Number 2

Metalurgija 40 (2) 65 – 124 (2001)

Original scientific papers
I. Koštial, P. Nemčovsky, J. Terpak, L. Dorčak – Optimisation of the Sintering Process (pp.67-70)
M. Tandler, L. Vehovar, A. Vehovar – Prediction of the Life-Time of Austenitic Stainless Steels Under Stress Corrosion Cracking Conditions (pp.71-75)
Preliminary notes
M. Holtzer – Determination of Contact Angle and Work of Adhesion in Molten Steel – Ceramic Material System (pp.77-80)
P. Mrvar, M. Trbižan, J. Medved – Solidification of Aluminium Cast Alloys Investigated by the Dilatation Analysis (pp.81-84)
J. Grum, D. Zuljan – Estimation of the Quality of Cut Obtained by Laser Cutting (pp.85-89)
B. Grizelj, I. M. Kenter, P. Jović – CAD-CAM Rechnergestützte Werkzeugplanung und Technologische Optimierung (pp.91-95)
M. Doberšek – Influence of the Silicon Addition on the AgCu25-Zn20Cd20 Alloy Microstructure (pp.97-100)
M. Buršak, I. Mamuzić, J. Michel, J. Hidveghy – Strength and Plasticity of Hot and Cold Rolled High Strength Weathering Formable Steel Sheets (pp.101-105)
Professional papers
I. Podlubny, I. Koštial, M. Kačenak, J. Terpak – Modeling of the Distribution of the Liquid Iron Level in the Blast Furnace Hearth (pp.107-109)
A. Trišč – Sulphur Distribution in the Sintering Process with Waste Gases Recirculation (pp.111-114)
L. Lukač, J. Rakoš – Possibilities of Energy Savings at Drying and Pre-Heating of a Continuous Steel Casting Tundish (pp.115-118)
F. Tehovnik, B. Koroušič, B. Arh, A. Rozman – Einfluss der Zusammensetzung der Charge auf die Produktion vom Hochqualitäten Werkzeugstahl (pp.119-123)