Number 3

Metalurgija 50 (3) 145 – 216 (2011) 

Original scientific papers
M. Warzecha – Numerical and physical modelling of steel flow in a one-strand continuous casting tundish (pp.147-150) PDF 313 KB
T. Frączek, M. Olejnik, J. Jasiñski, Z. Skuza – Short-term low-temperature glow discharge nitriding of 316L austenitic steel (pp.151-154) PDF 415 KB
R. Sunulahpašić, M. Oruč – Effect of temperature on mechanical properties and type of fracture of superalloys Nimonic 80A (pp.155-158) PDF 339 KB
I. Samardžić, B. Mateša, I. Kladarić – The influence of heat treatment on properties of three-metal explosion joint: AlMg-Al-Steel (pp.159-162) PDF 407 KB
A. Kawalek, H. Dyja, S. Mroz, M. Knapinski –
Effect of plate asymmetric rolling parameters on the change of the total unit pressure of roll (pp.163-166)
PDF 197 KB
A. Vuković, M. Ikonić, S. Doboviček – Model for leadership competence management in metallurgical enterprise (pp.167-171) PDF 164 KB
Preliminary notes
J. Łabaj, B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec – Analysis of the options of copper removal from liquid iron by evaporation (pp.173-175) PDF 114 KB
G. Siwiec, J. Łabaj – Viscosity of Cu-Zn alloys (pp.176-178) PDF 113 KB
B. Arh, F. Tehovnik – The oxidation and reduction of chromium of stainless steels in an eletric arc furnace (pp.179-182) PDF 120 KB
B. Panic – Physical and mathematical modeling of phenomena proceeding with gas – powder two phase flow through moving packed bed in metallurgical shaft furnaces (pp.183-187) PDF 254 KB
S. Stojadinović, N. Bajić, J. Pekez – Micro alloyed steel weldability and sensibility testing on the lamellar cracks appearance (pp.189-192) PDF 289 KB
E. Kormaníková, Ilija Mamuzić – Shear deformation laminate theory used for sandwiches (pp.193-196) PDF 278 KB
M. Stamenović, S. Putić, M. Zrilić, Lj. Milović, J. Pavlović-Krstić – Specific energy absorption capacity of glass-polyester composite tubes under static compressive loading (pp.197-200) PDF 291 KB
W. Walke, J. Przondziono – Physicochemical properties of passive layer on the surface of guide wire used in endourology (pp.201-204) PDF 223 KB
Review paper
D. Burchart-Korol – Significance of environmental life cycle assessment (LCA) method in the iron and steel industry (pp.205-208) PDF 135 KB
Professional paper
J. Łabaj, G. Siwiec, B. Oleksiak – Surface tension of expanded slag from steel manufacturing in electrical furnace (pp.209-211) PDF 150 KB
K. Nowacki – Influence of ultrasonic treatment on the structure of high-carbon steel (pp.213-216) PDF 331 KB