Number 1

Metalurgija 44 (1) 1 – 80 (2005)

Original scientific papers
V. Gliha – The Microstructure and Properties of Materials at the Fusion Line (pp.13-18) PDF 270 KB
D. Rojko, V. Gliha – The Influence of Simulated Thermal Cycle on the Formation of Microstructures of Multi-Pass Weld Metal (pp.19-24) PDF 223 KB
G. Banaszek, A. Stefanik, S. Berski – Computer and Laboratory Modelling of the Analysis of Closing up of Metallurgical Defects in Ingots During Free Hot Forgings (pp.25-29) PDF 159 KB
K. Laber, H. Dyja, D. Rydz – Analytical and numerical methods of determining the distribution of temperature of air-cooled strip (pp.31-35) PDF 125 KB
G. Kosec, L. Kosec, V. Gontarev, B. Kosec, M. Bizjak, I. Anžel – Internal Oxidation of Silver Alloys with Tellurium, Selenium and Sulphur (pp.37-39) PDF 97 KB
Preliminary notes
R. Samur, B. G. Çetiner – Quantitative Determination of Microcracks on Ceramic Coatings by Means of Computer Image Analysis (pp.41-44) PDF 127 KB
K. Gawdzińska, M. Maliński – Study of reinforcement elements distribution exemplified by composite with AlSi11 matrix and carbon reinforcement (pp.45-48) PDF 122 KB
T. Kvačkaj, V. Vrchovinský, I. Pokorný, I. Mamuzić – Nanostructural Formation by Severe Plastic Deformation (pp.49-51) PDF 124 KB
Review paper
N. Devčić, I. Mamuzić, K. Terzić – Defects on seamless tubes (pp.53-58) PDF 174 KB
Professional papers
R. Budzik, A. Pyrikow – Metallurgical Properties of Iron Sinters Obtained on the Sinter Belt with Air Overpressure (pp.59-61) PDF 102 KB
C. Kolmasiak, R. Budzik, W. Pardela – Elements of Steering and Quality Management in Integrated Computer System of Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.63-67) PDF 136 KB
W. Waszkielewicz, R. Prusak, R. Budzik – The Increasing of Metallurgical Enterprise Elasticity by Using Polyvalence Skills of Workers (pp.69-73) PDF 103 KB
Z. Skuza, R. Prusak, W. Waszkielewicz – The Possibility of Qualitatively and Quantitatively Adaptation Human Resources on the Example of Chosen Unit of Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.75-79) PDF 135 KB
I. Mamuzić – CORRECTION: Foundation of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) in 1952, not in 1957 (pp.3-6) PDF 57 KB
I. Mamuzić – 6th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp.7-11) PDF 69 KB