Number 4

Metalurgija 46 (4) 225 – 304 (2007)

Original scientific papers
M. Warzecha, J. Jowsa, T. Merder – Gas Mixing And Chemical Homogenization Of Steel In 100 T Ladle Furnace (pp.227-232) PDF 2 MB
V. V. Buchanovsky, I. Mamuzić, E. P. Polishuk – The Effect of Heat Treatment on Mechanical Characteristics and Nature of Failure of Sheet Molybdenum Alloys (pp.233-236) PDF 523 KB
T. Vuherer, A. Godina, Z. Burzić, V. Gliha – Fatigue Crack Initiation from Microstructurally Small Vickers Indentations (pp.237-243) PDF 1 MB
T. Merder, A. Bogusławski, M. Warzecha – Modelling of Flow Behaviour in a Six-Strand Continuous Casting Tundish (pp.245-249) PDF 931 KB
G. Stepanov, I. Mamuzić, A. Babutsky – An Increase of Impact Toughness of Low-Carbon Steel Caused by Impulse Electric Current Treatment (pp.251-253) PDF 284 KB
Z. Wencel, R. Budzik, R. Križanić, C. Kolmasiak – The Synergy of the Surface Layer after Carburizing of Tool Steel as a Measure of Operational Quality (pp.255-260) PDF 2 MB
Preliminary notes
Z. Pędzich, K. Gawdzińska, E. Pamuła – Flaws Description in AlSi11 Alloy-Based Composite Fibres Reinforced Casts (pp.261-265) PDF 783 KB
I. Mamuzić, F. Trebuňa, M. Buršák, J. Tomčík – Investigation of Reasons and Possibility of Parameters Elimination Influencing Cracking of Leaf Springs on Continuous Casting Machine (pp.267-271) PDF 881 KB
V. Jovišević, M. Soković, B. Kosec – Introduction of Explosive Cladding Technology for the Manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders (pp.273-276) PDF 646 KB
M. Buršák, I. Mamuzić – Fatigue Properties of Galvanized Higher-Strength Steel Sheets (pp.277-280) PDF 357 KB
A. M. Gałkin, A. Rząsowska-Przala, A. Górniak – A New Method of Manufacturing Small-Diameter Bars and Tubes from Hardly Deformable Steels in Skew Rolling (pp.281-284) PDF 448 KB
Review paper
M. Holtzer, J. Dańko, R. Dańko – Possibilities of Formation of Dioxins and Furans in Metallurgical Processes as well as Methods of their Reduction (pp.285-290) PDF 515 KB
Professional papers
J. Črnko, P. Jelić, L. Lazić, M. Kundak – Operation Indicators of the Rotating-Hearth Furnace in Restrictive Manufacturing Conditions (pp.291-293) PDF 327 KB
J. Holisz-Burzyńska, E. Staniewska, R. Budzik – The Physical Flow of Materials and the Associated Costs in the Production Process of a Rolling Mill (pp.295-299) PDF 401 KB
R. Budzik, A. Pirikow – Sintering of Ore Mixes Containing Iron Concentrates of a Low SiO2 Concentration of Below 1,0 % (pp.301-303) PDF 370 KB