Number 1

Metalurgija 50 (1) 1 – 72 (2011) 

Original scientific papers
S. Bockus, G. Zaldarys – Evaluation of producing technique factors affecting the matrix microstructure of as-cast ductile iron castings (pp.9-12) PDF 182 KB
B. Karpe, B. Kosec, T. Kolenko, M. Bizjak – Heat transfer analyses of continuous casting by free jet meltspinning device (pp.13-16) PDF 118 KB
G. Cukor, Z. Jurković, M. Sekulić – Rotatable central composite design of experiments versus Taguchi method in the optimization of turning (pp.17-20) PDF 107 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Gigović-Gekić, M. Oruč, I. Vitez – The effect of solution annealing on properties of steel Nitronic 60 (pp.21-24) PDF 326 KB
I. Naglič – The influence of stirring on the fading of the AlTi5B1 grain refiner in an Al–Fe alloy (pp.25-28) PDF 216 KB
J. Gontarev, M. Doberšek, J. Medved, P. Mrvar – Solidification of hipereutectoid high speed steel for rolls (pp.29-32) PDF 513 KB
P. Fecko, I. Janakova, E. Pertile, E. Kulova – Bacterial leaching of Pb -metallurgical wastes (pp.33-36) PDF 647 KB
J. Prezelj, M. Čudina – A sound pressure field during the quenching of a steel specimen in different water solutions (pp.37-40) PDF 290 KB
E. Kormaníková, Ilija Mamuzić – Optimization of laminates subjected to failure criterion (pp.41-44) PDF 154 KB
Review papers
A. Nagode, L. Kosec, B. Ule, G. Kosec – Review of creep resistant alloys for power plant applications (pp.45-48) PDF 111 KB
B. Slusarczyk – Impact of EU environmental policy on polish iron and steel industry (pp.49-52) PDF 159 KB
J. Dvořáček, R. Sousedíková, L. Domaracká – Selecting indicators of future corporate business development (pp.53-56) PDF 91 KB
M. Kostelac, J. Tepić, N. Ćular – Justification of the application of tightening elements in the shaft- hub joint (pp.57-61) PDF 182 KB
Professional papers
B. Gajdzik, D. Burchart-Korol – Eco-innovation in manufacturing plants illustrated with an example of steel products development (pp.63-66) PDF 122 KB
A. Yasar – Effect of adhesive geometry on the tensile properties of AISI 1350 steel (pp.67-70) PDF 157 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – Survey of 9th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) – SHMD ´2010. “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp.71-72) PDF 59 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – 50th Year of the publishing of the Journal Metalurgija (pp.3-7) PDF 96 KB