Number 2

Metalurgija 46 (2) 73 – 148 (2007)

Original scientific papers
D. Steiner Petrovič, M Jenko, M. Godec, F. Vodopivec, M. Jeram, V. Prešern – The Influence of Copper on the Microtexture of Fe-Si-Al Alloys for Non-Oriented Electrical Sheets (pp.75-78) PDF 1 MB
V. Krivenyuk, I. Mamuzić – Correlation of Creep-Rupture Data for Complex Alloys at Elevated Temperatures (pp.79-85) PDF 2 MB
M. Zrilić, M. Rakin, Lj. Milović, Z. Burzić – Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of a Steamline Behaviour Using Local Approach (pp.87-92) PDF 2 MB
N. I. Grechanyuk, I. Mamuzić, V. V. Bukhanovsky – Production Technology, Physical, Mechanical and Performance Characteristics of Cu-Zr-Y-Mo Finely-Dispersed Microlayer Composite Materials (pp.93-96) PDF 1008 KB
I. Kladarić, D. Krumes – The Influence of Retained Austenite on Precipitation Hardening of Maraging Steel (pp.97-99) PDF 1 MB
Preliminary notes
M. Ikonić, T. Mikac, M. Perinić – Planning of Material Consumption in Serial Production of the Castings (pp.101-105) PDF 874 KB
M. Mihalikova, J. Janek – Influence of the Loading and Strain Rates on the Strength Properties and Formability of Higher-Strength Sheet (pp.107-110) PDF 1 MB
J. Tušek, B. Bajcer, B. Taljat, M. Hrženjak – Analysis of Lack of Fusion in Welds at Water Heaters (pp.111-116) PDF 2 MB
Review papers
T. Sasvári, J. Kondela – Demonstration of Alpine Structural Phenomena at the Structure of Magnesite Deposit Jelšava – Dúbrava Massif (pp.117-122) PDF 1 MB
I. Vitez, M. Oruč, D. Krumes, I. Kladarić – Damage to Railway Rails Caused by Exploitation (pp.123-128) PDF 1 MB
R. Prusak, W. Waszkielewicz, A. Kulawik – Modifcation and Improvement of Human Resource Management System in Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.129-133) PDF 2 MB
Professional papers
V. Marušić, I. Budić, T. Šarić – Investigation of Causes of Scrap Occurrence in Thread Cutting on Steel Sleeves for Motorcar Industry (pp.135-139) PDF 2 MB
E. Staniewska – The Logistics of the Strategic Materials Supply in the Metallurgical Enterprise (pp.141-144) PDF 929 KB
R. Budzik – The Balance of Titanium and Vanadium in the Blast Furnace with the Use of Sinter Containing a Titanium-Vanadium-Magnetite Concentrate (pp.145-147) PDF 1 MB
Hrvatsko Metalurško Društvo – Upute autorima (pp.134-134) PDF 213 KB
Croatian Metallurgical Society – Additional Important Warning to Authors for Journal Metallurgy (pp.148-148) PDF 322 KB
Croatian Metallurgical Society – Instructions to the Authors (pp.106-106) PDF 253 KB