Number 4

Metalurgija 40 (4) 185 – 248 (2001)

Original scientific papers
E. Dudrová, M. Kabátová, L’. Parilák – Microstructure and Properties of Fe-3Mn-Cx Sintered Steels (pp.187-194)
L. Vehovar, A. Vehovar, M. Tandler – The Corrosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel, Alloyed with Nitrogen (pp.195-200)
Preliminary notes
J. Črnko, M. Kundak, M. Gojić, Ž. Acs – Structure and Composition of the Scale on Steel Blooms Heated in a Pusher-type Furnace (pp.201-205)
J. Grum, S. Božič, M. Zupančić – Influence of Quenching Process Parameters on Residual Stresses in Steels (pp.207-212)
L. Fröhlich, V. Mikloš – Leaching of As, Sb and Hg from Tetrahedrite Concentrate in the Na2S Medium at Increased Temperatures (pp.213-218)
E. Stroffek, I. Lesso – Acoustic Method for Measurement of Young’s Modulus of Steel Wire Ropes (pp.219-221)
Review paper
V. Vítek – Study of Flow Pattern Solution Possibilities in the Furnace Zonal Models (pp.223-228)
Professional papers
I. Lesso – The Monitoring System of a Tunnel Furnace (pp.229-231)
J. Kizek, Z. Zsigraiová – Combustion of Gaseous Fuels with high Content of Inert (pp.233-236)
J. Kijac, M. Pivovarči – Contribution to the Casting Powders Assimilation Power Study (pp.237-240)
I. Mamuzić – The Students of Faculty of Metallurgy University of Zagreb in 5th Technology (pp.241-243)