Number 3

Metalurgija 57 (2018) 3, pp. 145 – 216

Original scientific papers
Y. J. Liu, M. G. Shen, Z. Q. Lv, X. H. Han – Study on insulation effect of hollow riser (pp. 146-148) PDF 170 KB
L. H. Feng, K. Liu, H. K. Liang, G. L. Liu – Comparative study between traditional and coherent jet oxygen lance interaction with molten pool (pp. 149-152) PDF 240 KB
C. Xu, X. D. Shu – Influence of process parameters on the forming mechanics parameters of the three-roll skew rolling forming of the railway hollow shaft with 1 : 5 (pp. 153-156) PDF 168 KB
W. L. Guo, Y. H. Xu, D. Q. Cang, S. F. Ma, H. Tian, Z. J. Meng, X. X. Zhang – Study on alkali liquor roasting and sulphuric acid leaching of bayan obo rare earth concentrate (pp. 157-161) PDF 173 KB
G. Q. Liu, K. Liu, C. Y. Tang, L. Cheng – Efficient extracting vanadium from stone coal by co-roasting with sodium chloride and biomass (pp. 162-164) PDF 133 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Wańkowicz-Lis, B. Oleksiak, G. Siwiec, J. Wieczorek, A. Tomaszewska – Decorative metallic coatings applied with galvanic method (pp. 165-167) PDF 271 KB
A. Kozhevnikov, I. Kozhevnikova, N. Bolobanova, N. Kochnev – Evaluation of power losses during stochastic changes in the current of the main drives of cold rolling mills (pp. 168-170) PDF 185 KB
R. Moszumański – Components precise dispensing for low flowability mixtures (pp. 171-174) PDF 674 KB
Ilija Mamuzić – 13th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society (pp. 175-178) PDF 159 KB
Book of abstracts
Plenary Lectures (pp. 179-179) PDF 60 KB
Materials – Section A (pp. 180-191) PDF 197 KB
Process metallurgy – Section B (pp. 192-201) PDF 156 KB
Plastic processing – Section C (pp. 202-207) PDF 138 KB
Metallurgy and related topics – Section D (pp. 208-216) PDF 140 KB