8) PDF 219 KB
D. Wang, Z. Zhao, G. L. Tan, S. Zhang, Q. Wang – An investigation of the decomposition mechanism of calcium carbonate (str. 9-12) PDF 237 KB
J. Burja, F. Tehovnik, F. Vode, M. Godec, B. Arh, J. Medved – Precipitation of metallic chromium during rapid cooling of Cr2O3 slags (str. 13-16) PDF 155 KB
B. Gal, K. Granat, D. Nowak – Effect of compaction degree on permittivity of water-glass containing moulding sand (str. 17-20) PDF 249 KB
A. Kmita, A. Roczniak, M. Holtzer – The identification of pyrolysis products of the alphaset binder with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (str. 21-24) PDF 154 KB
A. Vaško, J. Belan, L. Kuchariková, E. Tillová – Low and high frequency fatigue tests of nodular cast irons (str. 25-28) PDF 309 KB
A. Kmita, J. Żukrowski, K. Hodor, H. Smogór, M. Sikora – Zinc ferrite nanoparticles as perspective functional materials for applications in casting technologies (str. 29-32) PDF 212 KB
R. Ulewicz, P. Tomski – The effect of high-frequencies loading on the fatigue cracking of nodular cast iron (str. 33-36) PDF 430 KB
W. W. Mao, C. X. Li, H. Lu, H. Li – Investigation of gaseous desiliconization in basic oxygen furnace (BOF) (str. 37-39) PDF 158 KB
B. Arh, F. Tehovnik, F. Vode – Change of mould flux properties during continuous casting of ferritic stainless steel (str. 40-42) PDF 241 KB
X. J. Zhang, C. J. Xu, Z. Y. Wang, J. Li, L. W. Zhang, X. D. Peng – Studying as – cast microstructure of the cold core (CC) ingot (str. 43-46) PDF 257 KB
E. Tillová, L. Kuchariková, M. Chalupová, J. Belan, A. Vaško, I. Švecová – Influence of laser surface hardening on corrosion properties of Al-Zn-Si cast alloy (str. 47-50) PDF 287 KB
J. Węgrzyn, A. Mościcki, T. Borecki – Determination of the content of silicon carbide by mass balance and analysis of oxygen and carbon content (str. 51-54) PDF 162 KB
K. Milewski, J. Kudliński, M. Madej, D. Ozimina – The interaction between diamond like carbon (DLC) coatings and ionic liquids under boundary lubrication conditions (str. 55-58) PDF 228 KB
R. Bęczkowski – Effect of cladding parameters on the hardness of bimetal plates (str. 59-62) PDF 246 KB
F. Tehovnik, J. Burja, B. Arh, F. Vode – Precipitation of σ phase in superaustenitic stainless steel UHB 904L (str. 63-66) PDF 291 KB
R. Jasionowski, W. Polkowski, D. Zasada – Relationship between crystallographic texture and cavitation resistance of as-cast X8CrNi25-21 and X6CrAl13 steels (str. 67-70) PDF 370 KB
M. Torres-López, L. Guerra-Fuentes, L. Y. Gomez-Zamorano, M. A. L. Hernandez-Rodriguez, E. Garcia-Sanchez – Thermal and phase transformations analysis in a PREMOMET® steel (str. 71-74) PDF 211 KB
J. Jaworski, T. Trzepieciński – Properties of low-alloy high-speed steel at elevated temperature (str. 75-78) PDF 228 KB
V. Brozek, M. Vokac, J. Kolisko, P. Pokorny, T. F. Kubatik – Incorporation of tungsten metal fibers in a metal and ceramic matrix (str. 79-82) PDF 399 KB
J. Borowiecka-Jamrozek, J. Lachowski – The effect of the properties of the metal matrix on the retention of a diamond particle (str. 83-86) PDF 247 KB
M. Sedlaček, B. Podgornik, D. Česnik – Influence of heat treatment and KIc/HRc ratio on the dynamic wear properties of coated high speed steel (str. 87-90) PDF 138 KB
J. Cárcel-Carrasco, M. Pascual, M. Pérez-Puig, F. Segovia – Comparative study of TIG and SMAW root welding passes on ductile iron cast weldability (str. 91-93) PDF 236 KB
M. Vaško, M. Blatnický, P. Kopas, M. Sága – Research of weld joint fatigue life of the AlMgSi07.F25 aluminium alloy under bending-torsion cyclic loading (str. 94-98) PDF 324 KB
P. Kopas, M. Blatnický, M. Sága, M. Vaško – Identification of mechanical properties of weld joints of AlMgSi07.F25 aluminium alloy (str. 99-102) PDF 184 KB
S. Barannikova, A. Bochkareva, Li, A. Lunev, G. Shlyakhova, L. Zuev – Research of the plastic flow of electrolytically saturated with hydrogen (He) Al-Cu-Mg alloy (str. 103-106) PDF 212 KB
T. Dembiczak, M. Knapinski, B. Garbarz – Mathematical modeling of phenomena of dynamic recrystallization during hot plastic deformation in high-carbon bainitic steel (str. 107-110) PDF 288 KB
