Number 4

Metalurgija 59 (2020) 4, str. 449 – 592

Original scientific papers
C. N. Zhang, Y. R. Li – Markov hot blast stove prediction based on hybrid intelligent algorithm (pp.  451-454) PDF 510 KB
B. Dai, H. Long, Y. Wen, Y. Ji – Effect of ludwigite (B2O3) on high Al2O3 slag and its mechanism used as a new blast furnace welding flux (pp.  455-458) PDF 580 KB
J. Kasińska, D. Myszka – Influence of rare earths metals (REM) on the structure and selected properties of grey cast iron (pp.  459-462) PDF 3 MB
C. Y. Wen, G. W. Ao, Z. S. Zhang – Simulation study on the influence of bottom sub-regional cooling on 45 tons unidirectional solidification of steel ingot (pp.  463-466) PDF 1 MB
Z. S. Zhang, X. L. Zhu, M. G. Shen, G. W. Ao – Simulation study on effect of chassis water cooling on solidification of eleven tons flat steel ingot (pp.  467-469) PDF 1 MB
J. Kozák, L. Krejčí, I. Hlavatý, R. Čep, I. Samardžić – Utilization of diffraction analysis in the study of martensitic weld deposits using tungsten carbide particles on S235JR+N steel (pp.  470-472) PDF 1 MB
K. Kostúr – Optimal control of heating in a reheating furnace (pp.  473-476) PDF 496 KB
A. K. Koizhanova, B. K. Kenzhaliyev, D. R. Magomedov, E. M. Kamalov, M. B. Erdenova, N. N. Abdyldaev – A study of the biohydrometallurgical method for extracting gold from flotation tailings (pp.  477-480) PDF 703 KB
K. Milewski, M. Madej – Structure and mechanical properties of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings doped with silicon (pp.  481-484) PDF 3 MB
Kusmono, C. Bora, U. A. Salim – Effects of cold rolling (CR) and annealing time on microstructure and mechanical properties of AA 5052 aluminum alloy (pp.  485-488) PDF 1 MB
P. Strzępek, P. Osuch, M. Walkowicz, M. Zasadzińska, A. Mamala, T. Knych, T. Napióra – Impact of the heat treatment parameters on ultimate tensile strength, microstructure and wire drawing process of Zn-Al15 (pp.  489-492) PDF 2 MB
Preliminary notes  
Ye. P. Shcherbakova, Sv. S. Kvon, D. A. Issagulova, S. K. Arinova – Heat treatment effect on the properties of vibration treated steel during crystalization (pp.  493-495) PDF 2 MB
A. Kim, A. Akberdin, R. Sultangaziyev – Ways to improve texture technology reflective chromite ore of Kazakhstan (pp.  496-498) PDF 379 KB
V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, M. K. Ibatov, Ye. P. Chsherbakova, D. A. Issagulova, A. M. Dostaeva – Studying the properties of shell molds manufactured under industrial conditions using unsteady-state pressure (pp.  499-502) PDF 1 MB
M. Warzecha – Non-metallic inclusions controling at the ladle furnace (LF) station (pp.  503-506) PDF 2 MB
V. Yu. Kulikov, A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, D. A. Issagulova, T. V. Kоvaleva, Ye.P. Chsherbakova – Studying the properties of sand-resin molds made using a variable load (pp.  507-510) PDF 3 MB
Ye. P. Shcherbakova, S. K. Arinova, I. Ye. Medvedeva, G. S. Zhetessova, Sv. S. Kvon –  Studying the properties and microstructure of parts obtained by different casting technologies (pp.  511-513) PDF 3 MB
Ye. Shabanov, S. Baisanov, K. Grigorovich, A. Baisanova, R. Toleukadyr, Zh. Saulebek – Recovery of low-carbon ferrochrome with multi-component aluminum-silicon-chrome (Al – Si – Cr) alloy (pp.  514-516) PDF 1 MB
M. S. Xu, J. L. Shi – Fracture analysis of nodular cast iron crankshaft (pp.  517-520) PDF 3 MB
T. Zhuniskaliyev, A. Nurumgaliyev, O. Zayakin, Ye. Mukhambetgaliyev, Ye. Kuatbay, A. Mukhambetkaliyev – Investigation and comparison of the softening temperature of manganese ores used for the production of complex ligatures based on Fe-Si-Mn-Al (pp.  521-524) PDF 2 MB
