Number 2

Metalurgija 59 (2020) 2, pp. 145 – 288

Original scientific papers
A. Strkalj, Z. Glavas, Ilija Mamuzić – Microstructure and properties of silicon alloyed compacted graphite irons (CGI) (pp. 147-149) PDF 503 KB
H. Fu, B. Xu, Q. Xiao, S. Li, X. Zhang, S. Bian, T. Kang – Effect of preheating temperature on post-weld residual stress of dissimilar steel plates (pp. 150-152) PDF 350 KB
Yurianto, S. H. Suryo, Y. Umardani – Calculation program for steel weldability by considering the heat affected zone (HAZ) width of welded joint (pp. 153-155) PDF 345 KB
B. Xu, H. Fu, Q. H. Xiao, S. Li, T. Kang – Numerical simulation of the influence of welding direction on residual stress after double welding of Q345 stacked-plates (pp. 156-158) PDF 407 KB
X. Z. He, J. G. Li, L. Yan, X. Y. Zhang – Study on the stability of retained austenite in marine steel (pp. 159-162) PDF 1 MB
H. Fu, B. Xu, Q. Xiao, S. Li, X. Zhang, S. Bian, T. Kang – Effect of current intensity on residual stress of Q345/2Cr13 dissimilar steel plates (pp. 163-166) PDF 374 KB
T. Frączek, M. Ogórek, Z. Skuza – The effectiveness of active screen method in ion nitriding grade 5 ELI titanium alloy (pp. 167-170) PDF 778 KB
P. T. Iswanto, Akhyar, A. Pambekti – Heat treatment T4 and T6 effects on mechanical properties in Al-Cu alloy after remelt with different pouring temperatures (pp. 171-174) PDF 1 MB
H. Fu, B. Xu, J. Xiao, S. Li, T. Kang – Finite element simulation of deformation behavior of prefabricated holes in ultra-heavy plates by gradient temperature rolling (pp. 175-178) PDF 1 MB
D. G. Wang, X. D. Shu, R. Wang, T. Z. Chen – Influence of temperature field on surface quality of cross wedge rolling (CWR) aluminum alloy shaft (pp. 179-182) PDF 627 KB
P. T. Iswanto, E. U. K. Maliwemu, V. Malau, F. Imaduddin, H. M. Sadida – Surface roughness, hardness, and fatigue-corrosion characteristic of AISI 316L by shot peening (pp. 183-186) PDF 681 KB
D. Malindžák, I. Leššo, E. Mihaliková, A. Gazda – Application of balance models in metallurgy (pp. 187-190) PDF 345 KB
Preliminary notes
J. Boryca, C. Kolmasiak, T. Wyleciał, D. Urbaniak – Effect of furnace efficiency on scale adhesion in the steel charge heating process (pp. 191-194) PDF 396 KB
S. A. Mashekov, G. A. Smailova, A. M. Alshynova, A. E. Uderbayeva, N. S. Sembaev, A. Zhauyt – Structure formation of aluminum alloy D16 while rolling bars in the radial shear mill (pp. 195-198) PDF 414 KB
A. Auezova, T. Buzauova, G. Abdugaliyeva, L. Kurmangalieva, N. Smagulova, A. Zhauyt – Investigation of the stress-strain state of the roller conveyor (pp. 199-202) PDF 703 KB
S. A. Mashekov, G. A. Smailova, A. M. Alshynova, A. Zhauyt, N. S. Sembaev, M. R. Maulenova – Investigation of the formation evolution of aluminum alloy 1050 structure during rolling in the spiral rollers and the longitudinal wedge mill (pp. 203-206) PDF 319 KB
B. S. Baimbetov, A. A. Bekisheva, K. D. Aytenov, B. E. Abdikerim – Kinetics of roasting of copper and iron sulfides with soda in a vibratory boiling layer (pp. 207-210) PDF 810 KB
W. Zang – A first-principle analysis of mechanical properties of carbon deficient transitional metal carbide (pp. 211-213) PDF 626 KB
T. Karkoszka – Emergency preparedness and response in metallurgical processes (pp. 215-217) PDF 417 KB
P. Vavrek, B. Pandula, J. Ďurove – Research of geomechanical and geophysical parameters for assessing of rock mass stability (pp. 218-220) PDF 388 KB
E. Kardas, R. Prusak – The influence of quality of ferrous charge materials on the efficiency of blast furnace process (pp. 221-224) PDF 587 KB
Review papers  
Ilija Mamuzić – Press of publically available materials requests responsibility – proceedings of the editor Đure Tadić about the Steelworks Sisak, 1938–2018 PDF 4 MB
F. Vodopivec – The life and achievements of Acad. Ilija Mamuzić (pp. 231-288) PDF 7 MB
Retraction notice  
C. Di Schino, C. Zitelli, G. Napoli, G. Stornelli, P. Folgarait, A. Di Schino – RETRACTION of the paper: About some issues concerning shape memory alloys application s in neuro-rehabilitation, METABK 59(1) (2020), 137-140. (pp. 214-214) PDF 395 KB