F. Vode, J. Burja, F. Tehovnik, B. Arh – Lumped parameter model with inner state variables for modeling hot deformability of steels (str. 111-114) PDF 211 KB
R. Ulewicz, F. Novy – Fatigue life of high strength steel for cold forming (str. 115-118) PDF 413 KB
A. Mashekova, A. Turdaliev, A. Kawalek, S. Mashekov, U. Murzakhmetova, L. Kurmangaliyeva, N. Smagulova – Ultrafinegrained structure of D16 aluminium alloy after rolling in the corrugated rolls and on the longitudinal-wedge mill (str. 119-122) PDF 327 KB
X. D. Shu, J. Wei, C. Liu – Study on the control of end quality by one closed cross wedge rolling based wedge block (str. 123-126) PDF 243 KB
Q. Yue, C. B. Zhang, X. Z. Wang – Mathematical simulation for effects of flow control devices in two-strand slab tundish (str. 127-130) PDF 2 MB
Prethodna priopćenja
P. Besta, P. Wicher – The optimization of the production of sinter as the feedstock of the blast furnace process (str. 131-134) PDF 96 KB
T. Kovalyova, E. Eremin, S. Arinova, I. Medvedeva, A. Dostayeva – Enhancing surface roughness of castings when sand-resin mold casting (str. 135-138) PDF 476 KB
E. Kolczyk, Z. Miczkowski, J. Czernecki – Some aspects of model calculations of converter slag reduction process (str. 139-141) PDF 161 KB
T. Lis, K. Nowacki, K. Łakomy – Determination of physico-chemical properties of fine-grained waste from the cleaning of iron casting (str. 142-144) PDF 293 KB
L. Kuchariková, E. Tillová, J. Belan, A. Vaško, I. Švecová – Quantitative assessment of Aluminium cast Alloys` structural parameters to optimize ITS properties (str. 145-148) PDF 298 KB
S. Savićević, H. Avdušinović, A. Gigović-Gekić, Z. Jurković, M. Vukčević, M. Janjić – Influece of the austempering temperature on the tensile strength of the austempered ductile iron (ADI) samples (str. 149-152) PDF 497 KB
L. León, G. León, J. Senent, M. A. Guzmán – Comparative study of copper (II) removal/recovery from aqueous solutions by bulk liquid membranes containing six different carriers (str. 153-156) PDF 151 KB
J. Bocan, M. Sidorová, M. Šofranko – Thermodynamic study of metal sulphides conversion to oxides in hydrometallurgy (str. 157-160) PDF 236 KB
R. Klempka – Design of C-TYPE passive filter for arc furnaces (str. 161-163) PDF 166 KB
Š. Salokyová, J. Dobránsky, A. Panda – Monitoring the intensity of mechanical vibration during the processing of chrome steel 14109 (str. 164-166) PDF 229 KB
J. Belan, L. Kuchariková, E. Tillová, A. Vaško – The influence of applied heat-treatment on in 718 fatigue life at three point flexural bending (str. 167-170) PDF 352 KB
M. Basiaga, W. Walke, D. Nakonieczny, A. Hyla – Physiochemical properties of TiO2 nanoparticle thin films deposited on stainless steel (str. 171-174) PDF 239 KB
K. Semrád, K. Draganová – Methodology for repeated load analysis of composite structures with embedded magnetic microwires (str. 175-178) PDF 256 KB
W. Walke, M. Kaczmarek, M. Staszuk, M. Basiaga – Influence of purge, time of waiting and TiCl4 dosing time in a low-pressure atomic layer deposition (ALD) reactor on properties of TiO2 layer (str. 179-181) PDF 194 KB
M. Suliga – The influence of drawing speed on surface topography of high carbon steel wires (str. 182-184) PDF 189 KB
M. I. Neacșu, E. R. Chiriac, A. Chiriac, O. Pandia, I. Saracin – Technological parameters optimization of the AlZn5Mg3Cu alloy thermomechanical treatment process (str. 185-187) PDF 218 KB
T. Karkoszka – Environmental assessment of the hot-dip galvanization processes (str. 188-190) PDF 115 KB
G. Gałuszka, M. Madej, D. Ozimina, J. Kasińska, R. Gałuszka – The characterisation of pure titanium for biomedical applications (str. 191-194) PDF 414 KB
R. Gałuszka, M. Madej, D. Ozimina, A. Krzyszkowski, G. Gałuszka – The characterisation of the microstructure and mechanical properties of diamond – like carbon (DLC) for endoprosthesis (str. 195-198) PDF 293 KB
