Number 1

Metalurgija 48 (1) 1 – 68 (2009) 

Original scientific papers
M. Vončina, J. Medved, P. Mrvar – Energy of precipitation of Al2Cu and α-AlFeSi phase from the AlCu3 alloy and the shape of precipitates (pp.9-13) PDF 775 KB
J. Zrnik, I. Vitez, T. Kovarik, M. Cieslar – Forming of ultrafine grained structure in aluminium by CGP method (pp.15-18) PDF 882 KB
S. Bockus, G. Zaldarys – Influence of the section size and holding time on the graphite parameters of ductile iron production (pp.19-22) PDF 757 KB
Preliminary notes
J. Siwka, A. Hutny – An universal formula for the calculation of nitrogen solubility in liquid nitrogen-alloyed steels (pp.23-27) PDF 550 KB
A. Gigović-Gekić, M. Oruč, I. Vitez, B. Vujičić – Analyse and research of nonmetallic inclusions for steel 100Cr6 (pp.29-32) PDF 2 MB
J. Lis, A. Lis – Phase transformations in low-carbon manganese steel 6Mn16 (pp.33-37) PDF 1 MB
T. Muhič, J. Tušek, M. Pleterski, D. Bombač – Problems in repair-welding of duplex-treated tool steels (pp.39-42) PDF 746 KB
E. Weiss, G. Fedorko, P. Futáš, A. Pribulová, I. Vasková – Dependence of quality properties for grey iron on used raw materials (pp.43-45) PDF 498 KB
Z. Car, B. Barisic, M. Ikonic – GA based CNC turning center exploitation process parameters optimization (pp.47-50) PDF 630 KB
Review papers
S. Žic, I. Džambas, M. Ikonić – Possibilities of implementing bimetallic hammer castings in crushing industries (pp.51-54) PDF 831 KB
Z. Hajduová, E. Weiss, L. Mixtaj – Application of statistical methods at copper wire manufacturing (pp.55-58) PDF 851 KB
E. Pop, N. Bãncilã, V. Hotea, A. Pop, R. Pop – The use of the geosynthetic materials for the antierosional protection of the metallurgical tailing dumps (pp.59-62) PDF 1 MB
Božena Gajdzik – Environmental aspects, strategies and waste logistic system based on the example of metallurgical company (pp.63-67) PDF 682 KB
First circular – call for papers for 9th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp.3-8) PDF 472 KB