Number 3-4

Metalurgija 56 (2017) 3-4, str. 289 – 432

Original scientific papers
M. Warzecha, A. M. Hutny, P. Warzecha, T. Merder, B. Jędrysiak – Methodology of inclusions removing from steel flowing through the tundish  (pp. 291-293) PDF 264 KB
G. D. Liu, K. Liu, F. Xing – Magnesite base desulfurizer of metallurgical physical chemistry research  (pp. 294-296) PDF 133 KB
W. Z. Lv, K. Liu, L. Y. Wang, Y. H. Pan – Multiphase flow numerical simulation of ladle bottom powder injection  (pp. 297-300) PDF 488 KB
Z. S. Zhang, R. T. Zhang, M. G. Shen, G. W. Ao – The simulation study on central porosity of 450 mm diameter steel electrode ingot (pp. 301-303) PDF 254 KB
A. W. Orłowicz, M. Tupaj, M. Mróz, G. Wnuk, T. Kij, L. Kozak – Abrasive wear resistance of a quenched and sub-zero treated high-chromium white cast iron  (pp. 304-306) PDF 226 KB
N. Zeelanbasha, V. Senthil, B. Sharon Sylvester, N. Balamurugan – Modeling and experimental investigation of LM26 pressure die cast process parameters using multi objective genetic algorithm (MOGA)  (pp. 307-310) PDF 304 KB
Y. J. Zhang, I. B. Wu, H. Y. Zhao, X. D. Hu, W. Y. Zhang, D. Y. Ju – Adaptive fuzzy control design for the molten steel level in a strip casting process (pp. 311-314) PDF 367 KB
M. G. Shen, Z. S. Zang, K. P. Shu – Mathematics simulation and experiments of continuous casting with strip feeding in mold  (pp. 315-318) PDF 248 KB
S. Malej, J. Medved, B. Š. Batič, F. Tehovnik, M. Godec – Microstructural evolution of inconel 625 during thermal aging  (pp. 319-322) PDF 404 KB
B. Žužek, F. Kafexhiu, B. Podgornik, F. Vodopivec – Effect of carbides size and distribution on creep rate  (pp. 323-325) PDF 282 KB
C. Zitelli, S. Mengaroni, A. Di Schino – Vanadium micro-alloyed high strength steels for forgings  (pp. 326-328) PDF 282 KB
P. Snopiński, T. Tański, M. Sroka, M. Kremzer – The effect of heat treatment conditions on the structure evolution and mechanical properties of two binary Al-Mg aluminium alloys  (pp. 329-332) PDF 183 KB
M. Sroka, A. Zieliński, A. Hernas, Z. Kania, R. Rozmus, T. Tański, A. Śliwa – The effect of long-term impact of elevated temperature on changes in the microstructure of inconel 740H alloy  (pp. 333-336) PDF 444 KB
G. Napoli, S. Mengaroni, M. Rallini, L. Torre, A. Di Schino – Interrupted quenching in high carbon steels for forgings  (pp. 337-340) PDF 310 KB
P. Skubisz – Controlled austempering of hammer forgings aimed at pseudo normalized microstructure directly after deformation  (pp. 341-344) PDF 264 KB
P. E. Di Nunzio, A. Di Schino – Contact fatigue phenomena in back-up rolls of alloyed steels  (pp. 345-348) PDF 318 KB
A. Di Schino  – Analysis of phase transformation in high strength low alloyed steels  (pp. 349-352) PDF 234 KB
F. Kafexhiu, F. Vodopivec, B. Podgornik  – Analysis of primary creep in simulated heat affected zone (HAZ) of two 9 – 12% Cr Steel grades  (pp. 353-356) PDF 327 KB
T. Šolić, D. Marić, Ž. Jagodić, I. Samardžić  – Testing of the shopprimer’s influence on the quality of welded joint  (pp. 357-360) PDF 250 KB
T. Miłek  – The effect of upsetting ratio on mechanical properties for hydromechanically bulged axisymmetric components made from copper tubes  (pp. 361-363) PDF 173 KB
W. Depczyński, L. Nowakowski, P. Hepner, E. Miko  – The influence of porosity on machinability of sintered fe foam elements  (pp. 364-366) PDF 192 KB
S. A. Mashekov, A. E. Nurtazayev, E. Z. Nugman, A. S. Mashekova, M. L. Rakhmatulin, A. I. Poleshchuk  – Influence of the stands construction on the vibration of the working and backup rolls of the longitudinal-wedge mill  (pp. 367-370) PDF 179 KB
