The main activities of the Association are:
promoting scientific and research work and higher and continuing education of professionals in the field of civil engineering, which is achieved through:
representing common interests of members before the public, state bodies, executive authorities, local government and self-government and chambers
creating the conditions that enable the association members to fulfil their tasks in the field of research and education
ensuring the quality of research and education in the field of civil engineering, fields of other fundamental technical sciences and related fields
exchange of information and experiences among members
encouraging, promoting and participating in the development of the profession and the academic community
better use of human resources through the collection and exchange of members’ knowledge and experience
helping young people in development and education in the profession
cooperation with similar institutions
cooperation with entities and student associations in higher education
cooperation with trade union
cooperation with related associations in the Republic of Croatia in order to carry out joint actions and exchange opinions
cooperation with similar professional associations in the country and abroad.