O. Sariev, S. Kim, Ye. Zhumagaliev, B. Kelamanov, M. Sultanov, N. Nurgali – Viscosity and crystallization temperature of ferroalloy slags from Kazakhstan ore (pp.  525-528) PDF 763 KB
A. Akuov, Ye. Samuratov, B. Kelamanov, Ye. Zhumagaliyev, M. Taizhigitova – Development of an alternative technology for the production of refined ferrochrome (pp.  529-532) PDF 396 KB
O. Sariev, B. Kelamanov, Ye. Zhumagaliyev, S. Kim, A. Abdirashit, M. Almagambetov – Remelting the high-carbon ferrochrome dust in a direct current arc furnace (DCF) (pp.  533-536) PDF 391 KB
X. Y. Wang, Y. Zeng – Analysis and study test materials coke in a high temperature furnace (pp.  537-539) PDF 714 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, Ye. V. Skvortsov, V. Yu. Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon, A. A. Alina – Nanomodifier effect on structure and properties changes of heat-treatable steel (pp.  540-542) PDF 2 MB
A. R. Toleuova, A. M. Dostayeva, O. M. Zharkevich, S. A. Abdulina, M. A. Adilkanovva, D. Serikbayev – Calculating and experimental studying phase transformations in the Al-Zr-Fe-Si system alloys (pp.  543-546) PDF 623 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, A. M. Dostayeva, G. K. Koshebayeva, O. M. Zharkevich – Studying the properties of refractory products manufactured by two-stage pressing under industrial conditions (pp.  547-550) PDF 2 MB
P. V. Kovalev, S. V. Ryaboshuk, A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov – Studying nanopowder modifiers (NPM) effect on structure and properties steels (pp.  551-554) PDF 1 MB
A. Mamala, P. Strzępek, M. Zasadzińska, B. Smyrak, M. Sadzikowski – The influence of the axial tension on the linear resistance and mechanical properties of AlMgSi alloy overhead line conductors (pp.  555-558) PDF 548 KB
M. Abishkenov, Zh. Ashkeyev, S. Mashekov, G. Akhmetova, I. Volokitina – Investigation of the stress-strain state of balls under deformation in a closed die (pp.  559-562) PDF 1 MB
S. A. Mashekov, U. D. Angarbekov, A. E. Uderbayeva, N. Sarsenbayev – New-design radial-shear rolling mill (RSRM) automation (pp.  563-566) PDF 407 KB
K. Sh. Akhmetova, B. K. Kenzhaliev, S. A. Trebukhov, A. V. Nitsenko, N. M. Burabaeva – Achievements in the titanium production development (pp.  567-570) PDF 412 KB
A. D. Mekhtiyev, F. N. Bulatbaev, A. V. Taranov, A. V. Bashirov, N. V. Mutovina, A. D. Alkina –Method of combating fatigue destruction of steel structures of mine hoisting machines (pp.  571-574) PDF 2 MB
W. Ding – Fracture analysis of crankshaft of heavy truck engine (pp.  575-577) PDF 2 MB
T. Małysa – Use of holt’s model for forecasting until 2023 occupational accidents in the metallurgical industry in Poland (pp.  578-580) PDF 587 KB
Review papers  
J. Piątkowski, B. Gajdzik, A. Mesjasz – Use of econometric models for predicting the lifetime of steam pipelines in the power industry (pp.  581-584) PDF 908 KB
B. Gajdzik, J. Piątkowski, P. Kliś – Analysis of steel production total and by process in Poland and Romania with forecast until 2023 (pp.  585-588) PDF 858 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Annual assambly of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp.  589-589) PDF 339 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Minutes of meeting of the International Editorial Board of the Journal Metalurgija (pp.  590-591) PDF 361 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Survey of 14th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) – SHMD ʼ2020 (pp.  592-592) PDF 306 KB