Number 3

Metalurgija 52 (3) 289 – 432 (2013)

Original scientific papers
R. Slavkovic, Z. Jugovic, D. Kozak, A. Veg, R. Radisa, S. Dragicevic, M. Popovic – Simulation of the casting process – a powerful tool for enhanced design of the cutting teeth in surface mining (pp.293-296) PDF
R. Dudek, S. Rosypalová, J. Dobrovská – Influence of temperature and chemical composition on phase transformations of selected oxide melts (pp.297-300) PDF
L. Blacha, G. Siwiec, B. Oleksiak – Loss of aluminium during the process of Ti-Al-V alloy smelting in a vacuum induction melting (VIM) furnace (pp.301-304) PDF
B. Karpe, A. Nagode, B. Kosec, A. Stoić, M. Dolenec, M. Bizjak – Microstructure evolution and thermal stability of rapidly solidified Al-Ni-Co-RE alloy (pp.305-308) PDF
J. Malcharcziková, F. Chmelík, J. Pešička, M. Kursa, M. Pohludka – Non-alloyed Ni3Al based alloys – preparation and evaluation of mechanical properties (pp.309-312) PDF
P. Jonšta, J. Sojka, K. Matocha, Z. Jonšta – The influence of testing methodology and changes of microstructural parameters on resistance of duplex steel to sulphide stress cracking (pp.313-316) PDF
T. Vuherer, M. Dunđer, Lj. Milović, M. Zrilić, I. Samardžić – Microstructural investigation of the heat-affected zone of simulated welded joint of P91 steel (pp.317-320) PDF
Gh. Amza, M. Groza Dragomir, S. Paise – Theoretical and experimental contributions regarding the impact on work environment of welding processes in MIG / MAG protective gas medium (pp.321-324) PDF
T. Kubina, J. Kliber, L. Kunčická, M. Berková, J. Horsinka, J. Bořuta – Determination of energy dissipation and process instability in various alloys on the basis of plastometric tests (pp.325-328) PDF
Preliminary notes
J. Vlcek, V. Tomkova, H. Ovcacikova, F. Ovcacik, M. Topinkova, V. Matejka – Slags from steel production: Properties and their utilization (pp.329-333) PDF
G. Siwiec, B. Oleksiak, P. Folęga, T. Matuła – Wettability in the liquid Cu-Ag alloy – fireproof material – gas phase system (pp.334-336) PDF
R. Rudolf, B. Budić, D. Stamenković, M. Čolić, A. Ivanič, B. Kosec – Rhodium platings – experimental study (pp.337-340) PDF
M. Badida, M. Gombár, L. Sobotová, J. Kmec – Determination of electroless deposition by chemical nickeling (pp.341-344) PDF
A. Boczkowska, P. Chabera, A. J. Dolata, M. Dyzia, A. Oziębło – Porous ceramic – metal composites obtained by infiltration methods (pp.345-348) PDF
L. Guerra-Fuentes, A. Juarez-Hernandez, M. A. L. Hernandez-Rodriguez, M. Herrera-Trejo – Effect of process parameters on natural aging in a 1004 STEEL (pp.349-351) PDF
I. Pernis, J. Kasala, D. Žabecká – Resistance of weldclads made by flux-cored arc welding technology against erosive wear (pp.352-354) PDF
L. Řeháčková, J. Dobrovská, J. Kalousek – Characterization of chemical heterogeneity of the welded joint of two steels by modelling of diffusion processes (pp.355-358) PDF
A. Gontarz, Z. Pater, K. Drozdowski – Hammer forging process of lever drop forging from AZ31 magnesium alloy (pp.359-362) PDF
T. Nieszporek, P. Boral – The technology of variable-pitch cone worms in plastic extruding presses (pp.363-367) PDF
A. Öz, R. Samur, H. Mindivan, A. Demir, S. Sagiroglu, A. K. Yakut – Effect of heat treatment on the wear and corrosion behaviors of a gray cast iron coated with a COLMONOY 88 alloy deposited by high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) thermal spray (pp.368-370) PDF
W. Walke, J. Przondziono – Electrochemical behavior of guidewires made of X10CrNi 18-8 STEEL (pp.371-374) PDF
R. Samur, L. Ozyegin, D. Agaogullari, F. N. Oktar, S. Agathopoulos, C. Kalkandelen, I. Duman, B. Ben-Nissan – Calcium phosphate formation from sea urchin – (brissus latecarinatus) via modified mechano-chemical (ultrasonic) conversion method (pp.375-378) PDF
Z. Jančíková, O. Zimný, P. Koštial – Prediction of metal corrosion by neural networks (pp.379-381) PDF
R. Talar, A. Stoić – Load capacity of hardened gear wheels machined with cubic boron nitride (CBN) wedges (pp.383-386) PDF
Z. Kaláb, B. Pandula, M. Stolárik, J. Kondela – Examples of law of seismic wave attenuation (pp.387-390) PDF
R. Lenort, R. Klepek, P. Wicher, P. Besta – A methodology for determining and controlling the buffers before floating bottlenecks in heavy machinery production (pp.391-394) PDF
Review papers
G. Tepić, T. Pejakov, B. Lalić, V. Vukadinović, S. Milisavljević – The application of recycled aluminum and plastics in environmental protection (pp.395-398) PDF
D. Bajic, G. Vladimirovich Kuzmenko, I. Samardžić – Welding of rails with new technology of arc welding (pp.399-402) PDF
M. Godec – Progress in the use of the modern research equipment at the institute of metals and technology in Ljubljana (pp.403-409) PDF
M. Antošová, A. Csikósová, K. Čulková, A. Seňová – Benchmarking research of steel companies in Europe (pp.410-412) PDF
Z. Skuza, R. Prusak, C. Kolmasiak – Characteristic of iron and steel industry in terms of membership in the European Union (pp.413-416) PDF
B. Gajdzik – Restructuring of steelworks in direct research (pp.417-420) PDF
B. Gajdzik – The road of Polish steelworks towards market success –changes after restructuring process (pp.421-424) PDF
G. Dobrotă, C. Căruntu – The analysis of the correlation between the economic growth and crude steel production in the period 1991-2011 (pp.425-428) PDF
Professional papers
P. Šnapka, M. Mikušová, K. Janovská, A. Samolejová – Simulation model of metallurgical production management (pp.429-431) PDF