Croatian Metallurgical Society

Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) is non-governmental and non-profit organization.

Berislavićeva 6
10000 Zagreb
tel.: +385 1 619 86 89

Goals of the Society are to encourage professional and scientific activity in the metallurgic professions, develop metallurgy, organize activities for spreading metallurgic knowledge, popularize metallurgy as well as promote the professional and scientific continued education of Society members and realize their common interests.

  • In realizing the goals for which the Society was founded, the following are some of its activities:
  • consolidating and organizing graduate engineers and technicians in the field of metallurgy as well as other professional personnel and scientists who are theoretically or practically engaged in the problems of metallurgy;
  • participating in the establishment of public scientific and professional positions and opinions regarding essential technical, economic, production and other problems of metallurgy;
  • devoting constant attention to the continuing education of its members, stimulating and recognizing the initiatives of members in production as well as scientific research work in the field of metallurgy;
  • organizing and maintaining collaboration with all the organizations and associations engaged in questions of interest to metallurgy whose interests and goals are those of the Society;
  • cooperating with international organizations engaged theoretically and practically in the problems of metallurgy, as well as with national organizations of engineers and technicians outside the Republic of Croatia;
  • organizing professional lectures, seminars, symposiums, round table discussions and other professional and scientific meetings;
  • stimulating the publication of scientific-professional works, fostering and developing the ethics of the engineering-technical calling in accordance with the specific nature of the work.

The main activities of Croatian Metallurgical Society are:

  • publishing of the journal Metalurgija
  • organizing of the international symposium in the fields of materials and metallurgy;
  • domestic and international cooperation.

Achievements of the Croatian Metallurgical Society 1962-2017.

More about the history of Croatian Metallurgical Society and its activities can be found in book chapter of the monograph Metallurgy – always prosperity for humanity by dr. sc. Ilija Mamuzić – The sixtieth annyversary of the foundation of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) 1952 – 2012