Number 3

Metalurgija 43 (3) 141-264 (2004)

Original scientific papers
F. Vovopivec – Strain ageing of structural steels (pp.143-148) PDF 186 KB
E. V. Pereloma, I. B. Timokhina, A. I. Nosenkov, J. J. Jonas – Role of Cr and P Additions in the Development of Microstructure (pp.149-154) PDF 265 KB
Review papers
H. Hiebler, J. F. Plaul – Hydrogen Plasma Smelting Reduction – an Option for Steelmaking in the Future (pp.155-162) PDF 257 KB
M. Gojić – Current State and Development of Steelmaking Processes (pp.163-168) PDF 127 KB
R. Kawalla, W. Lehnert – Qualität durch Umformung (pp.169-179) PDF 295 KB
V. M. Drujan, I. Mamuzić – Techno – Economic Indikators of Seamless Tube Production (pp.181-186) PDF 114 KB
V. A. Grynkevych, I. Mamuzić, V. M. Danchenko – On Development of Methods of Computer Simulation for Processes of Metal Forming (pp.187-192) PDF 118 KB
L’. Mihok – Quality Management Systems – New Approach by ISO 9000/2000 (pp.193-198) PDF 120 KB
I. Mamuzić – In memoriam V. M. Drujan (pp.142-142) PDF 31 KB