Number 3

Metalurgija 40 (3) 125 – 184 (2001)

Original scientific papers
M. Terčelj, R. Turk, P. Cvahte – Characterization of the Laboratory Tool Wear in Hot Extrusion of Aluminium (pp.135-138)
V. V. Chygyryns´kyy, I. Mamuzić – The Investigation of the Influence of Correcting Stress Component in the Three-dimensional Solution on some Parameters of the Process of the Copuplex Shapes Rolling (pp.139-142)
Preliminary notes
A. Trišč – Coke Combustion Efficiency in Sintering Process (pp.143-146)
I. Koštial, L’. Dorčák, J. Terpák, I. Petráš, M. Rogáľ, M. Halmo, P. Nemčovský – Real Time Blast Furnace Modelling (pp.147-150)
D. Constantinescu – A Model of the Dynamics of Burned Gases in Heating Furnaces for Rolling Mills (pp.151-156)
A. Varga, M. Pastor, Z. Zsigraiova – Study of Flowing in Fixed Charge Bed (pp.157-159)
N. A. Semashko, E. V. Lanovenko, V. V. Lanovenko, A. V. Frolov – Research of Phase Transformations in Titanium and Titanium Alloys by Ultrasonic Method (pp.161-164)
M. Knap, R. Turk – Expert System for Determination of the Optimal Control Program for the Workability Testing of Materials on the Gleeble 1500 Machine (pp.165-168)
Professional papers
J. Grum, B. Pečnik, D. Fefer – Description of Various Degrees of Cold Plastic Deformation Structural Steel Based on Barkhausen Noise (pp.169-173)
M. Tatič, A. Mašlejová – Effect of MgO Addition into Slag on Refractory Wear (pp.175-180)
V. Bauer, F. Zeleňák – Environmental Impacts of Mining and Processing of Gold in Slovak Republic (pp.181-183)