Number 2

Metalurgija 48 (2) 69 – 140 (2009) 

Original scientific papers
J. Michalik, C. Kolmasiak – Physical modeling of stresses during continuous casting of St3S steel (pp.71-74) PDF 902 KB
G. Siwiec, J. Willner – The mechanism of liquid copper deoxidation during argon blowing (pp.75-77) PDF 480 KB
D. Kozak, I. Samardžić, P. Konjatić – Fracture mechanics parameters estimation of CCT specimens made of X 5 CrNi 18 10 steel (pp.79-82) PDF 787 KB
T. Frączek, M. Olejnik, A. Tokarz – Evaluation of plasma nitriding efficiency of titanium alloys for medical applications (pp.83-86) PDF 1 MB
B. Oleksiak – Possibilities of removing lead from industrial Cu-Pb-Fe alloy with of argon barbortage (pp.87-90) PDF 536 KB
Preliminary notes
W. Derda, K. Mierzwa – The thermal treatment of electric arc furnace dust under low gas phase pressure (pp.91-94) PDF 505 KB
Teresa Lis – Modification of oxygen and sulphur inclusions in steel by calcium treatment (pp.95-98) PDF 874 KB
V. Stoyka, F. Kovac, B. Julius – Study of secondary recrystallization in grain-oriented steel treated under dynamical heat treatment conditions (pp.99-102) PDF 1 MB
L. Gusel, R. Rudolf, B. Kosec – Analysis of a strain rate field in cold formed material using the visioplasticity method (pp.103-107) PDF 733 KB
U. Esme, A. Kokangul, M. Bayramoglu, N. Geren – Mathematical modeling for prediction and optimization of TIG welding pool geometry (pp.109-112) PDF 477 KB
K. Nowacki – Possibility of determining steel grain size using ultrasonic waves (pp.113-115) PDF 496 KB
A. Sagbas, F. Kahraman, U. Esme – Modeling and predicting abrasive wear behaviour of poly oxy methylenes using response surface methodolgy and neural networks (pp.117-120) PDF 656 KB
M. Górska, L. Szecówka, R. Budzik – The influence of changes of combustion gas temperature during flow around the horizontal cylinder on local Nu number (pp.121-124) PDF 915 KB
Review papers
Z. Skuza, C. Kolmasiak, R. Prusak – Possibilities for the utilization of metallurgical slag in the conditions of the Polish economy (pp.125-128) PDF 465 KB
T. Sasvári, J. Durove, B. Pandula – Rock massif observation from underground coal gasification point of view (pp.129-132) PDF 144 KB
A. Fornalczyk, M. Saternus – Removal of platinum group metals from the used auto catalytic converter (pp.133-136) PDF 197 KB
B. Gajdzik – Introduction of total productive maintenance in steelworks plants (pp.137-140) PDF 463 KB