P. Srisattayakul, C. Saikaew, A. Wisitsoraat  – Effects of hard chrome and MoN-coated stainless steel on wear behaviour and tool life model under two-body abrasion wear testing  (pp. 371-374) PDF 272 KB
L. Dahil  – Effect on the vibration of the suspension system  (pp. 375-378) PDF 288 KB
Preliminary notes
A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu Kulikov, T. Kovalyova  – Studying intermetallic phase of Ni-Cr superalloy after thermal processing  (pp. 379-381) PDF 168 KB
Sv. Kvon, A. Issagulov, V. Kulikov, I. Medvedeva, S. Arinova  – Studying heat treatment impact on heat resisting properties of Cr-Ni – A. E. system alloy  (pp. 382-384) PDF 243 KB
K. Gryc, M. Strouhalová, B. Smetana, M. Kawuloková, S. Zlá, L. Socha, K. Michalek, M. Tkadlečková, A. Kalup, P. Jonsta, M. Sušovský  – Determination of solidus and liquidus temperatures for bearing steel by thermal analysis methods  (pp. 385-388) PDF 134 KB
M. Spilka, A. Kania, R. Nowosielski, A. Maciej  – Fabrication and selected properties of multilayer Fe/Cu systems  (pp. 389-392) PDF 419 KB
P. V. Kovalev, S. D. Popova, A. Z. Issagulov, V. Yu Kulikov, Sv. S. Kvon  – Investigation of the effect of high strength strips steel modification with rare-earth metal (REM)  (pp. 393-395) PDF 547 KB
Ľ. Ambriško, M. Cehlár, D. Marasová  – The rate of stable crack growth (SCG) in automotive steels sheets  (pp. 396-398) PDF 155 KB
A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, V. Yu. Kulikov, D. R. Аubakirov, D. A. Issagulovа  – Deoxidation impact on the impurity index of heat resistant steel 40H15N7G7F2MS (pp. 399-401) PDF 140 KB
T. Bakalár, H. Pavolová, S. Khouri, I. Pristášová  – Influence of additives on decrease of temperature of slag flow from energy coal in wet bottom boiler  (pp. 402-404) PDF 103 KB
P. Pastorek, P. Novák, P. Kopas, M. Močilan  – Finite element analysis of bond behavior in a steel reinforced concrete structure strengthened carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) strips  (pp. 405-408) PDF 244 KB
V. Yu. Kulikov, A. Z. Issagulov, Sv. S. Kvon, Ye. A. Sidorina  – Studying the effect of boron on heat-resistance properties of Ni-Cr alloys  (pp. 409-411) PDF 196 KB
S. Spadło, W. Depczyński, P. Młynarczyk  – Selected properties of high velocity oxy liquid fuel (HVOLF) – sprayed nanocrystalline WC-CO INFRALLOYTM S7412 coatings modified by high energy electric pulse  (pp. 412-414) PDF 305 KB
A. W. Orłowicz, M. Mróz, M. Tupaj, B. Kupiec, L. Kozak, T. Kij  – Application of ceramic coating to improve abrasive wear resistance of die inserts used to press-mould stampings of refractories  (pp. 415-418) PDF 401 KB
J. Mikuła, W. Grzegorzek, K. Gołombek, D. Łukowiec, M. Sroka  – Functional properties of coated by chemical vapour deposition sintered tool materials investigated with use of tribological tests  (pp. 419-421) PDF 279 KB
A. Śliwa, W. Kwaśny, M. Sroka, R. Dziwis  – Computer simulation of the aluminium extrusion process  (pp. 422-424) PDF 143 KB
M. Górska, R. Prusak  – Identification and assessment of the need to improve the operation of production systems in the metal sector enterprises  (pp. 425-428) PDF 217 KB
Review paper
V. D. Sekerin, M. N. Dudin, S. V. Bank, A. E. Gorohova, Y. G. Lesnykh  – Vertically integrated holdings in the system of developing the national complex of iron and steel industry of Russia  (pp. 429-431) PDF 69 KB
Mamuzić Ilija – Acknowledgement to reviewers, Metalurgija 56 (2017) 1-4, 1-432   (pp. 432-432)  PDF 61 KB