Number 3

Metalurgija 53 (3) 289 – 432 (2014)

Original scientific papers
L. Dahil, İ. Dahil, A. Karabulut – Comparison of advanced cutting techniques on hardox 500 steel material and the effect of structural properties of the material (pp.291-294) PDF
K. Gryc, B. Smetana, M. Tkadlečková, M. Žaludová, K. Michalek, L. Socha, J. Dobrovská, K. Janiszewski, P. Machovčák – Determination of solidus and liquidus temperatures for S34MnV steel grade by thermal analysis and calculations (pp.295-298) PDF
P. Kawulok, R. Kawulok, I. Schindler, S. Rusz, J. Kliber, P. Unucka, K. M. Čmiel – Credibility of various plastometric methods in simulation of hot rolling of the steel round bar (pp.299-302) PDF
P. Lichý, J. Beňo, P. Lackova, M. Morys – Influence of ecologically friendly cores on surface quality of castings based on magnesium alloys (pp.303-306) PDF
S. Gil, J. Góral, J. Ochman, M. Saternus – An experimental gasodynamic study of a model of furnace for ferroalloy production (pp.307-310) PDF
W. J. Tao, Z. W. Wang, B. L. Gao, Z. N. Shi, X. W. Hu, J. Z. Cui – Numerical simulation of sludge influence on horizontal electric in metal pad of aluminum reduction cell (pp.311-313) PDF
A. Hernández-Rodríguez, M. de J. Castro-Román, M. Herrera-Trejo, S. Belmares-Perales, P. Orozco-González – Effects of the Fe/Mn weight ratio and cooling rate on the area fractions of α-AlFeSi and β-AlFeSi phases in Al-7.5Si-3.75Cu-0.5Mg-0.55Fe-xMn aluminum alloy (pp.314-316) PDF
M. Stachowicz, J. Mażulis, K. Granat, A. Janus – Influence of molding and core sands matrix on the effectiveness of the microwaves absorption (pp.317-319) PDF
Y. Li, J. G. He, X. X. Xue, H. Q. Ru, X. W. Huang, H. Yang – Exraction and separation of CERIUM(IV)/FLUORINE in fluoride-bearing cerium sulfate solution with fluoride coordination agent (pp.320-322) PDF
T. Merder, M. Saternus, M. Warzecha, P. Warzecha – Validation of numerical model of a liquid flow in a tundish by laboratory measurements (pp.323-326) PDF
J. Pieprzyca, T. Merder, M. Saternus – Physical modelling of the process of mixing liquid metal in a tundish blown by gas (pp.327-330) PDF
B. Panic, K. Janiszewski – Model investigations 3D of gas-powder two phase flow in descending packed bed in metallurgical shaft furnaces (pp.331-334) PDF
M. Dunđer, T. Vuherer, I. Samardžić – Weldability of microalloyed high strength steels TStE 420 and S960QL (pp.335-338) PDF
Preliminary notes
K. Janiszewski, B. Panic – Industrial investigations of the liquid steel filtration (pp.339-342) PDF
G. Siwiec, B. Oleksiak, I. Vaskova, R. Burdzik – A study on reduction of copper slag from the flash furnace with the use of anthracite dust (pp.343-345) PDF
R. Perić, Z. Karastojković, Z. Kovačević, Z. Janjušević, D. Gusković – Tempering/ageing in region 50 – 600 °C of quenched and cold deformed 585 GOLD alloy for jewelry production (pp.346-348) PDF
A. Fornalczyk, M. Saternus, J. Willner – The influence of platinum washing-out time on its recovery from used auto catalytic converters (pp.349-352) PDF
A. Janus, M. Stachowicz – Thermodynamic stability of austenitic Ni-Mn-Cu cast iron (pp.353-356) PDF
I. Szurman, R. Kocich, M. Kursa – Using of ultrasonic methods for determination of the elastic moduli on the Ti-Ni based alloys (pp.357-360) PDF
N. Bajić, D. Bajić, D. Veljić, M. Rakin, Z. Janjušević – The advantages of using activated flux-cored wire compared to solid wire in the MAG welding process from the aspect of metallurgical characteristics (pp.361-364) PDF
D. Burchart-Korol, J. Korol, A. Smoliński – Chemical composition analysis of raw materials used in iron ore sinter plants in Poland (pp.365-367) PDF
K. Janovská, A. Samolejová, Z. Stefanovová – The specification of documentation for anti-dumping investigation in metallurgy using ABC costing method (pp.368-370) PDF
P. R. Răchişan, S. R. Berinde, C. Boţa-Avram, A. Groşanu – Bankruptcy risk forecasting for the metallurgical branch in Romania (pp.371-374) PDF
R. S. Berinde, P. R. Răchişan, C. Boţa-Avram, A. Groşanu – Determinant factors for the growing of shareholders’ equity in the metallurgical sector in Romania (pp.375-378) PDF
Review papers
S. Rosypalová, L. Řeháčková, J. Dobrovská, R. Dudek, L’. Dobrovský, M. Žaludová, B. Smetana – Verification of mathematical models for calculation of viscosity of molten oxide systems (pp.379-382) PDF
J. Cygler, B. Gajdzik, W. Sroka – Coopetition as a development stimulator of enterprises in the networked steel sector (pp.383-386) PDF
C. Boţa-Avram, P. R. Răchişan, A. Groşanu – An assessment of financial audit practices in the Romanian metallurgical industry (pp.387-390) PDF
B. Gajdzik – Crisis management in metallurgical enterprises (pp.391-394) PDF