Number 2

Metalurgija 54 (2) 309 – 452 (2015)

Original scientific papers
A. Mitovski, N. Štrbac, D. Manasijević, M. Sokić, A. Daković, D. Živković, Lj. Balanović – Thermal analysis and kinetics of the chalcopyrite-pyrite concentrate oxidation process (pp.311-314) PDF 151 KB
K. Smyksy, J. Zych, T. Snopkiewicz – Analysis of modern methods of assessing the quality of sand foundry moulds (pp.315-318) PDF 280 KB
M. Łucarz – Setting temperature for thermal reclamation of used moulding sands on the basis of thermal analysis (pp.319-322) PDF 328 KB
J. Hampl, T. Elbel, T. Valek – Application of thermodynamic calculations in the research of cast irons structure (pp.323-326) PDF 175 KB
B. Wang, Z. G. Yang, X. F. Zhang, Y. T. Wang, C. P. Nie, Q. Liu, H. B. Dong – Analysis of the effects of electromagnetic stirring on solidification structure of bearing steel (pp.327-330) PDF 224 KB
H. Chmelíčková, H. Šebestová, M. Havelková, H. Hiklová, J. Tomáštík – Numerical model of the diode laser overlapped remelting of structural steel (pp.331-334) PDF 536 KB
R. Bakić, M. O. Abukresh, A. Sedmak, I Samardžić, R. Jovičić – Effect of microstructure on tensile properties of austenite-ferrite welded joint (pp.335-338) PDF 613 KB
P. Skubisz, Ł. Lisiecki, J. Sińczak – Studies of the quality and cost-effectiveness of a novel concept of open-die forged powerplant main shaft (pp.339-342) PDF 299 KB
S. Jozić, D. Bajić, A. Stoić – Flank wear and surface roughness in end milling of hardened steel (pp.343-346) PDF 399 KB
Preliminary notes
B. Opyd, K. Granat, D. Nowak – Determination of electrical properties of materials used in microwave heating of foundry moulds and cores (pp.347-349) PDF 178 KB
K. Grzeskowiak, D. Czarnecka-Komorowska, K. Sytek, M. Wojciechowski – Influence of waxes remelting used in investment casting on their thermal properties and linear shrinkage (pp.350-352) PDF 218 KB
D. Nowak, K. Granat, B. Opyd – Examination and analysis of influence of compaction degree on dielectricproperties of moulding sand components (pp.353-356) PDF 250 KB
P. L. Żak, D. Kalisz, J. Lelito, M. Szucki, B. Gracz, J. S. Suchy – Modelling of non-metallic particles motion process in foundry alloys (pp.357-360) PDF 258 KB
A. Bejger, K. Gawdzińska – An attempt to use the coherence function for testing the structure of saturated composite castings (pp.361-364) PDF 326 KB
J. Jezierski, K. Janerka – Parameters of a gas-solids JET in pneumatic powder injection into liquid alloys with a non-submerged lance (pp.365-367) PDF 202 KB
B. Arh, F. Vode, F. Tehovnik, J. Burja – Reduction of chromium oxides with calcium carbide during thestainless steelmaking process (pp.368-370) PDF 228 KB
F. Tehovnik, J. Burja, B. Arh, M. Knap – Submerged entry nozzle clogging during continuous casting of Al-killed steel (pp.371-374) PDF 331 KB
M. Szucki, D. Kalisz, J. Lelito, P. L. Żak, J. S. Suchy, K. W. Krajewski – Modelling of the crystallization front – particles interactions in ZnAl/(SiC)p composites (pp.375-378) PDF 150 KB
J. Burja, F. Tehovnik, F. Vode, B. Arh – Microstructural characterisation of chromium slags (pp.379-382) PDF 297 KB
A. Dimitrescu, D. F. Niţoi, D. Dobrotă, Z. Apostolescu – Researches and studies regarding brazed aluminium alloys microstructure used in aeronautic industry (pp.383-386) PDF 636 KB
P. Podržaj, B. Jerman, D. Klobčar – Welding defects at friction stir welding (pp.387-389) PDF 269 KB
V. Petrescu, D. Dobrotă – Influence of parameters of welding regime on metallographic structure of materials from a joint welded in corner in „T” form (pp.390-394) PDF 568 KB
I. Sărăcin, G. Paraschiv, O. Pandia, I. Bozgă, D. Toma – Researches on corrosion cracking phenomenon that occurs on welded of agricultural equipment (pp.395-398) PDF 239 KB
V. Marušić, I. Samardžić, I. Budić, L. Marušić – The possibility of tribopair lifetime extending by welding of quenched and tempered stainless steel with quenched and tempered carbon steel (pp.399-402) PDF 350 KB
I. Samardžić, M. Dunđer, T. Vuherer – Dependence of hardness and impact energy on cooling time Δt8/5and temperature for S960QL (pp.403-406) PDF 185 KB
M. Ilhan, R. Samur, H. Demirer, F. Mindivan – Photoluminescence and concentration quenching of Pr3+ doped BaTa2O6 phosphor (pp.407-410) PDF 273 KB
P. Pokorny, L. Mastny, V. Sykora, Z. Pala, V. Brozek – Bond strength of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings on the phosphated steels (pp.411-414) PDF 267 KB
K. Laber, H. Dyja, M. Kałamorz – Analysis of the technology of rolling 5,5 mm-diameter wire rod of cold upsetting steel in the morgan block mill (pp.415-418) PDF 210 KB
Z. Pater, J. Tomczak, T. Bulzak – Experimental study of rotary compression for hollow parts (pp.419-422) PDF 247 KB
Review papers
G. I. Raab, A. G. Raab, V. G. Shibakov – Analysis of shear deformation scheme efficiency in plastic structure formation processes (pp.423-425) PDF 219 KB
V. A. Popescu, Gh. N. Popescu, C. R. Popescu – Competitiveness and sustainability – a modern economic approach to the industrial policy (pp.426-428) PDF 96 KB
A. Misztal, M. Butlewski, A. Jasiak, S. Janik – The human role in a progressive trend of foundry automation (pp.429-432) PDF 131 KB
I. Kłosok-Bazan, B. Gajdzik, J. Machnik-Słomka, W. Ocieczek – Environmental aspects of innovation and new technology implementation in metallurgy industry (pp.433-436) PDF 108 KB
A. Bluszcz, A. Kijewska, A. Sojda – Economic value added in metallurgy and mining sector in Poland (pp.437-440) PDF 139 KB
A. Bluszcz, A. Kijewska – Challenges of sustainable development in the mining and metallurgy sector in Poland (pp.441-444) PDF 113 KB
Professional papers
M. Zaharia, A. G. Babucea, A. Bălăcescu, C. I. Răbonţu – Metallurgical industry in Romania in the context of the economic crisis (pp.445-448) PDF 142 KB
M. Roszak, M. Spilka, A. Kania – Environmental failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) – a new approach to methodology (pp.449-451) PDF 103 KB
New additional important information to authors (pp.452-452) PDF 108 KB