Number 4

Metalurgija 52 (4) 433 – 576 (2013)

Original scientific papers
R. Pyszko, M. Příhoda, J. Burda, P. Fojtík, T. Kubín, M. Vaculík, M. Velička, M. Čarnogurská – Cooling nozzles characteristics for numerical models of continuous casting (pp437-440) PDF
S. Lasek, E. Mazancová – Influence of thermal treatment on structure and corrosion properties of high manganese triplex steels (pp441-444) PDF
K. Gryc, B. Smetana, M. Žaludová, K. Michalek, M. Tkadlečková, J. Dobrovská, L. Socha, L. Válek, R. Pachlopnik – Thermal analysis of high temperature phase transformations of steel (pp445-448) PDF
V. M. Prokhorenko, A. O. Perepichay, I. Mamuzić, A. Čikić – Reduction of longitudinal axial residual stresses in near-root region of circumferential joint of steam pipeline in technological way (pp449-452) PDF
N. Bajić, D. Bajić, D. Veljić, M. Rakin – Advantage of use of activated flux-cored wire instead of solid wire with the mag welding process from the mechanical properties aspect (pp453-456) PDF
Gh. Amza, D. Dobrotă, M. Groza Dragomir, S. Paise, Z. Apostolescu – Research on environmental impact assessment of flame oxyacetylene welding processes (pp457-460) PDF
I. Samardžić, A. Čikić, M. Dunđer – Accelerated weldability investigation of TStE 420 steel by weld thermal cycle simulation (pp461-464) PDF
O. Chivu – The optimization of the state of welding parameters to obtain metalic structures from the OL 52.4K steel (pp465-468) PDF
J. Piątkowski, B. Gajdzik – Testing phase changes in Al-Si alloys with application of thermal analysis and differential calorimetric analysis (pp469-472) PDF
P. Lichý, J. Beňo, M. Cagala, J. Hampl – Thermophysical and thermomechanical properties of selected alloys based on magnesium (pp473-476) PDF
M. Đelošević, J. Tepić, R. Doroslovački, V. Gajić, I. Tanackov – Multidisciplinary analysis of steel plate of variable thickness in view of optimal design (pp477-480) PDF
D. Nadarević, M. Soković – The influence of the carbon content on the machinability of sintered valve plates (pp481-483) PDF
Preliminary notes
L. Socha, J. Bažan, K. Gryc, P. Machovčák, J. Morávka, P. Styrnal – Evaluation of fluxing agents effect on desulphurization in secondary metallurgy under plant conditions (pp485-488) PDF
L. Dahil, A. Karabulut, S. Baspinar – Damping properties of open pore aluminum foams produced by vacuum casting and NaCl dissolution process (pp489-492) PDF
J. Lipart, T. Matuła, M. Niesler, L. Blacha, J. Filipczyk – Wastes from the coal-enrichment process as alternative reducers for lead smelting from lead-acid accmulator scrap (pp493-496) PDF
P. Jančík, I. Pavlíková – Metallurgical source-contribution analysis of PM10 annual average concentration: A dispersion modeling approach in moravian-silesian region (pp497-500) PDF
S. Sremac, J. Tepić, I. Tanackov, G. Stojić, S. Mladenović, B. Matić – Procurement model for copper and polymer electrical products (pp501-504) PDF
B. Matić, D. Matić, Đ. Ćosić, S. Sremac, G. Tepić, P. Ranitović
A model for the pavement temperature prediction at specified depth (pp505-508)
J. Drápala, P. Kubíček, G. Kostiuková, P. Jopek – Study of interaction between copper and melt of lead-free solders (pp509-511) PDF
D. Kramar, M. Sekulić, Z. Jurković, J. Kopač – The machinability of nickel-based alloys in high-pressure jet assisted (HPJA) turning (pp512-514) PDF
A. K. Serikbayeva, N. Telegusova, B. B. Bekentayev – Recovery of valuable metals from industrial wastes (pp515-517) PDF
S. G. Anton – Who manages financial risk? An empirical examination of risk management practices in the romanian metallurgical industry (pp518-520) PDF
M. Niesler, L. Blacha, J. Łabaj, T. Matuła – A study on the process of fine-grained plumbiferous material agglomeration (pp521-524) PDF
Review papers
S. Rusz, T. Kubina, I. Schindler, B. Smetana, P. Kawulok, M. Cagala – Comparison of methods for physical determination of phase transformations temperatures (pp525-528) PDF
D. Vykydal, J. Plura, P. Halfarová, R. Fabík, P. Klaput – Use of quality planning methods in optimizing welding wire quality characteristics (pp529-532) PDF
N. Šehić-Mušić, Š. Goletić, D. Pihura, L. Mušić, K. Hasanović – Effects of foundry industry on the environment (pp533-536) PDF
Z. Popović, V. Radović, L. Lazarević, V. Vukadinović, G. Tepić – Rail inspection of RCF defects (pp537-540) PDF
D. Simić, J. Tepić, V. Gajić, I. Kovačević, B. Lalić – Material and information flows pertaining to aluminum alloy pipe distribution (pp541-544) PDF
P. Ranitović, G. Tepić, B. Matić, S. Sremac, V. Vukadinović – Functional dependency between the logistics security system and the MySAP ERP in metallurgy (pp545-548) PDF
D. Malindžák, A. Gazda, M. Malindžáková, D. Vitko – The basic principles and rules for heuristic model creation in metallurgy (pp549-552) PDF
I. Bostan, I. Pohoata, C. Lazar – State control over commercial transactions with goods from precious metals (pp553-556) PDF
I. Iancu, T. Socaciu, T. Colomeischi – Selection of human capital in metallurgical companies using information technology (IT) (pp557-560) PDF
C. Căruntu, G. Dobrotă – The impact of the economic and financial crisis on the foreign trade in metallurgical products (pp561-564) PDF
W. Sroka, A. Jabłoński, M. Jabłoński – Cooperative business models in steel enterprises in Poland (pp565-568) PDF
Božena Gajdzik – Changes of action strategies in metallurgical enterprises in time of economic crisis (pp569-572) PDF
I. Tanackov, F. Sinani, V. Bogdanović, Đ. Ćosić, B. Lalić – Metastability – Markovian approach (pp573-576) PDF