Number 3-4

Metalurgija 63 (2024) 3-4, pp. 321-496

Original scientific papers
Z. Yang – Research on real-time detection of large-granularity green pellets based on YOLOV3 algorithm (pp. 329-332) PDF 1647kb
G. Shvachych, Ilija Mamuzić, A. Selegej, B. Moroz, T. Kadylnykova, I. Pobochii, D. Moroz, Y. Friman – Load control operational correction of a blast furnace based on the correlation models (pp. 333-336)  PDF 1579kb
K. Janiszewski – Steel filtration using multi-hole ceramic filters with an innovative design (pp. 337-340)  PDF 1595kb
F. Yang, Q. F. Qin, Y. Li, Y. Y. Huang, S. P. Wang – Effect of MgO content in sintered ore on viscosity of blast furnace slag bearing high Al2O3 (pp. 341-343) PDF 1429kb
D. Yessengaliyev, B. Kelamanov, O. Sariev, Y. Kuanalin – Research of thermal analysis of nickel ore and mixture with carbon-containing reducing agents by non-isothermal method (pp. 344-346) PDF 1483kb
L. W. Zhang, C. Lei, N. N. Liu, J. P. Wang, C. J. Xu – Influence of process parameters on grain structure of round billet in vertical continuous casting (pp. 347-349) PDF 1615kb
X. F. Tang – Integrating empirical mode decomposition and convolutional neural network for efficient fault diagnosis in metallurgical machinery (pp. 350-352) PDF 1614kb
J. J. Bai, Y. Zhao, D. C. Liu, Y. N. Yan, X. B. Chen, Y. X. Sun – Research on data transmission and energy consumption optimization in steel plant terminal networks based on improved sep protocol (pp. 353-356) PDF 1610kb
H. Y. Wang, Y. Y. Shao, Z. W. Jia, Q. Guo – Effect of acid-soluble aluminum content on precipitates and magnetic properties of grain oriented silicon steel (pp. 357-359) PDF 1525kb
C. F. Zhang, K. X. Cui, L. S. Yi, J. J. Wang – Effect of tempering temperature on microstructure and properties of 45 steel piano string (pp. 360-362) PDF 1496kb
A. A. Akberdin, A. S. Kim, A. S. Orlov, R. B. Sultangaziyev – Mathematical model of the phase composition diagram of the Fe – S – Cu system (pp. 363-365) PDF 1500kb
Sv. S. Kvon, A. Z. Issagulov, M. K. Ibatov, V. Yu. Kulikov, S. K. Аrinova – Investigation of the properties of the CoCrFeMnNi alloy developed on the basis of the entropy approach (pp. 366-368) PDF 1470kb
P. Huang, J. H. Dong, X. C. Han, Y. P. Qi, Y. M. Xiao, H. Y. Leng – Prediction of mechanical properties of composite materials based on convolutional neural network-long and short-term memory neural network (pp. 369-372) PDF 1444kb
L. Zhan, Q. Liu – Research on thermal deformation constitutive model of 304 stainless steel based on travel insulation cup metal material (pp. 373-376) PDF 1867kb
F. D. Wang, Y. Zhao, L. Xue, G. L. Tan, X. K. Li – Kinetics analysis of quenching phase transformation of 1Cr13 steel by thermal analysis (pp. 377-379) PDF 1444kb
G. Pačarek, T. Šolić, V. Štigler, M. Samardžić – Testing of mechanical properties of the VpCI-126 polyethylene inhibitor film (pp. 380-382) PDF 1502kb
B. W. Ning, Y. P. Zhao, X. H. Luo, L. C. Sun – Effect of annealing temperature on microstructure and mechanical properties of 5052 aluminum alloy pipe fittings alpine skiing sticks (pp. 383-386) PDF 1680kb
J. Lulkiewicz, M. Gąsiorkiewicz, A. Kawałek, S. Szkudelski, T. Bajor, M. Chruściński, M. Bączek, B. Pachutko – Evaluation of strength parameters and structure analysis of an EN AW – 7075 aluminium alloy ring made by forging and rolling and heat-treated (pp. 387-390) PDF 1996kb
M. Walkowicz, M. Milczanowska – The effect of heat treatment on the structure and hardness of CuAl10Ni5Fe4 nickel aluminium bronze (pp. 391-394) PDF 1834kb
Y. J. Zhang, J. Y. Pan, S. S. Wang, L. B. Wu, D. X. Gao – Fixed-time fuzzy adaptive output feedback control based on steel structure robotic arm (pp. 395-398) PDF 1690kb
W. Z. Teng, Y. J. Zhang, H. G. Zhang, D. X. Gao – Surface defect detection of steel based on improved YOLOv7 model (pp. 399-402) PDF 1645kb