A. B. Naizabekov, S. N. Lezhnev, H. Dyja, T. Bajor, K. Tsay, A. Arbuz, N. Gusseynov, R. Nemkaeva – The effect of cross rolling on the microstructure of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys (str. 199-202) PDF 312 KB
M. Sapieta, A. Sapietova, V. Dekys – Comparison of the thermoelastic phenomenon expressions in stainless steels during cyclic loading (str. 203-206) PDF 264 KB
I. Samardžić, M. Dunđer, M. Katinić, N. Krnić – Weldability investigation on real welded plates of fine-grained high-strength steel S960QL (str. 207-210) PDF 222 KB
A. Zhiguo, L. Zhengfang, F. Tianhua, Q. Jianjian – The study on an automotive refill opening cap preforming process based on single point incremental forming (str. 211-214) PDF 193 KB
M. I. Neacșu, R. E. Chiriac, A. Chiriac, O. Pandia, I. Saracin – Experimental research on the influence of soaking aging type on some mechanical properties of the alloy AlZn5,7MgCu (str. 215-218) PDF 290 KB
D. Malindžák, P. Kačmáry, B. Zatwarnicka-Madura, D. Zimon – The continual chemical changing aspects in metallurgy production scheduling (str. 219-222) PDF 147 KB
A. Śliwa, M. Bonek – Application of Finite Element Method (FEM) for definition of the relationship between properties of laser alloyed steel surface layer (str. 223-225) PDF 193 KB
M. Pástor, P. Trebuňa, F. Trebuňa, F. Šimčák – The failure analysis of the holder of a crusher moving knife (str. 226-228) PDF 233 KB
K. Kostúr – Process check of annealing process of coiled sheets by indirect measurement (str. 229-232) PDF 285 KB
P. Trebuňa, M. Pástor, F. Trebuňa, F. Šimčák – The analysis of failure causes of the rotor shaft of steam turbines (str. 233-236) PDF 320 KB
J. Kondela, S. Jacko, L. Vizi – Spatial variability change of MgO content in Jelsava magnesite deposit (Slovakia) (str. 237-240) PDF 215 KB
B. Gajdzik – Prognostic modeling of total steel production and according to production technology in Poland (str. 241-244) PDF 284 KB
P. Trebuňa, A. Petriková, M. Pekarčíková, M. Petrik, R. Popovič – Economic evaluation of investment project in the area of sheet metal processing (str. 245-248) PDF 217 KB
J. Suchacek, A. Samolejova, P. Seda – Metallurgy in the Czech Republic: a spatio-temporal view (str. 249-251) PDF 221 KB
Pregledni radovi  
L. Paliu-Popa, I. E. Chirtoc, G. Bușan, A. V. Todoruț – Interdependence between the steel castings and manufacture of machines and equipment (str. 252-254) PDF 118 KB
M. N. Dudin, N. A. Voykova, E. E. Frolova, J. A. Artemieva, E. P. Rusakova, A. H. Abashidze –Modern trends and challenges of development of global aluminum industry (str. 255-258) PDF 131 KB
A. V. Todorut, D. Cirtina, L. M. Cirtina – CO2 abatement in the iron and steel industry – the case for carbon capture and storage (CCS) (str. 259-261) PDF 174 KB
A. Garbacz-Klempka, M. Wołoszyn, T. Dzieńkowski, Z. Kwak, P. Długosz, K. Saja – The technology transfer of non-ferrous alloys casting during the middle age (str. 262-264) PDF 202 KB
T. Sadilek – Regional distribution of the metallurgical industry in the Czech Republic (str. 265-268) PDF 158 KB
K. Nowacki, T. Lis, H. Kania – Environment-friendly management of iron-bearing metallurgical waste (str. 269-271) PDF 124 KB
M. Cioca, L. Ivascu, L. I. Cioca – Safety performance indicators in the metallurgical industry using WEB programming (str. 272-274) PDF 132 KB
J. Vveinhardt, W. Sroka – Mobbing and harassment in the steel enterprises (str. 275-278) PDF 129 KB
B. Gajdzik – Prognostic modeling of total global steel production (str. 279-282) PDF 564 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Acknowledgement to reviewers – Metalurgija 55 (2016) 1-4, 1-864 (str. 283-283) PDF 83 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Annual Assambly of Croatian Metallurgical Society(CMS), Šibenik, Solaris Holiday Resort June 20, 2016 (str. 284-284) PDF 115 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Minutes of the Meeting of the Editorial Board of the Journal Metalurgija (str. 285-286) PDF 150 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Survey of 12th International Symposium of CMS, SHMD `2016, »Materials and Metallurgy«, Šibenik (str. 287-288) PDF 164 KB