Number 3

Metalurgija 59 (2020) 3, str. 289 – 448

Original scientific papers
Y. R. Li, C. N. Zhang – A neural network prediction analysis of breakout continuous casting based on differential evolution (DE) (pp. 291-294) PDF 553 KB
H. L. Han, L. W. Zhou, K. Liu, Z. H. Lu, N. Luo – A process optimization on high temperature electrolytic desulfurization in hot metal pretreatment using magnesit-based desulfurizer (pp. 295-298) PDF 498 KB
G. Q. Liu, G. X. Zhang, K. Liu – The characteristic cavity size in basic oxygen steelmaking converter (pp. 299-301) PDF 385 KB
M. Łągiewka – Abrasive wear of composites based on CuPb30 alloy reinforced with graphite particles (pp. 302-304) PDF 402 KB
X. M. Huang, H. Y. Long, Y. M. Li, H. L. Duan – Modified ZERILLI-ARMSTRONG model for 21-4N heat-resistant steel (pp. 305-308) PDF 786 KB
P. T. Iswanto, R. I. Yaqin, Akhyar, H. M. Sadida – Influence of shot peening on surface properties and corrosion resistance of implant material AISI 316L (pp. 309-312) PDF 490 KB
X. D. Shu, S. Zhang, J. T. Wang, J. N. Shi, Y. X. Xia – Flow stress behavior of 30CrMoA steel under high temperature compression (pp. 313-316) PDF 840 KB
Y. Chang, X. D. Shu, T. Z. Chen – The influence law of process parammeters on end concavity of hexahedral blank cross wedge rolling (CWR) (pp. 317-320) PDF 504 KB
H. C. Ji, Y. M. Li, W. D. Li, S. H. Xiao, J. S. Zhang, Y. H. Lu – Study on forging process of valve based on response surface method (pp. 321-324) PDF 704 KB
S. Y. Guan, W. Y. Zhang, Y. F. Jiang – A surface defect detection method of the magnesium alloy sheet based on deformable convolution neural network (pp. 325-328) PDF 530 KB
Preliminary notes
L. Blacha, J. Łabaj, M. Jodkowski, A. Smalcerz – Research on the reduction of cooper slag using an alternative coal range (pp. 329-332) PDF 914 KB
A. Akberdin, A. Kim, R. Sultangaziyev, M. Karbayev – Thermodynamic modeling of the borbarium ferroalloy smelting technological process (pp. 333-336) PDF 503 KB
G. L. Tan, D. Tang, X. T. Yin, T. Mu, D. Wang, C. J. Xu – The activation energy determination in non-isothermal conditions for the solid-state phase transformation of 1035 steel (pp. 337-339) PDF 350 KB
J. S. Musayev, T. O. Chigambaev, Y. B. Kaliyev, B. T. Kopenov, M. Zh. Turkebayev, M. A. Nartov, A. Zhauyt – Study on stress-strain state and deformations occurring in existing roller tables (pp. 340-342) PDF 691 KB
S. Baisanov, V. Tolokonnikova, G. Narikbayeva, I. Korsukova, Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev – Estimation of dissociation degree of congruently melting compounds through osmotic coefficient of BJERRUM-GUGGENHEIM (pp. 343-346) PDF 518 KB
M. Trepczyńska-Łent, J. Piątkowski – Study of directionally solidified Fe – 4,25 %C eutectic alloy using electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) technique (pp. 347-350) PDF 1003 KB
E. Kuldeyev, I. Bondarenko, R. Abdulvaliyev, S. Temirova, B. Abdikerim – Processing of low quality ekibastuz coals ashes and natural diatomites to obtain alumina and foamed glass (pp. 351-354) PDF 604 KB
W. Zang – Investigation of molybdenum carbides as catalyst for hydrogen evolution in PH universal environment using density functional theory simulation (pp. 355-357) PDF 468 KB
A. Smalcerz, L. Blacha – Vacuum refinning cooper blister to remove antimony (pp. 358-360) PDF 528 KB
J. Łabaj, L. Blacha – Lead and zinc removal from alloy Zn-Ag-Pb under reduced pressure (pp. 361-363) PDF 553 KB
L’. Ambriško, D. Marasová, J. Šaderová, P. Maras – The effect of annealing on mechanical properties of automotive steel sheets (pp. 364-366) PDF 455 KB
B. Oleksiak, K. Kołtało – The studies on the qualities of TIN coatings (pp. 367-369) PDF 1 MB
S. A. Mashekov, G. A. Smailova, M. S. Kulgildinov, K. T. Tergemes, A. Zhauyt, K. S. Chezhimbayeva, T. M. Buzauova – The study evolution of the structure formation of the foil workpiece during rolling screw rollers and longitudinal-wedge mill (LWM) (pp. 370-372) PDF 323 KB
R. Soenoko, P. H. Setyarini, M. S. Ma’arif, F. Gapsari – Corrosion characterization of Cu-BASED alloy in different environment (pp. 373-376) PDF 630 KB
Y. B. Kaliyev, B. T. Kopenov, M. N. Yessengaliyev, K. A. Zhussupov, N. R. Jakupov, A. Zhauyt – Study on physical and chemical properties of steel 60С2ХА on a retractable roller conveyor (pp. 377-380) PDF 877 KB
A. Y. Jiao, B. H. Liu, G. F. Zhang, M. S. Xu, J. P. Li, F. L. Chen – Failure analysis of EB03 crankshaft (pp. 381-384) PDF 955 KB
K. Semrád, D. Marasová, L’. Ambriško, L’. Caban, M. Spodniak – Numerical and experimental analysis of innovative support system of belt conveyor (pp. 385-388) PDF 482 KB
K. Draganová, K. Semrád, L. Főző, M. Spodniak, R. Jurč – Methodology for structural analysis of hyperelastic materials with embedded magnetic microwires (pp. 389-392) PDF 700 KB
T. Karkoszka – Process safety in metallurgical producion (pp. 393-395) PDF 478 KB
Z. Skuza, C. Kolmasiak – Impact of structural and technological changes on selected aspects of the steel industry of Poland (pp. 396-398) PDF 431 KB
B. Gajdzik – Trends and forecasts of steel intensity in Poland on the based apparent crude steel use until 2022 (pp. 399-402) PDF 874 KB
E. Kardas, R. Prusak – The assessment of efficiency of work of blast furnace (pp. 403-406) PDF 758 KB
B. K. Kassenov, Sh. B. Kassenova, Zh. I. Sagintaeva, E. E. Kuanyshbekov, A. A. Mukhtar – Thermodynamic and electrophysical properties of nanosized cobalt-cuprate-manganite and nickelite-cuprate-manganite oxides (pp. 407-410) PDF 545 KB
M. Spodniak, K. Semrád, M. Hovanec, P. Korba, T. Musil – FEM modeling of magnetic microwire and its using for stress monitoring inside the composite beam (str. 411-414) PDF 847 KB
B. Gajdzik – The analysis of steel production and utilization of production capacity in Polish steel industry (pp. 415-418) PDF 605 KB
Mamuzić Ilija (ed.) – Book of abstracts of the 14th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society – SHMD ‘2020, Materials and metallurgy (pp. 419-448) PDF 1 MB