X. F. Tang, Y. B. Long – Integration of gradient least mean squares in bidirectional long short-term (LSTM) memory networks for metallurgical bearing ball fault diagnosis (pp. 403-406) PDF 1814kb
H. W. Wu, Y. Q. Cai, Z. H. Geng – Numerical simulation of intersecting line workpiece welded by arc robot welding (pp. 407-409) PDF 1610kb
J. Q. Zhang, Y. Gao, Y. H. Wang – Finite element analysis (FEA) of connecting shafts in cold rolling mills (pp. 410-412) PDF 1434kb
X. Li, Q. Z. Liu, H. H. Yu – Mechanochemical efficient recovery of cobalt from spent lithium-ion batteries (LiBs) by chloride solutions (pp. 413-415) PDF 1583kb
Z. G. Li, T. Chen, X. Y. Qian, L. L. Jiang, D. Y. Wang – Effect of fly ash (FA) on properties of magnesium sulphoaluminate cement (MSC) based fire retardant coatings for steel substrate (pp. 416-418) PDF 1710kb
P. Huo, X. Li, W. Li – Constitutive model of high temperature plastic deformation of P91 alloy steel (pp. 419-422) PDF 1793kb
H. Ren, Y. J. Zhang, J. T. Chen, X. N. Wei, H. K. Chen, P. Liu – A method for detecting surface defects in hot-rolled strip steel based on deep learning (pp. 423-426) PDF 1562kb
S. L. Liao, X. C. Meng, P. F. Shuai – Based on the constitutive model of high temperature plastic deformation of TC17 titanium alloy for underwater robot metal material (pp. 427-430) PDF 1867kb
Y. F. Wang, J. W. Wang – Study on hot deformation behavior and constitutive model of TB6 titanium alloy (pp. 431-434) PDF 1731kb
C. D. Wu, D. L. Guo, M. W. He, C. J. Wang, X. D. Meng, L. J. Zhang, K. Wang, H. C. Ji – Deformation analysis before and after hoisting and reinforcement of large flue (pp. 435-438) PDF 1784kb
X. L. Wu, C. Zheng, M. Xu, A. J. Zheng, L. L. Zhu, P. X. Li, J. H. Yao, M. Wang, J. H. Wang, W. H. Xu – Research on the cyclic load life of automobile bellows (pp. 439-442) PDF 1645kb
X. Y. Zhang, T. X. Zhang, Y. Q. Cai – Design and analysis of automatic opening and closing manipulator for ore crushing ball mill cover (pp. 443-446) PDF 1709kb
L. Chen, S. S. Wang, F. Y. Zhu, W. Z. Yan, H. C. Ji – Analysis of the force on the balance beam of the lifting device (pp. 447-450) PDF 1609kb
A. Y. Zheng, C. Y. Chang, W. M. Liu, S. G. Qiao – Thickness measurement of immersion metal carbon slide based on image segmentation (pp. 451-453) PDF 1480kb
Preliminary notes  
A. E. Erzhan, Sv. S. Кvon, D. A. Issagulova, V. Yu. Кulikov, T. V. Коvaleva – The possibility of using iron ore concentrate as a binder when briquetting waste of ferroalloy production (pp. 454-456) PDF 1369kb
J. Boryca, C. Kolmasiak, R. Wyczołkowski, V. Bagdasaryan, S. Aghbalyan – Calculation model of heating curves of a steel charge heated in a walking beam furnace before plastic working (pp. 457-460) PDF 1973kb
Y. Q. Cai, Z. H. Geng, H. W. Wu – Simulation of double robot cooperative sheet metal bending production line (pp. 461-464) PDF 1536kb
Q. H. Wang – The establishment of thermal processing map of medical AZ81 magnesium alloy (pp. 465-468) PDF 1841kb
Zh. Romazanov, T. Niyazov, A. Akmaganbetova, M. Turabayeva, T. Karipov – The feasibility study for the organization of power flexible cables production (pp. 469-471) PDF 1374kb
Ilija Mamuzić – The future of the Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) (pp. 323-328) PDF 3870kb
I. Mamuzić – Call for 18th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (SCMS `2025) (pp. 472-474) PDF 1602kb
I. Mamuzić – Rule-book of the journal Metalurgija (pp. 475-476) PDF 1333kb
I. Mamuzić – Activities of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) in 2023 y, including international (pp. 493- 495) PDF 1347kb
I. Mamuzić – Program activities of Croatian Metallurgical Society (CMS) for 2025 y (pp. 496) PDF 1284kb
Book of abstracts from the 17th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society SHMD ‘2024, Materials and metallurgy – supplement
I. Mamuzić (ed.) – 17th Symposium „Materials and metallurgy“ – supplement “Book of Abstracts” (pp. 477-492) PDF 1548kb