Number 1

Metalurgija 41 (1) 1 – 64 (2002)

Original scientific papers
M. P. Tonkovič, L. Kosec, J. Lamut, V. Gontarev, Z. Samardžija – Mechanism of the Oxidation of the Fe-C-Si-Al-Zr Alloys (pp.17-22) PDF 330 KB
R. Turk, I. Peruš, M. Knap – Modeling and the Reliability of Calculated Flow Curves (pp.23-28) PDF 668 KB
Preliminary notes
V. Mikloš, L. Fröhlich – Decomposition of the Pyrite and Arsenopyrite by Pressure Oxidation of Tetrahedrite Raw Materials (pp.29-32) PDF 130 KB
M. Štofková, M. Štofko – Ion Exchange Resin Use for Au and Ag Separation Form Diluted Solutions of Thiourea (pp.33-36) PDF 408 KB
T. Kvačkaj, I. Pokorný – Auto Body Sheets for a New Car Generation (pp.37-42) PDF 892 KB
M. Kundak, Đ. Nikolić – Analysis of the State of Production of Seamless Steel Tubes at the Sisak Steel Works (pp.43-46) PDF 135 KB
R. Turk, P. Fajfar, R. Robič, I. Peruš – Prediction of Hot Strip Mill Roll Wear (pp.47-51) PDF 207 KB
A. A. Milenin, A. N. Golovko, I. Mamuzić – The Application of Three-Dimensional Computer Simulation when Developing Dies for Extrusion of Aluminium Shapes (pp.53-55) PDF 254 KB
Professional paper
M. Pivovarči, J. Kijac – Nondesirable Additives Contents Reduction in Continuously Cast Steel (pp.57-60) PDF 95 KB
J. Črnko – In memoriam Pavle Pavlović (pp.61-63) PDF 84 KB