Number 2

Metalurgija 41 (2) 65 – 128 (2002)

Original scientific papers
J. Črnko – Composition and Properties of TiO2 Powder Got Hydrometallurgically (pp.67-70) PDF 537 KB
J. Micheľ, M. Buršák, I. Mamuzić – Creep Properties of Microalloyed Steels (pp.71-76) PDF 523 KB
B. Piekarski, M. Garbiak – Effect of Nb and Ti on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 30% Ni / 18% Cr Cast Steel After Annealing (pp.77-82) PDF 535 KB
J. Tušek – Narrow-Gap Submerged-Arc Welding With a Multiple-Wire Electrode (pp.83-88) PDF 501 KB
J. Tušek – Factors Affecting Weld Shape in Welding With a Triple-Wire Electrode (pp.89-92) PDF 401 KB
V. N. Danchenko, I. Mamuzić, P. V. Drozhzha – Ingress of the Salt Lubricant on a Tube-Mandrel Contact in the Stands Continuous Mill of Tubes (pp.93-97) PDF 242 KB
Preliminary notes
P. Rybár, K. Kyseľová, M. Cehlár, M. Zacharov – Study of the Hyperstene Augitic Andesite From the Ruskov Area Natural Form and Remelting in Atmospheric Conditions (pp.99-103) PDF 379 KB
P. Rybár, F. Sekula, T. Lazar – Controlled Combustion of Hydrogen-Oxygen Flame at High Pressures (pp.105-107) PDF 236 KB
T. Kuffa – Improvement of Basic Carbon Refractories by Titanium-Based Antioxidant (pp.109-111) PDF 247 KB
K. Kostúr, M. Laciak – Model for Indirect Measurements of Ld – Steelmaking Process (pp.113-116) PDF 239 KB
Professional papers
P. Rybár, P. Tauš, R. Rybár, Ž. Kuzevičová, P. Rybárová, Š. Kuzevič, M. Cehlár – Utilisation of Flat Solar Collectors in Urban Built-up Area (pp.117-120) PDF 214 KB
K. Kostúr – Control System of Coking Plant (pp.121-124) PDF 206 KB
N. Grechanyuk, I. Mamuzić, P. Shpak – Modern Electron-Beam Technologies of Melting and Evaporation of Materials in Vacuum, by Used “GEKONT”-Company, Ukraine (pp.125-128) PDF 266 KB