Number 1

Metalurgija 40 (1) 1 – 64 (2001)

Original scientific papers
A. M. Dolzhanskiy, V. M. Druyan, M. Golja – Technological Lubricants Research in Wire Drawing Process (pp.5-11)
G. Rosenberg – Fatigue Limit and Growth of Small Cracks in Notched Specimen (pp.13-18)
Preliminary notes
M. Godec, M. Jenko – Texture Investigation of Electrical Steels (pp.19-22)
A. Jaklič, T. Kolenko, B. Glogovac – Simulation of Billet Reheating Process in Walking Beam Furnace (pp.23-27)
B. Kosec, F. Kosel, L. Kosec, M. Bizjak – Macroscopic Modelling of Two-Phase Metal Materials Subjected to Plastic Deformation (pp.29-32)
G. Cukor, M. Jurković – Contribution to the Stochastic Modelling of Plastic Processing (pp.33-36)
I. Budić, Z. Bonačić-Mandinić – Effect of Surface Treatment on Wall Thickness and Residual Stresses (RS) in Castings (pp.37-40)
A. Drotlew, M. Garbiak – Relationship Between Moulding Sand Composition and Size of Carbide Particles in White Cast Iron (pp.41-45)
Review paper
J. Kubicki, B. Piekarski – Methods of Improvement of Resistance to Carburization of Creep-Resistant Cast Steels (pp.47-50)
Professional papers
P. Rybar, K. Kyselova, M. Cehlar, M. Zacharov, F. Sekula – Changes in the Properties of Remolten Biotitic-Quartzitic Gneisses from „Branisko“, Slovak Republic (pp.51-55)
M. Mazankova – Heat Balance and Temperature Field of the System: Casting – Mould – Surroundings (pp.57-60)
I. Mamuzić – 4th International Symposium of Croatian Metallurgical Society, “Materials and Metallurgy” (pp.61-63)